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Watch Dogs Co-Developer Is Revealing A New Game At E3


Reflections, who are the UK development team aiding Ubisoft Montreal on Watch Dogs, have announced that they will be revealing their new project during E3 in June. Reflections managing director, Pauline Jacquey, revealed at GameHorizon that the team are working on a project they are not supposed to talk about, but it will be announced at E3.

“We work on something that I’m not supposed to tell you about. However, It’s going to be announced at E3.”

41 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Co-Developer Is Revealing A New Game At E3”

    1. Because Ubisoft is very close to Nintendo right now and the game will most likely be announced for Wii U, whatever it is.

    2. Can we please stop with this Nintendo not participating in E3 nonsense. Nintendo is not doing a keynote speech. That is ALL. Everything else they normally do at E3 they will be doing. YES, they SHOULD have had a keynote speech but they aren’t. Instead, they will be doing a smaller show just before E3 starts which will be identical to the 3DS show they did last year after E3.

      It’s better than nothing I guess.

      1. Theres going to be more the 1 Nintendo Direct. Nintendo said they will be giving news and such up to E3 and at E3. With all the stuff they have to show if it was only 1 Direct it would be like 2 hours long. Theres going to probably be a 30 minute 3DS Direct like last year and a 1 hour or two 30 minute Wii U directs.

        1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

          I agree, I am not worried in the least about this. Nintendo is doing their own shows on Direct and thats cool… Its especially for their fans. In addition they will be at E3. I am not against this tactic because frankly I am so sick of all the bad press. Trollz need to die.

        2. I’m not talking about the Nintendo Directs. I clearly said a smaller SHOW as in “SHOWCASE” which refers to the Software Showcase being put on by Miyamoto and Fils-Aime prior to E3.

    1. lol. You do know the game is not called Watchdogs just for the sake if it. A watchdog is a name given to a certain type of Police officer. Usualy the sought who sit eating doughnuts spying and using listening apparatus and all that shit.

      You could be the lead Watchdog for the LAPD for example…

      It has nothing to do with people watching dogs or dogs watching people.

    1. Why becuase EA are being faggots ? Name one Nintendo fan who bought their Wiiu with EA’s games in mind. Everyone bought the Wiiu with Nintendo’s first part content in mind and 2nd and third party exclusives such as Monster Hunter , lego city , Wonderfull 101 etc.

      Just give it time.

      1. I haven’t even bought an EA game in roughly 7 years…So EA being stupid doesnt do much lol.

    2. The 3DS was in a worse state. Especially after Japan had suffered a catastrophic earth quake. Then blessings happened and it’s now ruling with quality games that the multitudes of FPS on PS360 cannot provide. Smile cause nintendo learns from their mistakes.

      1. If Nintendo learned from mistakes, they wouldn’t keep losing their way over and over.
        Poor launches have been happening since the GameCube. They repeated this with the DS, Wii, 3DS and now the Wii U.
        I love Nintendo, but they really need to learn and stop doing this.

  1. EA: Have fun without our games pathetic Nintendork!!!!!!
    Me: Oooookay. Hey Ubisoft, you want some of my money?
    Ubisoft: SURE!!!!! Which game do you want? Rayman? Watch Dogs? Assassin’s Creed? Splinter Cell? How about a new game we’re going to announce at E3?

    1. Awesome thanks fo all the cool games ubisoft, what that EA ure Losing money cause u won’t support nintendo… Wow who would had thought the greatest gaming company needs Nintendos support.

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  3. As my European fellow general Nintendo commander would say, our software forces keep on being bolstered one quality game at a time.

    1) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    2) Lego City Under cover
    3) Need for speed Most wanted
    4) Deux EX AI mechanics enhanced edition
    5) Resident Evil revelations
    6) The Slew of Games that released before
    7) e-shop great games
    8) WiiU virtual console
    9) Pre-e3 Wii U nintendo direct game show case.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Indeed I would, except that I would say “Software Heavy Artillery”…

      But yes, the future of the Wii U is getting darker every minute…

      By “darker” I mean better because I hate light…

      Whatever this secret title might be, for the love of N, don’t let it be another mindless FPS…

      1. The 3DS sent out those heat seeking titles in Japan. While the Wii U and the ever dependable little Wii placed a game in the top ten. As the xbots caught that RROD, self distruct sales button in Nippon lol.

  4. Nintendo Commander

    Let’s have a guessing game where we guess this secret game’s title…

    My guess is “Blacksheep and the Gringo”…

  5. My only worry with Watch Dogs is if your hacking makes you totally op. ‘Connection is power’, better not be sooo much power that the game’s easy…
    Hopefully their new mystery game and Destiny come to Wii U.

  6. Actually, a quality FPS game that takes full advantage of the gamepad would not be bad at all. Yes, most Nintendo fans including me are not inclined with these type of games but I bet just ONE good one will be enough to bring all gamers together. Wii U for everyone!

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