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Nintendo Sends Message To Wii Owners To ‘Discover’ Wii U

wii message marketingNintendo has really started to get the ball rolling on their Wii U marketing campaign as they have begun targeting current Wii owners and giving them a larger than life hint that the Wii U is ‘an entirely new system’. Wii owners were struck by the message pictured above to find that Nintendo is really hammering it home by implying that their system is out of date. With many of the Wii’s online channels going dark in June, is it time to let your Wii system hibernate too?

61 thoughts on “Nintendo Sends Message To Wii Owners To ‘Discover’ Wii U”

  1. This is a really smart way to get the message out! I think they will start advertising when they got a good line-up of games, which is at the end of the summer.

    1. They should still advertise their console. Here is the problem: i think rather than not knowing the difference between the Wii and the Wii u is that most of the people don’t know that Wii u exists. Take me for example, i still don’t know what a Wii u is but i do have one in my living room, if it wasn’t for e3 then i wouldn’t have a Wii u right now.
      So to make sure that they can make up for the Wii and Wii U confusion, they should make a commercial easy to understand, catchy and inspiring. Or contact these guys since they have already done the job

      Then, tell them to extend both the beginning (representing Nintendo with its logo and a Mario sound) and the ending showing a little more of what the Wii u is capable of

      1. Lazara the Last

        I couldn’t agree more, but I see no point in advertising before the end of this summer, when the first party games start coming out.

        1. It’s true but there is a little problem, the other companies are going to release their consoles probably this winter. So they better start before Sony or Microsoft starts to bomb the tv with commercials.

          The video i showed is done, all they (Nintendo) need to do is contact these guys. Since this is a very catchy video the Wii u’s popularity would rise up and the commercial could easy stay on tv until the end of this year, were it could even make a good competition against the other consoles. So the sooner the better

      2. I think it should go in the exact opposite direction with the video’s length, if this ever became a commercial.
        Cut the past-system-run-up out of the video, use the Wii as the starting point, then introduce the Wii U while talking about what it can do, the fact that it can play all Wii games and use all Wii controllers in addition to its own stuff.

        1. So true, but if they cut all the portable consoles since the Wii u is a home-console that cuts the time approx. to 1 min, 1sec though they still need to extend the Wii u part to the part you just explained.

      3. to long, and by the time you finally got to wii u. it was just the fucking controller with mario bros on there, just horrible, that would make everybody even more to think its just an add on controller for the wii. who ever made that is even worse than the commercials now

        1. That is why it would need an extension on the Wii u part and like Eric Sellers says above, it can be cut taking away previous consoles such as all the handheld consoles. By doing this it’ll reduce the time by half, give it 20 more seconds of Wii u time and it should fit as a nintendo commercial.

  2. Most Wii owners already know that it is time to get a newer Nintendo console. The problem is that Wii U isn’t that appealing yet, especially since most Nintendo fans have gotten a competitor’s console during the wait for Wii U which are on par with Nintendo’s new console. I bought e.g a PS3 because I didn’t want to wait for Wii U and I am still playing on my PS3 a year later, without getting tired of it. If Nintendo want my money, they need to show us the killer apps, which they will but it feels like they don’t realize that, basing that on the message above that they sent to Wii owners.

    1. I retract stating that they don’t realize that, since they obviously do because people like Iwata have mentioned that they are aware of this situation. But it’s still their fault for barely learning from their mistake with the 3DS, since it has gone more than half of a year since a Nintendo game has been released for the system.

    2. Actually I’d debate that most Wii owners already know about the Wii U since the original Wii had a huge install base, many of which were not traditional gamers who would be regularly checking gaming news sites. The Wii U has had a poor TV and print marketing campaign so far, so I wouldn’t think too many of them are aware of it.

    1. Dr. Ivo Robotnik

      You probably don’t have to pay for it yourself, do you?

      I would’ve bought one at release if it weren’t for the money.

  3. I think the Wii U doesn’t offer enough of a change. The Wii was completely new and exciting which is why it flew off the shelves. Aside from the tablet controller (which looks like the tablets you buy for 3 year olds) what’s new? Personally I am waiting for a better line up of games.

    1. The gameplay is completely different and better then holding a Controller with buttons on it only like dualshock,., thats new.

    2. First HD Nintendo console, miiverse, off tv play, tablet controller hybrid, actual functional web browser on a console. Just a few things are new. tell me what Sony is doing that’s new? Better graphics?

      1. Sony just produce better games. The brand loyal kids who originally played the Gameboy are now adults who want to play Hitman. But all they’re being offered is Karaoke, dancing & party games. There are noteable exceptions (Epic Mickey, COD:MW) but they are far too few for gaming adults to invest their hard earned money into a console.

        1. i’m 37 and find hitman to be a snooze fest. i also own every console available (ps3, 360, wiiu) and will buy a ps4 when it comes out. gaming adults are the ones who buy all the consoles to play all the games. we have the disposable income to do so and dont need to beg mommy and daddy for new consoles on xmas. just because a game is rated M and has gratuitous violence doesnt make it for adults, i’d actually argue that they are made for kids who want to feel grown up. cut scenes and scriped events are ruining gaming. if i wanted to watch an interactive movie, id play night trap. i miss PLAYING games not watching them.

        2. Are you serious? Hitman is a multiplatform game and I personally think it is redundant. Let’s see Sony crank out dozens of first party characters all with their own unique sets of lore that can also be instantly recognized by almost everyone the world over for multiple decades, then we will talk about how Sony makes better games. I love my PS3 by the way. Also, I know Nintendo is having problems with some 3rd party developers and that PS1 and 2 were awesome consoles.

    3. Waiting for a better lineup of games is smart. However, you don’t notice a diference? The Wii U is opposite of the Wii. It has HD graphics a controller that focuses on innovative gameplay, but NOT really through motion control. 💋

  4. The name is not so bad, but it’s too similar to Wii and some people get confused, especially after they introduced (only) a Wii U gamepad on E3 2011.

    1. Yeah, and Sony only showed the PS4’s DualShock, but that doesn’t mean people think it’s a new PS3 controller.

      1. What if sony showed a controller a named their system ps3 U… It would be like the wii u.. Thats why nintendo should have changed the name wii or name is wii 2

    1. I know what you mean, but there ARE games for it. Maybe not ones that appeal to you, but there are games for Wii U.

  5. I doubt this would bring up a big impact. Seriously, who uses the wii inbox? My wii has been emitting blue LEDs for ages and I never care to take a look at what is inside. More importantly, do your parents?

    1. Thank you! Cmon so many people like to talk crap about Nintendo. I guess they have been the best 4 so many years (As a gaming dev company), that they just get shit anytime they do something. I love all my consoles and would never get rid of any of my Nintendo consoles.

  6. This is smart. There are millions of Wii owners who still play games on their Wii, in addition to using the many services provided, such as, netflix and hulu. Many of them still don’t know that Nintendo has a new console. This is a smart and low cost strategy to reach a wider audience, their own! This is the beginning of many strategies, that will be used to promote the Wii U.

    1. The Wii U is appealing. It’s just that you have to play it. Words can’t explain.Trine 2, Ray man Legends App is what I’m been playing all day. I’m still going to get Monster Hunter as soon as I beat Trine 2

  7. Nintendo Commander

    Like I said, High Command will recover from most things, even if the end result is not as good as expected…

    But atleast they try to give us new experiences unlike the rest…

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  8. Finally a smart move by Nintendo regarding marketing the Wii U! I doubt any Wii owners now will confuse it with just a peripheral!

  9. I have the Wii U, but as long as I have grandchildren in the house the Wii will remain active, because the games are there for them to play. Wii U for me, Wii for them. Just wish Nintendo would hurray up with the Wii U Fit.

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  10. I understand the “Clever” reason they called it WiiU.
    HOWEVER, They should have named it something else. Anything without “Wii” in it.

    We’ll never know, but I swear it would hae sold better, even with it’s current library of games if people saw a new console, with a new name, strutting a new gameplay style.

    WiiU as a name, was a bad call in my opinion.

  11. Good star although they shkuld have included a video or a lin of the new commercials.. Next should be multiple demo kiosks-Game and Wario, Brawl and Injustice would be good candidates.

  12. A big problem for me is that they haven’t given me a truly compelling reason to buy a $300-$350 console. I’ve played it, I’ve experienced it, I thought about buying one, and then looked for interesting games and stuff, and I found nothing that interested me. Such a different case than the 3DS, which has built up a solid base of games and features that have me hooked. Until Nintendo can do something similar with the Wii U, I’m content with keeping my Wii, wireless features be damned.

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  14. yeah i like how when iwata comes over this is the fucking best thing advertisement wise, come on!!!!! reggie sucks, with iwata here we will get all the good games now, nintendo wont suck, and have just shovelware in america, why do people blame iwata for noa sucking but then saying noj is good, what he isnt in charge of noa just noj, wtf are people talking about!!!! noa he is for just a week and he is already doing things better.

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