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Okami Announcement Should Be Coming Next Week


The official Okami Twitter account is teasing that it has new information to share regarding the beloved Okami franchise. The Twitter team says that they will announce something during the beginning of Golden Week which runs from April 29th to May 5th. Interestingly enough, the latest edition of Famitsu promises to share a game that “bring fans tears of happiness” in its next issue which is due out, May 9th. Here’s what the Okami Twitter team had to say.

“Hello, this is Okami news. Sorry I’ve been kind of out of touch lately, but I have the feeling we’ll be able to drop a fresh announcement like WHAM! around the beginning of Golden Week, so please look forward to it. Right now we’re on track with preparations.”

109 thoughts on “Okami Announcement Should Be Coming Next Week”

    1. It will be cool on PS4! It will be cool on PS4! It will be cool on PS4! It will be cool on PS4! It will be cool on PS4! It will be cool on PS4! It will be cool on PS4! It will be cool on PS4!

        1. Oh no, I was just trying to say that if you’re going to make a bold statement like that, you should say in my opinion (imo) so that there wouldn’t be an argument. I’ve never played an Okami game.

  1. Please PLEASE let this be a new Okami game! And there better be a Wii U version!
    Capcom, you said you had many games in the works for Wii U, this better be one of them! :/

    1. Maximum let down would be another port of Okami. Maximum excitement would be Okami 2 on a Nintendo platform (as well as a Sony if needs be)

  2. Well, this came out of nowhere. But I love it. Looking forward to next week.
    I think it is a new game. A remake or a port should not necessarily make anyone react like he/she describes.

  3. No hope for a Wii U game if it’s running on Panta Rhei, and I won’t be buying any reduced shit on MT Framework.

    1. Why the hell would Okami run on Panta Rhei, and if it did, why the hell would that matter with a game like Okami?
      Do you even know what Okami is, or better yet, how Okami looks?

  4. Can’t wait for the announcement. Hopefully a remake or a brand new game to okami but I am not going to get my hopes high since I never do.

  5. RROD disk scratch box 360 is not getting this game that requires actual thinking. If it was COD okami-ops 3 then it would be on that system. My best bet is a 3DS game. Though Wii U has the best control scheme for any Okami game.

    1. The Wii U has something that is great hidden with it’s Chipset. So much so that even the great Shigeru Miyamoto was caught unaware lol. Criterion has shown us that we have a wonderful power saving marvel. Nintendo made a modest profit this last year which is good, this has humbled them, meaning now they are making and releasing games are commencing the diamond age of gaming. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Monster hunter 4, X, Mario 3D, the Retro secret are the foundation stones. Thank God for patience and humbling now we get our monies worth for nintendo bumbled the 3DS launch. Look at that baby now :). Luigi’s mansion 2 need I say more?

  6. haha wouldnt it be funny if capcom was the biggest 3rd party dev for wii u along with ubisoft, like they made okami exclusive to wii u, its like they are trying to create a fanbase because on the other consoles they pretty much destroyed themselves

    1. IKR its kind of hillarious. but i think thats what might be happening. the first part atleast. i think developers are finaly starting to relize just how much potential the wii u has, or just the benefits from supporting it or making exclusives for it. hopefully square stops being dumb asses and relize their true jrpg stuff are on nintendo consoles and make GOOD ones for it. something revolutionary or just plain amazing like xenoblade and pandoras tower. stop being stupid square, your former employees are kicking your ASS right now.

          1. im just wondering if you beat the game because there is supposed to be a freezing glitch that occurs somewhere the last couple towers and im wondering if you hit it because a lot of people are having this problem

        1. yes but i took forever in the making because banjo took my patforming style!!!! it all worked for the better in the end though…… until one stormy night i got drunk in the end and was depressed thats because i knew that microsoft was going to make us suck

      1. Yeah, you drink even kore than you did back in 2000. I heard you have also started smoking crack and shooting heroin.

        1. that is true me and banjo like to share hits in the cell banjo got fat im dying, and microsoft sucks and the 720 will fail, then thats time when me and banjo make a run for it and hopefully dont get shot by master cheif but he usually takes it up the ass at night so we might make it

          1. So you are trapped in the dungeons of the Microsoft Headquarters… I will get an angry mob together then we will come put an end to this madness once and for all.

            Don’t worry, you’ll be free soon.

            1. yes we will can do it, when the durango gets announced, so many people switching to ps4 and selling there xboxes, maybe we can make nintendo not suck anymore and kill that fat plumber too!!

              1. The order has been given, Kaz has sent out his assassins. Mario and Master Chief better start planning their funerals.

      2. all of our beloved 90’s friends are…

        (kazooie: maybe you look lame, drunk squirrel, but My feathers never looked so awesome!)

  7. I never got to finish okami on the wii although what of it I played i loved need to go back and finish it, the first time i saw the wii U I immediatly thought fatal frame and okami, I really hope this is a wii u sequel that would be amazing.

  8. and if you like it, buy it but you really need to know what your doing or you will brick your wii, softmodding is the way to go, all you need are a memory card (1gb and formatted and also anything in it be backed up before formmating) homebrew channel with boot mii, usb loader gx (latest), exploits, and storage like flash drives or HDDs here for tutorials and info

  9. ppssshhh memory card 1 GB are you crazy you need a HDD that holds 2 TB if your looking to download wii games and a 2 gig SD card to store your old old an make sure is not SD HC i been hacking my wii since the very beginning of team twizzlers twilight hack and my wii still havent brick.

  10. How About An Okamiden + Okami HD Bundle?T he gamepad and TV will serve as the dual screens for Okamiden,and they could put inventory on the gamepad for Okami,they could even implement off tv play for both since the original Okami used analog controls to paint on the PS2 or they could use the Gamepad.

    1. was just about to post that. Although, there are some restrictions like not being able to add posts, just reply. This will probably come in the future, hopefully soon.

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