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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Accidentally Revealed By UK Supermarket


The next Call of Duty game will be titled Ghosts according to major UK supermarket, Tesco. The supermarket put up a product listing for the game along with the cover art. The box art for the game states that it’s being developed by Modern Warfare developers, Infinity Ward. You may remember that last month Youtube user Drift0r reported that the Ghosts is the next Call of Duty title. The game is listed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but hopefully there’s a Wii U version in development.

Thanks, Sam C

93 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Ghosts Accidentally Revealed By UK Supermarket”

      1. the bad thing about the wii u version besides it being call of duty was that they just blatantly didn’t support it with dlc. there’s really no excuse for it, but then again it’s call of duty, so you’re not missing out on much.

    1. A lot of critics said that the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 was the best console version. Only problem is that not many people played online and I don’t think there was Elite or DLC support.

      1. There is a common missconception that Blops 2 on Wiiu has peformance issues. It only has minor peformance issues during the Campaign (just like the PS3 version does also) where it average about 40FPS. Multiplayer and Zombies is locked to 60FPS . Campaign has hundreds of enemies on screen sometimes and is not optimized properly for Wiiu.

        The campaign is perfectly playable on Wiiu and is nice and smooth for the most. But is irrelivant to the game anyway. Multiplayer and Zombies are the only decent part.

        1. Actually I haven’t ever noticed the hiccups in frame rate during campaign, at least not since the updates for the game.

    2. Seriously, I’ve played this game once on my 360. It was one of the Modern Warfare tittle, I wanted to know why all my friends keept talking about it everyday. So I played for like 4 hours or so and beated the campain. It’s extremely easy, and short.

      I was like: sure people must play it for the online. Let’s try.

      and I’ll NEVER do it again… Kids all over the lobbys screaming and calling you bad names… it’s awful!

        1. I enjoy cod as much as I enjoy Nintendo games, they come out with a new one, one every 2 year, different publisher, so the experience is different, people who say all cods are the same, then that means all Marios are the same, and I play both on my wii u

          1. Uh, Call of Duty pretty much only has two developing teams, doing the same things over and over again.

  1. Never liked Call of Duty that much (well, I think Big Red One for NGC was decent, but that an old game), but as far as I’ve seen, the ones that did the Black Ops series handled the games much better.

  2. Accidently or not we all know that this was coming and all other duties in the future…

    So now the Activisionists are making this series into a hybrid of Battlefield and Ghost Recon…

    Can they sink lower?…

    1. You deduced that from seeing the box art and title. For all we know it will be a carbon copy of MW2. Don’t make hasty generalizations.

      1. His generalization actually sounds like a better game. A ghost reason blops 2 highbred game from the lactivisionists would be a wonderful change of pace. Call of duty world at war WWII was the last great COD game. Take us back to WWI and WWII someone. I feel sorry for the Sony dronenights and xbotzodians that are brainwashed.

            1. “but hopefully there’s a Wii U version in development.” -> Pero por suerte, hay una versión de Wii U en desarrollo.
              En conclusión, si que va a salir, solo que aún lo están haciendo

    1. Capcom and Nintendo are the best of buddies. With monster hunter 3 Ultimate bringing in the PAL and NTSC regions in droves. You should be certain Okami 2 shall use the game pad and Wii motion plus. Gamers paradise once more.

  3. It was bad on the Wii from the hackers. It’s been awesome on the Wii U. I have well over 3000 hours but Activision needs to end the little fucking games they play. From day one say it is or isn’t coming to the WiiU. Don’t drag your feet and not confirm for the WiiU. SUPPORT the fucking game! If making the complete game for a Nintendo owner is to much to ask for then don’t even show up.

  4. “… but hopefully there’s a Wii U version in development.”
    More like unfortunately. Amirite?
    I’ll be throwing enough money at Nintendo & Ubisoft this fall to even care about COD.

    1. Well, if we show Ubisoft their better games are appreciated on the Wii U (despite all the rubbish they’ve done with one of their titles), then eventually other publishers will follow Ubisoft and care about decent games on the Wii U.

  5. Don’t bet on a Wii U version! Activision hasn’t even given the Wii U so much as a second thought since the release of CoD:BLOPS 2 on the console… They would have released the DLC by now if they intended to support the console further! They don’t and won’t! They make more money putting this out on 360 and ps3 because of install base. the Wii U version, unless the tide of sales on Wii U consoles turn upward, wouldn’t sell enough for activision to be able to justify making another Wii U version of CoD… And most people that have a Wii U didn’t buy it for CoD.
    Don’t get me wrong, I would buy this game for the Wii U, but I don’t see a Wii U version coming out on this one.

    1. Where are the bad news? jk. The true reason the wiiu version fail in sales was activision fault, gamer where happy about the wii controller being usable for the wiiu but the moment that the map was suposed to come to wiiu did not make it people forgot about getting it for wiiu. So if they dont treat the wiiu version like the other is certain that it will sell less.

      1. I agree with some of what you tried to say, but the sales were poor because the attach rate of the Wii U was so small for adult gamers. Once adult gamers see more games on the console that they would enjoy playing then we will see more of an increase in Wii U sales and the potential release of another CoD on the Wii U. And I think that activision’s decision not to give Wii U owners the DLC has weighed heavily on ppl that bought the console! I have a bunch of friends on my Wii U that play almost nothing but CoD on their Wii U, they said the only reason they aren’t playing it on their other consoles, PS3 360, is because the large number of people online are douchebag players and they don’t have as much of that in the online community on the Wii U. Just what I’ve been told by players

    2. Activision puts there shit on everything. I believe most of Activisons focus these days is with Bungie and Destiny. Which will come to Wii U.

  6. I hate everything about Call of Duty, enough said. I will get the new ones off of GameFly and play the multiplayer for about a month, but really I just don’t care anymore, MW2 was my last Call of Duty title I cared about, though, I might get this.

  7. Nah, I stopped at MW3 (didn’t buy blops). I won’t buy this one either. I don’t really like anything that gets a new upgrade a year later. Not even talking just games here. Like phones, tablets, ouya etc.. I think i’ll buy the next cod after this one. Every third game might actually have significant changes. Also calling that this won’t be on the wii U.

  8. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Meh. I have a feeling it’s gonna be as generic as all the Modern Warfare games. So I think I’m good with Black Ops 2.

  9. after the lack of post release support activision gave us Wii-U blops2 owners, i dont see me buying another COD game anytime soon. i’ll admit that i enjoy playing it more on wii-u than i have enjoyed the series since MW1, but mostly due to the no split screen two player mode (takes me back to the days of LAN parties before we had the internet). i also wont be buying it on my PS4. i am sick of gaming companies lying to us customers (wii-u ver will be fully supported said activision when the game launched). i also will not be picking up BF4. i have loved the series since the first installment on the pc, but i am tired of EAs shady business practices. if we punished these companies by not supporting them financially, they will be forced to change, or die. i can miss out on a couple of generic shooters if it will improve gaming as a whole in the long run.

    1. You remember those news where they blamed it on Nintendo fans? They said something like “Nintendo fans are all talk. We did the best version of BLOPS 2 on the Wii U like they asked but when it’s time for them to open their wallets they decide to spend their 60 dollars on a mario game instead.”

      I guess that’s why there wasn’t any support. It sold dog shit, but then it is a shitty game.

      1. it sold poorly because it launched on the other consoles a week before the wii-u was released. i only personally know one other person who got the wii-u version because they already had it on another system. these devs think people only own one console or something. they dont seem to realize they cannibalize their own sales when they tier releases like that. we gamers are traditionally an impatient people.

  10. This is actually MW4 they just adjusted the name so people would think its actually different. It will be on Wii U unfortunately. Activision puts there stuff on everything.

  11. try blops2 with the wiimotechuck its terrible otherwise but it is my first cod so don’t take my word for it

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  13. I’m getting into series ever since I played BO2 on Wii U, I wonder what celebrities they’ll hire this time?

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