This Animal Crossing: New Leaf Trailer Highlights The Game’s Local Businesses

Above you can watch the third Animal Crossing: New Leaf “Tourism Trailer,” which Nintendo released today. The new trailer highlights some of the upcoming game’s local businesses, including the T&T Mart, garden shop and shoe store Kicks. In June, Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released at retail and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.


        1. I’m 34, and LOVE me some Animal Crossing! After fighting Riddler’s forces in Arkham City, I love to relax, and dig for fossils. It’s totally Zen!

  1. Nintendo 3DS with a game that will sell millions and I still probably won’t understand the concept of this IP. Nintendo has games for every genre and age group. Families too.

  2. I can’t wait. I’m into this series since the GC, but this version looks to be the best! Day one!

    1. ^ Thats seriously your happy place. Isn’t there anything else that makes you happy aside from sex? I don’t know why people obsess over sex. It’s NBD really… 💋

  3. So CUTE!!! I can’t wait!! Animal Crossing is on my list of top 5 Franchises! ⭐__⭐ 💋

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