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Pokémon X And Y Karos Region Will Be Three Separate Areas

coro coro x and yThe latest edition of the Japanese publication CoroCoro has revealed that Pokémon X and Y will be separated into three different areas. The latest instalment is set to take place in Karos – a region which is reportedly based on France – which will feature a central, coastal and mountainous Pokédex, so players may want to complete each area before moving onto the next. More Pokémon news is said to be coming in the next edition of CoroCoro, which will be released in June.

25 thoughts on “Pokémon X And Y Karos Region Will Be Three Separate Areas”

  1. Gotta catch em all! Having separate areas is good and I know that I’ll be playing a lot in all 3 of them. Though, how are the areas different than in the usual games? Do they mean that they will be completely separate and you’ll need both versions to get to the 3 areas, or are they just separate on the map and you need a boat? Well, either way this game looks pretty awesome!

    1. i think its the second, because different versions usually have minor differences in maps and places, at least not an entire area. also, gotta catch them all x3 now XD

  2. Is it me or do GameFreak have a thing about making the female pokemon trainer wear very skimpy shorts/skirts?

    1. It’s been that way for years, who knows, maybe they’ll add in an option to customise clothes in order to lengthen those skirts – I know I’d be happy if I could have the skirt to a decent length just above the knee! :)

      1. they already have revealead clothes customization. you get to at a certain point in the game. like with your running shoes and bike.

    1. I feel like they made it linear to help new players. They actually made a lot of things easier to appease to newcomers. All new Pokemon until you beat the game and leaving the necessity of HM’s to side quests only. I see where you’re coming from, so I hope it’s not as linear either.

  3. seems like it’ll be like the orre region from colleseum and xd. it’s only a matter of time before the main adventure makes its way to the big boy home console.

  4. I wonder what exactly they mean by three areas…. It could just be the size of every region so far split up, which wouldn’t be as exciting as it sounds. But if it’s three completely separate areas, there’s so many possibilities…. More than 8 gyms maybe? Numerous Pokémon leagues? Hmmm….

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  6. Why does the male trainer look almost like the same trainer from B&W and B&W2? At least from that scan it looks like it. It was understandable in B&W2 because I guess they wanted some resemblance to the original trainers in the sequel (though the games were more like Pokémon Grey)…but for a whole new game this is getting annoying. Gamefreak is running out of ideas for character designs in that department.

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