Japanese Restaurant Files WaraWara Plaza Copyright Claim


Japanese restaurant chain operator Monteroza has filed a copyright claim against Nintendo. The restaurant claims that Wii U’s WaraWara Hiroba, known as WaraWara Plaza in the west, is far too similar to its Wara-wara chain of Japanese bars. Monteroza filed a claim on March 22nd with the  Patent Office to have Nintendo’s trademark registration revoked. Nintendo says that it was unaware of the izakaya chain and registered the trademark without issue from the Patent Office.


  1. So there is a Japanese resturaunt chain that has some kind of bar chain where people can get an overview on other people’s opinions/experiences in games?

  2. cuz people dont know the difference between a small unknown Japanese bar & the WiiU menu

      1. There’s no I in team.
        I mean it, I’m not in the team…

  3. That’s stupid. There’s a big difference between the Wii U menu screen and a resturant bar.

    Makes me think of when that company sued people for using the word “Monster”.

  4. What? -.-
    Wara wara isn’t cooyright, it japanese for crowded, chatter amongst many people ect

    That like GAME sueing Gamestop because it had “game” in the title.

  5. You can sue for using basic words?.. You cant possibly patent wara wara… Any more than you can the word the or at or this…. If you can… Well we live in a magical world

    1. no its been that since donkey kong lawsuit. these fuckers all they care is to make a quick buck

      1. I’m Albert Freaking Einstein. Anyone who has 64 in their name must be retarded.

  6. Gotta love Wara wara plaza… It’s a good way to check all the hottest Miiverse posts from friends and strangers without rooting through miiverse.

    1. Yea we don’t care what you think. Keep your posts more relevant to the subject maybe? rather than praising everything Nintendo.

      1. Who the fuck are you ? Exactly… stfu. My post was on topic, go fuck yourself .

      2. Last time I checked this was a website about Nintendo. :/

  7. These parasites within our Empire must be destroyed soon!

    They are taking valuable time and occasionally resources going by these accusations…

    High Command should improve their defences and turn up the hostility factor against those foul beasts!

  8. This is what you get for being different then the competition. Nintendo does its own thing and they get all the crazies lol.

  9. Apparently, the lawsuit is based on “Nintendo hijacking this man’s customer base and piggybacking on their positive image”.
    So this one thinks a major multinational gaming company valued in billions needs to cling to some ranky, unknown japanese pseudo-bar for promotion? Ha, yeah right.

    1. If anything, Nintendo should sue this idiot for obviously trying to exploit law to promote his shit restaurant.

  10. I just…. I don’t even know how to respond to this. I’m assuming they mean the name is a problem, cos surely there’s not a bar that’s similar to it in any way.

  11. They are only sueing for the money.. They can’t possibly think they were “wronged” in this situation. I doubt Nintendo will lose and have to pay up. They even checked the name with the freaking Patent Office for Pete’s Sake lol!!! 💋

  12. First, it’s even more WORSE of IP to take over shapes or places from this planet, and tell people that they can’t make stuff of shapes in games from places on this planet..

    And second, this looks more like a trademark issue of the title.. I think this article title and article might be misleading..

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