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First Look At Swords And Soldiers 3D Trailer

If you hadn’t already spotted it, Circle Entertainment has revealed a new trailer for Swords and Soldiers 3D. The trailer, posted above, shows you how the puzzles and combat will look on your Nintendo 3DS console, as well as giving you a taster of the army’s magical ability you can control. The side-scrolling strategy game will be available on the eShop in the near future. Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below.


  1. Good game, but its the frame rates are those, then this versiopn would suck big time… hope we get a decent demo to try that out, got it on my Wii when it was released, after that on PC and maybe if the game its good, on 3DS… its that good (but it does needs a decent frame rate to be playable imo)

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