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Nintendo UK Will Continue To Sell DS Hardware This Year


Earlier today, Nintendo’s financial results from last fiscal year led us to believe that the Nintendo DS hardware would no longer be sold for the current year. However, Nintendo UK have stated that they will be continuing to sell DS hardware – although this is not indicative as to whether the console will be coming to a halt later this year.

“Nintendo will continue to sell Nintendo DS Hardware but is not revealing a unit sales forecast at this time.”

– Nintendo UK

45 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Will Continue To Sell DS Hardware This Year”

  1. If DS ends this year I think we can expect the Wii to do the same next year. Especially if the Wii U takes off after the holidays and all the big games are released.

          1. Well the 3DS isn’t actually bad when it comes to emulating DS games. Its not perfect by all means but its still pretty darn good.

              1. The battery life on DS Mode is actually pretty good.

                The major problem in my eyes is that the DS Lite has a GBA Slot. But then you can buy one of those flashcards that has a GBA emulator running in DS Mode on the 3DS to fix that somewhat.

    1. There are 3DS’ on amazon that cost $109 (including tax) that are very good or like new. They may get higher sometimes but still the retail price of a ds is $125

      1. I bought a chinese refurbished one for $60 for the GBA slot and DS games, It’s pretty much like new, no issues with it at all.

    1. Damn, now that you mention it. That sure went by fast… Speaking of which, it was released just like 3 Years intro the GBA life-span. And it was a flop at first with no games just like the 3DS was.

  2. The only reason I keep my ds is because it’s the only machine that can run my gba games also because I like to collect.

  3. The White Girl Like It When I Whip It, Whip It

    Bruh. That original bulky silver DS is ten million and half kinds of sexy. Memories.

    1. I still have my original bulky silver DS (badly painted black) with one
      of the hinges that connect the 2 screens broken and the top screen
      is cracked.
      Still use it for trading in B&W with my Legend of Zelda DS Lite ;D

  4. There is no reason to pull a profitable console off the shelves. Especially after posting an operating loss. The DS reasonably can stay on the market for at least another 3 years. Just keep releasing bundles and price cuts. Some people cannot afford a 3DS. Others simply are not interested. Some parents would rather start their child off with a DS and see if they are responsible enough to take care of it before upgrading to a 3DS.

    Same goes with the Wii. My friend is a major hardcore gamer and has every console there is plus a gaming-PC. Last Christmas he bought his kids a Wii to get them started off in gaming. If they can show they are take good care of it when they are older he may purchase a Wii U for them. A lot of parents whom are gamers have the way of thinking. There is a lot of steam left in the Wii and DS before they are retired.

    1. I kinda feel unecessary to buy a DSi in this day and age. A 3DS is only slightly more expensive and does everything better…

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  6. You hear me, Iwata? You killed my friends, you destroyed my product line. I am the last DS in existence and I AM GOING TO TEABAG YOUR CORPSE!

    -borderlands 2

  7. I just want to take this opportunity to applaud and praise the DS. For years, I used to put down handheld gaming. I used to think it was totally pathetic, and that it was only for little kids who were easily amused. That , and because the original Game Boy killed my eyes, and I was never a big fan of it for that reason. But when the DS Lite came out, I decided to give it a chance, and it completely changed my mind about handheld gaming. I LOVED the DS Lite! I’ll always be thankful for taking a chance and buying the DS Lite. I also own the DSi XL, 3DS and Pikachu 3DS XL. Thanks for changing my negative attitude towards handheld gaming, Nintendo!

  8. Okay, don’t hate on Nintendo because it’s beautiful. idk y I said that but WHATEVA. any way keep goin nintnedo!!!

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