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Era’s Adventures Developers Give Yoshi Look-alike A New Makeover

blue yoshiRemember the Android game that sparked some controversy over at Nintendo Headquarters when a female Yoshi cropped up as its main protagonist? Well, she’s had a makeover that’s left the game’s developers feeling a little less green. Era’s Adventures – a title that sees the player have to escape from a series of trapped worlds –  now features a blue coloured dinosaur with diamond-shaped eyes, wearing a backwards red cap and orange boots.

The game’s developer Botond Kopacz recently contacted Kotaku to say he is currently working out the kinks with Nintendo after they got in touch with him about the game.
He said: “Yes, and they did with rightly since the original Era was Yoshi’s character. The new Era is also similar to Yoshi but we are cooperating with Nintendo about the changes required by them but till that time the only thing that we could do is to re-color it, remove the carapace and some other parts and make some changes in “Eras” head shape.”

You can still play the game for free over in the Google Play shop.

23 thoughts on “Era’s Adventures Developers Give Yoshi Look-alike A New Makeover”

  1. i love how Nintendo could just sue them but no, they looked the way this could work for both parties, they are nice

  2. If you google image search “era’s adventures” it shows normal yoshi that changes to “era” when you click on it. So we will never forget the story of the game developer who “didn’t know yoshi was a thing”

  3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    So when they were making the game and thought, “What should out character look like?” they just “accidentally” made it a Yoshi? They obviously copied Nintendo on purpose, but either thought Nintendo wouldn’t do anything about it/wouldn’t care or no one would notice…I’m guessing the first one.

    1. Or they are very dumb cave dwellers who don’t know Yoshi, found an image of him on the internet and thought it was cool.

  4. PikminDon'tDoMushrooms

    “You said it looked to much like Yoshi so we added a hat! Now there is nothing similar between them!” – Said no one

  5. Y’know what’s funny? People are always talking crap about Nintendo. And yet, they’re the ones who are stealing their creations and making something ridiculous out of it. I mean… wuh-what? Just admit you have a crush on Nintendo.

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