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Indie Title Forgotten Memories Officially Coming To Wii U

forgotten memoriesThere’s been some positive action for indie developers porting their games for the Wii U after Nintendo started handing out free development kits for their console. And Psychoz Interactive has finally got the go-ahead they deserve to bring Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense to the Wii U.

Psychoz Interactive studio owner Georges Paz confirmed via his twitter account yesterday that the survival-horror title will be safely landing on the Wii U. He said: “I’m proud to announce that we are now Nintendo licensed developers! Forgotten Memories will be our first title on the Wii U!” Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense will be released on the Nintendo eShop this summer.

40 thoughts on “Indie Title Forgotten Memories Officially Coming To Wii U”

  1. Are doom system to get less games not more? Lol
    The game looks amaizing even on the ipad. 1 of the few nice looking games on it but for wiiu it will be tons better.

  2. I can happily say that this is the FIRST indie game that I’ve ever been excited to play. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, and I know this is crazy, but I’d like to buy a special edition if they ever decide to release it for retail.

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  3. It also coming this summer? That was quick (thats what she said) guess is more evudence that the wiiu is easy ti develope for.

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