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New Teaser Trailer Revealed For Call Of Duty: Ghosts, No Wii U Version?

As expected, Activision has officially unveiled the new teaser trailer today for their upcoming game Call of Duty: Ghosts. The teaser site, which went live a few days ago, says to expect snippets of live gameplay at the Xbox reveal on May 21. Ghosts is confirmed for release on Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and “next gen platforms.”  A Wii U version, however, is still unconfirmed. What do you think of the teaser trailer?

Update: The Wii U logo is featured on the teaser site, but the platform wasn’t mentioned in the press release. Gamers are also unable to preorder the Wii U version of the game.

50 thoughts on “New Teaser Trailer Revealed For Call Of Duty: Ghosts, No Wii U Version?”

    1. it doesn’t matter if it is good or not, Nintendo needs a game like this. as sad as it is but cod sells and is being mentioned by many idiots by being hardcore(rofl) very important game for Nintendo.

      1. It sells well on everything but On Wii U. It seems popular Japanese games are really whats’s going to sell Wii Us (in both the East and West) as demonstrated by Monster Hunter.

        1. black ops 2 was released one week later then the other versions. and btw, it doesn’t matter if it sells good or not, what matters is that the game is on wii u cause it is mainstream

          1. the kind of people who are big on cod wouldn’t play it on wii u. As sad as it is, the people (can’t call them gamers) who only play cod will buy it on xbox and playstation before buying it on the wii u. plus we don’t need games like cod to sell the wii u

    1. This^.

      (how come when I click on the link it won’t let me scroll to the right and see the Wiiu logo ?)

        1. it wasnt mention cause wii-u has a very small install base compared to xbox, playstation and pc. which will be the majority of there sales.

        1. It will likely be digital only. Wii U games (especially third-party games sell more digitally than physically.

  1. I wasn’t at all surprised. Seems like the only true third-party supporter is Ubisoft. Activision can suck it!

        1. yup. dont know why they think not releasing finished wii u versions of there games (dead space 3,crysis 3, battlefield 4) will make them more money.

  2. Seriously? So even the most obvious 3rd party games aren’t coming to Wii U? Things better change. The system is 6 months old and has next to no support.

      1. yea i went there a few minutes ago. i knew they wouldnt skip Wii U, it just wouldnt make any sense.

  3. Winscar_Shinobi

    After all the QQ about how wii u is next gen when it’s thrown into the next gen category people have a fit >.>

  4. Guys it’s coming to Wii U. There is an official logo on the main site for this game. But retailers are still not taking preorders.

  5. I think the trailer is the typical yearly overhyped garbage that Call of Duty is. My only curiosity is what rock band they’ll be using for this years trailers.

  6. I have a theory that the Wii U version will release along side the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 version but who knows

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  8. By that time of year this game will be nowhere on my radar for any system, only ps4 games and Wii U exclusives will be worth the money at this stage in the console life cycle.

  9. lol, “x-box 360, pc, ps3, ps4, and next-gen” so ps4 isn’t next gen according to activevision? well ps fanboys are about to rage…

  10. I already have Blops 2, so if I need to shoot people I’m covered. I would get Ghosts after a price drop maybe, and I do hope it comes to the system. Some people can’t get enough o dem shootins.

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