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No Sequel For Okami, Likely Japan-Only News

OkamiIt looks like the Okami announcement teased to fans last week is not for an upcoming sequel. According to a tweet by the official Okami account, it was explicitly stated that it will not be a sequel. The announcement, though, is still set to be published this week.

Capcom Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President Christian Svensson responded to the sequel chatter on the Capcom Unity boards saying that the announcement is to be for Japan only:

Whatever it is, it’s likely only in Japan… I’ve got no details on what they were referring to (but as has been stated, whatever it is, it’s not a game).

32 thoughts on “No Sequel For Okami, Likely Japan-Only News”

    1. On others sites they said it was not a game :( but i would love a 3ds version of okamiden or a port of the hd version.

      1. You know what? Okami would actually make a pretty damn good use of the 3DS.

        As for a remake, the game has been remade for the Wii and then for the PS3, I do not think they want to do another one for the Wii U.

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  3. This isn’t surprising since it’s too soon for a sequel. Besides, Capcom would rather want “real” money sellers like Street Fighter and Sengoku Basara on the Wii U soon knowing them. :/

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  5. Guys, clearly they need to make room for Super Hyper Street DLC Fighter IV Turbo DX director’s cut take-a-jab-at-megaman-fanbase edition. Episode 2.

  6. I’m not much of a fan but I’m not surprised when it comes to capcom. Maybe we will get a Sequel someday, but they should sell the “IP” to Nintendo, including the same graphics, music, and plot people first.. :D Since capcom isn’t even nice anymore about other things. >.>

    As for what it is, it could be some sort of book sort of like that Zelda book.

  7. Maybe they just did this to test the water to see how much interest there was for for this series.And there wasn’t enough.Im sure if Capcom though they could make a lot of money from it they would make another.That’s is why Square say’s they won’t make a new Cronotrigger or cronocross there is just no money in it for them.Kid’s these day’s just want the next C.O.D.And is something that isn’t likely to change any time soon.Due to the fact us old school gamers a extremely out numbered.

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