Frontier Would Love To Make Another LostWinds Game


David Walsh, the chief operating officer at Frontier, has stated in a recent interview that he would very much like to create another game in the LostWinds series. Walsh said that he and his team are looking at how they could move the franchise forwards as they believe there is plenty of scope for the series. Would you like to see another LostWinds game?

“Obviously we all love LostWinds at Frontier and we would very much like to do another franchise, we’re very much thinking about how we can move the franchise forward because we think it deserves a much grander and a more epic scale of setting because there’s so many more stories to tell from that world. We’re all very enthusiastic about it and we would very much like to do another game in the franchise.”

Thanks, Chris W


  1. Don’t know what LostWinds is. It sounds like it may have been popular so I hope they get to do a sequel!!!! 💋

  2. I love this franchise! It was great on the Wii, didn’t really like the iOS version. Beautiful and captivating, but very short. I really hope they bring a larger scale game from this franchise to the Wii U!

  3. Yes very much so – the LostWinds games on WiiWare were some of the very best – alongside the Bit.Trip series and a few others.

  4. i would first like to be able to download lost winds 2 again i emailed them awhile back about the problem and they said they were in talks with nintendo about the problem and hoped to get the game back up soon

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