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The Original Mario Bros Coming To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console In Japan


Nintendo of Japan has announced that the original Mario Bros will be coming to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console next week. The classic title will be released on May 8th for 500 yen. The arcade game was published and developed by Nintendo in 1983 and appeared on a number of formats including Atari and Commodore.

24 thoughts on “The Original Mario Bros Coming To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console In Japan”

  1. This game was a BLAST!
    When I played it 15 years ago…
    Is it at least two player via download play or some such?


      1. I’m in my 30’s. ;) I’ve been gaming since games ran on CASSETTE TAPES.

        I played this with my brother on the Commodor, and I think the Atari as well. Again, fun back in the day….

        1. I still have nightmares with those Commodore Cassettes, if that’s what you mean… You always remember your first time using it, that fucking code! ZX Spectrum’s where even more of a pain in the ass though.

        2. Me too….my friend who died, when he was 8 had this on his atari..Last times i played this was …….24 years ago on his atari….MUST BUY

        1. Oh you again talking out of your ass? He knows me commenting a long time on this site to know it was a joke , now go an do your homework.

    1. I also played this 15 years ago but on my original nes… it was on the Mario Bros 3 game cartridge. My sister and I use to have a blast playing this. Awww… the memories.

  2. I would me some jackal, kicle cubicle, snow bro’s, mc’s kids and that volley ball game from the nes that i dont remember his name on the 3ds.

  3. That screen shot doesn’t look like the original arcade version. They must mean the NES port, not the original.

  4. How is this not on the VC already?

    I do not understand the slow leak of classic games.

    And with the Wii U, it needs a STRONG listing of games in their VC. Close to everything thats on the Wii VC should be on the Wii U VC now.

    1. I think they are trying to make the game compatible whit both the 3ds and wiiu so we can transfer them at will betwing consoles wich i prefer that the classic be avalible on both at the same time.

    2. This should have been included in the 30 cent sale. It was a great game for it’s time but is not worth $5 today imo.The gba mario advance games have it free on the cartridge and I think I spent less then 5 minutes revisiting this game which is like a $1 a minute if I had downloaded it.Some games are best left in the past and imo this is one of them.

  5. They should remake this game on wii u with online multiplayer. The eshop needs addicting games like this

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