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Tank! Tank! Tank Now Free For North American Wii U Owners


Nintendo of America has announced that Tank! Tank! Tank! developed by Namco Bandai is now completely free to download on Wii U with paid DLC in tow. The game went free to play in Europe a number of months ago. In Tank! Tank! Tank! the player takes control of a tank and is tasked with shooting numerous monsters with a bountiful supply of ammunition. You can check out the game for free on Wii U eShop, right now.

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82 thoughts on “Tank! Tank! Tank Now Free For North American Wii U Owners”

      1. Patience is a great virtue I always say. Be glad we your fellow gamers shall also enjoy this game for free. Since we are fellow gamers, we shall write to Namco Bandai and Nintendo on MiiVerse so as they consider giving those that purchased this game free DLC.

          1. I know, but is it like a huge file? I don’t feel the need to download a huge file for a game I might play once.

            1. Haha That’s cool that it’s free, even it it’s not that great of a game. I miss the old Bandai though, they had some unique and fun games!

            2. The free content is meh and makes you realize why you wouldn’t want to buy it. It’s a fun enough game but there are so many better ones out there that you could spend your money on

              1. Why? Because it’s a free game?
                Xbox and PS3 have plenty of those and it doesn’t hurt them

              2. No you fucking idiot! It’s F2P …… Jesus why the fuck would anyone give away a full game for free ?

                It’s like Zen pinball 2.

                Right , brace yourself for this . It’s difficult to understand.

                Retail version – All the content right there on the disc.

                F2P version – Download a very very small demo like chunk of the game with 1 level that you can play 3 times a day at about 3 minutes per turn. Then there is many many DLC content packs you can download. As soon as you download 1 of them , you can play it as much as you like , but only with the small or large amount of DLC you have purchased.

                Zen pinball 2 is the same. It’s a demo that you have to pay a ton to unlock it into the full game.

                1. I’ll download it for the sake of downloading it. If Namco changes its mind and make people pay for the game again, then, I’ll still have the free version, still!

                    1. It’s a modified version of the full game. You have to purchase an unlock on it to get unlimited play and there is DLC with different levels and modes. It’s not just a full game for free… That’s crazy!

                      1. Oh so how much is the unlock? I am downloading this game now but wonder if I was just wasting my time getting it

                        1. No you’re not wasting your time. I think the base unlock is about $10… so not so bad for a great party game! I’m not positive on the price for the unlock, but that’s about what it was for the JP unlock for this title. I’ll be able to tell you better in about 20 minutes.

                        2. Story unlock is 9.99us. Other downloads range from 1.99-3.99. You can only play 3 times in a day if you don’t buy at least one DLC versus or story mission. Once you have purchased DLC of 2.99 or more, plays for a day become unlimited.

                        3. You get to play 3 short , limited activities a day if you dont purchase it , over and over on the same level it gets boring fast.

                          It’s fun , I enjoyed it :)

                      2. The game looks awesome, but I’d rather buy it than download it. Hopefully you can still get the DLC for free with the retail version

                      3. Great! Its about time this has happened! I was waiting for this since they did it in Europe! đź’‹

                      4. Am downloading this now..good thing I have the premium bundle, lots of hard drive space..are any of the DLC worth getting and if so which ones

                      5. You know, I am about to trade my Wii U in for cans to pay the rent. Something like this is making have second thoughts.

                              1. Im more suprised that you could get what i mean because that i read my comment eww but the damn phone puts what it wants.

                                1. Great arcade game. No idea how the Wii U version is, but it’s cool that it’s gonna get played by more people. Downloading it now.

                                  As to those who bought it before, sorry, but you’re not gonna get anything. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, either; you don’t get money back when a game goes down in price, or anything like that. And there’s probably no tracking code for the game to tell whether your copy is digital or physical, or a way for the game to check against a freely-acquired game versus a purchased one, or even a way for the game to tell whether a physical copy has been used to get the DLC before. It’s not plausible to figure out a way for that program to work, and it’s not required or expected.

                                  And, no, it’s not consumer-hostile to NOT give you guys the DLC for free, because you bought the game post-release, with the ability to get the information about what was on the disc. You bought it either taking a gamble or fully informed. That doesn’t mean it paid off, but you’ve had the game for longer than I have, and that is, in a sense, what buying before sales/F2P will net you.

                                2. downoad it free and you will get a 3 plays a day limit. you are limited to one multiplayer boss mission. DM, TDM and FFA game modes are included but for only one map (these can all be played alone with AI). There isn’t much there. when you purchase ANY dlc the game can be played as many times as you like. I purchased the my kong section and the duo missions with upgrade tanks seem worthwhile.

                                  1. just finished downloading the the kong section and the duo missions are worth getting?

                                3. Two thumbs up for Nintendo of America and Namco Bandai for releasing Tank! Tank! Tank! at no extra charge! I’ll be downloading the DLCs later this month.

                                4. I’m feel bad for the people who paid for it. I think they should get something of equal value for paying. Maybe free Lugie DLC?

                                  1. You’ve got it all wrong. The F2P version is bare bones , it’s basically a demo with 3 short goes a day. You have to PAY for all of the actuall content that People who have bought the retail game have all of it right there.

                                    it’s a fragmented way of purchasing the game. Some would just prefer the boxed copy with all the content and the ability to sell.

                                    1. Really? Makes sense if the game doesn’t sell well, save the money by not making physical copies.

                                  2. well i wasnt going to even bother with the game but its worth downloading and paid dlc for those who decide to go for the free game is a good idea, those who bought the game should get free dlc, you should inform namco-bandai about it and nintendo to try and convince them to do the free dlc to those who didi bought it

                                  3. I hope Namco releases a tales of xillia FES or something on the wii u. Namco and Nintendo are like best bros so I wouldn’t be surprised and the tales creator said he loves he wii u. please Namco and Nintendo, make this happen.

                                  4. This game is extremely bad! You almost aim, and you don’t have movements for avoiding projectiles. Just tap A button as crazy.

                                  5. It crashed my system. First time in 4 months the system crashed. I hope they fix this plus u can only play 3 times a day… Yeah right…

                                  6. WHAT?!!! I paid $60 for this game!!!!…………..just kidding. I actually just downloaded it for free and am glad that I saved $60.

                                  7. I don’t get why people seem to think that you get the full game for free. To unlock everything that you get in the retail version, it actually costs more.

                                    1. Probably because every game media news are saying shit like “tank¡ tank¡ tank¡ now free” and not making clear that it is all a scam and that if you actually want to play it, you need to buy everything as a whole or by parts.

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