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Mega Man 3DS Case Revealed To Mark Capcom’s 25th Anniversary

mega man 3ds caseAfter the hubbub of activity with the release of Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3DS case, the company has decided to add another magnificent hero to their 3DS cases. Mega Man will be blasting his way into the Capcom store in 8-bit form on 3DS and Xl’s  in a bid to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. This isn’t a surprise, as the blue-clad protagonist already received a momentous statue to be shown at E3 in June, with a desktop version also on sale for fans.

Unfortunately, the 3DS case isn’t on sale yet, but Capcom promises that it will be shown off at the San Diego Comic-Con and ready for purchase then. We wonder what else the company will pull out of the bag to commemorate turning a quarter of a century old.

39 thoughts on “Mega Man 3DS Case Revealed To Mark Capcom’s 25th Anniversary”

  1. Awesome! I’m definately gonna get one! With a case that awesome there’s no need to wait for more 3ds xl colors! ;p

    1. You can just transfer your games… I had a ton of eshop games and fire emblem on my normal 3DS an thy all transferred just fine.

    2. From the blog “And like the MH case, there will be regular 3DS / XL versions from which to choose.” They are also offering a original 3DS case, you don’t have to get 3DS XL.

  2. What else should they ‘pull out of their bag’? Maybe a Mega Man game that doesn’t get cancelled? (It’s seriously been 4 in a row)

  3. capcom is gay and they wanna piss of their fans cant you tell they do it on purpose? its all about being stupid nowadays just look at nintendo

  4. It is also coming for the original 3DS. I don’t know why, but this case looks AWESOME! I want it so bad right now, it actually hurts not to have it. :(

  5. CAPCOM, instead of doing this you might have as well invested ALL this money directed into utter crap into an ACTUAL MEGA MAN GAME!

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