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Activision Hints That It Will Announce Call Of Duty: Ghosts Wii U At Later Date


As you already know Call of Duty: Ghosts was officially announced today by Call of Duty publisher, Activision. The press release the company sent out failed to mention a Wii U version of the game, but the Wii U logo features prominently on the teaser site. Online news publication The Examiner contacted Activision to find out about the Wii U version. Here’s the company’s response.

We don’t have any news for the Wii U at this time, as we aren’t dating next generation platforms yet. Stay tuned.

Update: The teaser website that everyone keeps referring to is actually a fake, according to Activision’s community manager.

111 thoughts on “Activision Hints That It Will Announce Call Of Duty: Ghosts Wii U At Later Date”

  1. O so now its Next Gen???? YOu’re Core wont like that Activision Since they All hate Nintendo and Claim the Wii U isnt Next Gen.

        1. you sometimes dont spell correctly, but i believe that you said it was your phone or something.

            1. I’m Nintendo Fan Idiot’s I was Saying that Most Cod fans are the same Idiots that roam this Website Telling anyone that would listen that the “Wii U isn’t Next Gen” or “Wii U is Under powered” Just go to my Youtube I defend the Wii U all the Time. GuruGamingHDx2

              1. That’s awesome that you defend the Wii U. It truly is an awesome system and I am trying to save up money for it.

    1. I could be wrong but I don’t remember Activision ever saying ti wasn’t so their comments are neither here nor there.

        1. EA lies like a bitch but its because they dont want to sell games on the wiiu because no one barely plays it just like bo2

    2. *Your

      Unless you’re trying to say, “You are core won’t like that Activision since all hate Nintendo and claim the Wii U isn’t next-gen.

  2. Nice to see someone thinking Wii U is next gen. Although I don’t see the point in delaying Wii U announcement just because of GamePad features

    1. It could also means that it runs on a diffrent engine thats not the same has the ps360 versions. Which means that they are going to show gameplay before the Microsoft anouncement.

  3. I’m starting to think one of the E3 Nintendo Directs will be completely focused on third parties. I’d love to finally see Wii U footage of Watch Dogs with the Gamepad in action.

    1. Same here. i will be really dissapointed if they barely use the Gamepads Screen for gameplay.

      1. Even if it’e not shown in a direct, I just want to see Ubisoft do a trailer for Watch Dogs like the one they did for Splinter Cell.

    2. Iwata did say a 3rd Party Wii U Nintendo Direct would happen…but we have just been waiting…and waiting…

  4. Btw, if the “no Wii U version” came from trailer,
    it makes sense, that Wii U will have its own trailer, that includes gamepad.

  5. The annoying thing is, Ign and eurogamer havent even mentionned this….Image this would have been something like a ps4 release date confirmation…both would have gone crazy seconds after the announcement…

    1. IGN only posts articles that make Nintendo and Wii U look bad! It pisses me off! They posted an article saying it was confirmed that the Wonderful 101 is a very short game because of a Tweet on Twitter. Then another tweet surfaces reveiling that Wonderful 101 is not necessarily a short game it simply doesn’t focus on length, but more on “entertainment.” IGN never corrected themselves with a new article or update. Now anyone that visits IGN will think the W101 is not worth the money. These awful news sites really do they best to ruin Nintendo don’t they? 💋

  6. Wii U and the other two next generation consoles have their COD ghosts announcements delayed. Good it gives me more time of not hearing about another COD that is not world War II themed. No thanks Activision. It’s world War I or two or burst lol.

    1. World war 1? Man i dont think that staying on a trench all day would be show well in gameplay.

  7. Probably after the 21st, or maybe even E3.
    Call of Duty is a big Xbox title, which is..hilarious.

    1. Bayonetta few second was more exciting than this. I mean we already know how is goin to play and probably look too.

      1. Okay?
        I wasn’t even defending the game, i got bored of COD about 3-4 years ago, after MW2.

        1. What i mean is that the bayonetta 2 Nintendo reveal was a bigger shock to hardcore gamers than anything cod related.

          1. So?
            Stating the fucking obvious much?
            I fucking get it, you wana rub it in peoples faces, get over it. Bragging about Bayonetta 2 like a spoilt child doesnt make you better than them

            1. If i dont knew that is very late in the uk i would had though you tiped this from you special class school. Dont leave your home whit out an adult and dont play whit fire. Hope those tipe save your life( thats what you get for english comprension fail).

  8. Is this some kind of miracle? Activision just admitted that the Wii U is a next-gen console? Wow, they are really learning something after all…

    1. Activision may be morons from time to time but they were once great with Nintendo. Tony Hawk Pro Skater on N64!!! Activision puts there shit on everything. Plus maybe Bungie working with them on Destiny helped out Activison lol.

  9. Activision admitted, that Wii U is next-gen? Wau! :)
    I will probably buy this game, multiplayer is still fun.

  10. If they are saying the Wii U is next gen, then I would like to say congratulations to activision for admitting what we have known all along! Wii U is next gen, but this could be a generic response and a way to dodge the question… Still an interesting response.

    1. If people want my money i prefer that when i give it to them they at least lie to me: bussines 101.

  11. So basically what I have been saying for a long time, the Wii U is similar in structure for programing purposes to the PS4 and Next Xbox, just different specs somewhat. So it very possible to build all 3 of them off the same build and port to each systems strengths.

  12. didn’t they announce a release date for PS4, what isn’t that next gen. Someone is making excuses.

  13. So Activision is deeming the Wii U as a next-gen console while naive assholes like Epic isn’t? This shows you how much Activision loves and respects Nintendo, now if they will only include all of features of their next COD game for the Wii U that the other versions will obviously have my perception about them will change drastically

    1. Activision used to be pretty good with Nintendo. They just kinda let their ego go outta control. For the most part Activision is still a great company they just make a few idiotic decisions from time to time lol.

  14. Its pretty stupid that ”WiiU IS next gen!!!” needs its own articles, but if you think about it, it makes sense. 1. The system is not much more powerful than current gen/last gen (at least for now) 2. The system was the first to come out, making the later ones auto next gen, if the WiiU would have come out last, it would be considered next gen. 3. People just love picking on Nintendo because their games are sooooo childish :P

    1. And here is the winner of the “most stupid comment of the Day”, congratulations boy ;)

  15. well ,bobs your uncle! i almost was gonna skip this cod till they said wii u is next gen. i’m down, infinity ward you have my attention! and whatevers left of my money as of holiday gaming season 2013 lol. from june till january 2014 my wallet will contain no money. Presto !the gaming companys are wizards, Harry.

  16. Nintendo fanboys before: CoD sucks, the people at Activision are money whores

    Nintendo fanboys after Activision calls Wii U “next-gen”: OMG ACTIVSION I LOVE YOU!!! COD: GHOSTS IS A DAY ONE BUY FOR ME!!!

    1. I still will not buy COD. Though skylander giants is a definite purchase for my nieces and nephews.

    2. Luckily, I am just a Nintendo fan, not a fanboy. Why? I don’t think Nintendo is Jesus Christ. Nintendo is a good company but it makes mistakes, such as not replacing digital titles, whoring out Mario, and shitty advertisments on the Wii U. All companies make mistakes, no company is absolutely perfect.

  17. I really don’t care if Activision says if the Wii U is next-gen or not. It still doesn’t change the fact that Call of Duty is crap.

  18. Activison actually has a brain…how about that. They know Wii U is next Gen because Next Gen means THE NEXT FUCKING SYSTEM.

      1. Denial is the 1st step. You really have been stuck in that phase for awhile know haven’t you. NDA says otherwise. Starfox is coming and you will run and hide instead of apologizing to me.

      1. I like how you love me so much. You always go after the truths and try to reject it. Remember when you said Watch Dogs wasn’t coming to Wii U? Exactly…Watch the 1st Bungie Destiny Vidoc. The bungie Guy texted his friend saying My Body Is Ready. That’s more then a coincidence.

      2. Aldarazz don’t be like neutron and the rest of those trolls that claimed watchdogs was not heading Wii U’s direction and surprise it did. You have interesting though non relevant points, though you are the type of critic mynintendonews needs.

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  20. Finally a company calling the Wii U next-gen, maybe Activision aren’t all that bad after all though I am still not going too get Call of Duty: Ghosts as I find the Call of Duty series bland and boring. Plus more third party support for the Wii U, another good thing from Activision.

  21. Ive played Black ops 2 on my Wii U until I got Prestige 8… but I dont remember having one single minute of fun in this game. Nope. And when I bough Mass Effect 3 2 months after CoD … I had so much SOOO MUCH fun online with others… I hate CoD lol …

  22. As a Nintendo fanboy, I think we need to support as much 3RD PARTY support as much as possible. After all Nintendo is having trouble getting and keeping 3RD party support as it is. I don’t know about y’all but I’m tired of coming on here and reading from trolls about child games on Wii U.

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  24. At least Activison knows the Wii U is next gen. I still don’t like some of their business practices but I can respect them for this.

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  26. Nintendo Commander

    I personally couldn’t care less if this title comes to our holy machine…

    But if it pleases thousands of people then so be it…

    The more to choose from, the better the outcome…

  27. Just saying Wii U is a next gen doesn’t mean anything. Wii U is a next gen for the Wii. That puts the Wii up to par with the Xbox 360 and PS3. Once the Xbox 720 and PS4 comes out, Wii U will be behind another generation.

  28. NO!! Wii U is an eighth generation console and it is powerful enough to make hardcore games especially Assassin’s Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Blacklist, Deux Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut, Sniper Elite V2 (Wii U), Batman Arkham Origins and Bayonetta 2. Then what about Call of Duty Ghosts?!

  29. for nintendo to actually look like a next gen they need to stop with all the mario nonsense, not that i hate zelda and mario its just mario games are like the only games coming out for the wiiu so far and all the 3rd party games that were coming out for wiiu were cancelled, and there not getting the hardcore gamers attention which is were a alot of gamers are into. And dont judge me for my grammer or so called incorrect info.

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