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Nintendo To Allow NFC Payments On Wii U


Nintendo of Japan is preparing to let consumers use their Wii U console to make electronic payments via the consoles near field communication functionality.  The ability to use your Wii U GamePad to make electronic transactions using the NFC reader would allow Wii U owners to make purchases with touch based payment cards, such as Suica. Japanese consumers use NFC Cards to make payments at their local store or to pay for their train faire.

47 thoughts on “Nintendo To Allow NFC Payments On Wii U”

    1. Yes, yes, YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! To all the haters whining about under powered hardware, a lack of games, and overall criticism that Big N just a greedy shell of its former self; out of touch with the desires of gamers and developers; eat it! Nintendo has just mind blowingly innovated a brand-new way to take your money! How’s that for product vision?

  1. hey Nintendo, that’s cool, but what i need is the ability to make eshop purchases on wii u off my laptop when I’m gone from home for a longer period of time. Please make this happen by June, as I wanna snag donkey king for 30 cents in July when I’m on vacation.

  2. What sucks is, if this tech ever reaches the United States, everybody is going to start preaching about how it’s a globalist NWO conspiracy of some sort…

    I should just learn Japanese and move to Japan.

    1. If you would please allow me to surgically insert this Nintendo NFC device into your hand and forehead please….

      THERE! You can now make easy eShop payments. You are also signed up for the Beast’s army, but that’s really just a minor detail…


    2. The tech has been here, bud. Its in a lot of credit/debit cards as well as any current Gen Windows Phone or Android phone.

    1. No, you can make payments for stuff on the virtual store with the Nf communicator and a credit card that has near field enabled. You don’t buy stuff with the gamepad like in a store, you buy stuff on the wii U using it.

  3. Nintendo could release their own brand of credit card that would work with this, there’s a way for them to make some extra cash!

    1. Yes a prepaid one that even works to buy online from anywhere. Imagine finding that elusive game on physical form and buy it from amazone or ebay it will be great.

      1. Actually, Chase Bank has been using them for years, the Card I got re-issued last year and the previous one from 2010 both had the Blink feature.

        Blink uses NFC by the way.

  4. Super Sunday Albert

    I have an idea to improve the Wii U. Why don’t they make games for the system? Wouldn’t that be cool?

      1. They had years for development. New Super Mario Bros. U was in development for 3 years. Talk about a waste of development time. They could have used that time for another game to coincide NSMBU at launch.

    1. Ha. Ha. Ha.

      Thank God the 3DS is past it’s Launch-Window. If they repeat what they did with the 3DS, I doubt we’ll have a repeat of the Wii.

      I think once Dev’s see what it will cost them to develop for the NextBox and PS4, we’ll see a lot more 3rd party devs come back to Nintendo to develop games that don’t take a Hollywood budget.

      Although, I HOPE we see a few “hollywood-budget” games on the WiiU. ;)

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  6. hi there. pingback that’s very funny about nfc wii u in another castle like can I buy next Mario game in the mushroom castel with Mario coins with nintedo pay too with nfc payment

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