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Pokemon Tretta Lab Coming To Nintendo 3DS, Developed By Marvelous AQL


Marvelous AQ has announced that it’s partnering up with Nintendo to create Pokemon Tretta Lab for the Nintendo 3DS. The game works by scanning your Tretta which then picks the appropriate Pokemon. You can then participate in three on three battles once you’ve picked your party. If you manage to win then you’re gifted another Tretta to add to your collection and use. Pokemon Tretta Lab for Nintendo 3DS is due for release on August 10th in Japan for 3,800 yen.


    1. Uhh hello! Tretta is likely never going to leave Japan which makes me and mother who love pokeman really sad. Anyone else upset about this?

      1. Everyone is… This is bullshit, we never get the good stuff from Japan. The Charizard 3ds, the eevee 3ds, and now this?

  1. that would be an interesting game. they should bring it to the West, but probably it would be without the tretta-scanning thing, but you get all the pokemon inside the game

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      1. No need to say that stuffs. Beside Nintendo 3DS do not support region lock. That means this person must own a Japanese Nintendo 3DS and the game. There are some games I wish it came to North America such as EX Troopers. It is good to experience different cultures. I like German music and Chinese foods.

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    1. I heard a lot of people love that game. (I’m not sure if they like it because it have Pokemon title in it.) Does it follow the official Pokemon Trading Card rules? (Yu-gi-oh doesn’t in the old day like Dark Magician beat Blue Eye White Dragon.) Why do you like that game? I been thinking about in the past but never got it.

      1. Yes it fallows the rules of the card game of that time. Is so good that if you beat the game you come out being a card pro.

      2. Yes it does. It is good not be cause it has Pokemon in the name… It is a game that makes it possible for you to play the trading card game without having to own cards. I absolutely loved that game

  2. America is so full of mixed races that I no longer consider it a “white” country. Pity to see people’s self-values sunk so low. You can not say you truly love yourself, if you date outside your race. (E.g “Black is beautiful, which is why I date whites.”

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