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Nintendo E3 Rumours Emerge


With E3 fast approaching it’s about time we had some juicy rumours. These rumours stem from an IGN member by the name of 100 Year Old Gamer. The forum user claims to work at Nintendo, though these claims have yet to be verified. However, it should be noted that he or she has previously written things that have turned out to be true. Here’s some of the information 100 Year Old Gamer has provided. Take it with a grain of salt.

  • Nintendo will air three to five Nintendo Directs before and around E3, starting on May 30
  • 3D Mario will be “huge, bigger than any Mario game to date” and looks “unlike anything you’ve ever seen”
  • Retro’s new game will be first person, futuristic, and something everyone wants them to do
  • When asked if “a certain Super Saiyan” would join Smash Bros (since Namco is involved), he said it “hasn’t been decided yet, but there is a chance”

Thanks, Homero

177 thoughts on “Nintendo E3 Rumours Emerge”

  1. “Retro’s new game will be first person, futuristic, and something everyone wants them to do”

    If it is true, seeing as it is a rumour, my first guess would be metroid. Next guess would be starfox.

    1. My guess is a Metroid spin off where you play as the federation troopers.
      It’s a long shot , but the series seems primed for it (pun intended) .

        1. The first time I played Metroid Prime 2 echoes and saw those Federation Troopers with their Boss silver Armour and extremely detailed ship , i thought these guys need their own game.

          They have more Human weaponry than Samus and opens up new possibilities for the franchise.

          Maybe you’re tracking samus in the game or something like that.

          1. Nintendo would never do that. It’s like if they were to make a Nintendo Girls Dating Sim or something like REMEMBAH MEH GUY ADVENTURES. Never gonna happen.

          2. OR maybe they’ll add 4 player co-op and the three other players are federation troopers. or even crazier, you play as samus and there are federation troopers tracking you down the whole time, but any player can jump in and control one of the troopers/aliens at any time and try to take you down before you complete the level.

      1. Would be great, playing a a solider and living a Samus story from other perspective, maybe in the same story of a previous game, like you only see Samus in some cinemas doing stuff …

      1. I would dig a futuristic Zelda and even more an actual post-apocalyptic Zelda. Maybe where you have to protect and/or escort Zelda somewhere safe. The closest I got to a futuristic Zelda is naming my Fallout 3 character Link and pretending he was on an adventure to save Zelda.

        A change in setting couldn’t hurt for one game in a series where it’s mostly the same setting (fantasy). Even Final Fantasy had fantasy take a backseat twice or thrice.

        1. I like that idea actually. As long as it doesn’t involve guns of any kind, I feel like a futuristic Zelda could be interesting. And Zelda could act as Link’s companion, rather like Elizabeth and Booker in Bioshock Infinite! That would be so fun!

          1. As much as I wouldn’t want to see guns in Zelda, with a futuristic setting that’s almost a certainty–even if they were more sci-fi in origin (ray guns, laser gun, phasers, blasters…like Metroid, Megaman, etc). Plus the future in games and literature are rarely bright to where there would be no need for them and no one knows what the rarely mentioned neighboring kingdoms to Hyrule–not the “kingdoms” (actually tribes) like in OoT–have up their sleeve.

            Who knows though? The land could’ve very well kept it to sword and sorcery.

            I would like for Zelda to take an active role in the story and accompany Link on his adventures instead of Link just having to save her or Zelda sending Link on an errand and the player seeing her in roughly 10% of the game (via cutscenes no less!)

    2. I’ll go ahead and say: This guy, 100-Year-Old-Gamer, has leaked a lot of stuff in the past on the IGN Boards. Mostly every single Nintendo Direct to date. He’d pop up days before the Directs were announced and tell vague clues about a new Nintendo Direct coming, and then it would be announced.

      Also he made a thread with a lot of vague images days before the last Direct was announced, alluding to a new Zelda game being announced there. The Super Saiyan thing is misleading, somebody asked him that and he was like “eeeh. Of course not but just to make you happy there is like a 0.1% chance.”

      1. They asked him a lot of questions about Metroid and the new Retro game. He just said he couldn’t say what it was, but it’s First person, futurish and something everyone wants them to do. Ciourlsy, he did hinted a Metroid game is in development, “Metroid Prime 4 Style”, and that has been hinted by Nintendo themselves, way back in 2011. I think there’s a great chance Retro’s new game is a new Metroid. Don’t worry though: He said they’re working on two games right now, so the other one must be something completely new.

        1. He also mentioned a lot of stuff… Like tidbits about the development of the new Zelda game in development for the Wii U and that they wanted it to be more like the first Zelda, more open world; a new entry in the Wave Race series could be coming; that “Shin’en games is working with Nintendo on a game which the genre starts with R (most likely Racing)”; That there’s a new StarFox project somewhere in development, he wasn’t allowed to say specifically where; That Metal Gear is coming to the WiiU, and they have Metal Gear Solid 5 running on devkits (The Miiverse leak already hinted that); That the WiiU will run PS4 and 720 multiplats, except not that much good looking, but still will look pretty decent; That graphically wise games like 3D Mario and Retro’s game make most PS4 games blush in comparison; that Nintendo is trying to get almost all engines to run on the WiiU, and that in the long run at least 90% of them will.

          He also mentioned there’s something Final Fantasy related on development on the WiiU, somebody asked if it’s a Final Fantasy 6 HD remake or the Final Fantasy X HD rerelease, he said he wasn’t allowed to say which one exactly, but he just said that it could be one of those.

          1. Oh, almost forgot: He said there will indeed be 3-5 Nintendo Directs, 30-50 minutes long, and the Media event they’ll do WILL INDEED BE STREAMED. It’ll be kinda like the E3 Press conferences we were used to, with a live audience and all that.

        2. The Retro team from back in the Prime games doesnt fully exsist anymore. The lead level designer from MP 1-3 works at 343i now and made Halo 4. So a Metroid from Retro wont be the same as before.

    3. Question: can you hint at me a little bit more of retro’s project… like more metroid =D please

      His Answer: I can’t say much beyond that it’s first-person, futuristic, and something everyone wants them to make. So how about: its huge grand and does involve some shooting.

    4. My guess would be metroid then a completely new ip… Star Fox just isn’t first person worthy, mainly third. If anything, I hope that platinum would do a star fox (they said they would love to)


          I hope this could imply sonic is returning, if it goku it would be cool but also disappointing as a namco rep,

  2. I can see the Retro part being true and the 3D Mario being jaw dropping. And I’m estimating 3 long Nintendo Directs during the E3 period.

    1. Imagine if we got 2 seperate Wiiu Directs. One for Games unveiling and showing the ones we already know. Another for Features , applications and other wierd stuff.

      1. According to the source of these rumors there will be 3-5 new nintendo games (unannounced at this time) and 10-20 new games total.

        1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

          The good news is, that it should be more than 20 games, being that there are at least 20+ on the release schedule as of now… so e3 will push that number to maybe 30 to 30+! WOW. Guys get your bodies ready, the Mothership is about to land! Haters will be sent to re-education camps to re-learn what a game is supposed to be lol!

          1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

            On a sidenote, Im pretty blown away by RE REV demo on WIIU… It looks really really good considering it was a 3ds game! Ive also seen the ps3 one on hd vidz, and it was very clear that the graphical fidelity is much nicer on the WIIU… Thank you Nintendo!

    2. 3 long Nintendo Directs? That will probably add up to an elapsed time that is more than the time they would have been given in a traditional press conference.

  3. I hope these rumors are not true besides the 3D mario one. I rather have star fox more than metroid or F-zero……… And a dragonball z character? That will look to weird in SSB

  4. So Retro’s new project is Metroid again?

    I get it, they make fantastic Metroid games. Near perfect games infact.

    But come on, let them do something else!

    Unless its…..*gasp*….a new IP?!!! Everyone wants new IPs!

    1. yeah i know seriously, they dont have enough creativity to make a bunch of new stuff the way we want, retro making something everybody wants, another metroid….. ok fine, nintendo we are still waiting for you to buy rare back and bring your system the best exclusives again. i thought retro could have been another nintendo/rareware again creating a ton of ips that everybody loves and that are legendary, nope looks like not.

      1. Niintendo may want to buy the ip’s back but what if the problem is that Microsoft dont want to sell it? Have you though about that?

            1. they got nothing. so many people i know are selling there 360s and got 3ds. people that i never thought would leave microsoft have lately. im always like xbox sucks give a bunch of reasons and say deal with it. haha, really nintendo is at least trying to keep there franchises different, like yoshi, luigi kirby and 3d mario. if they just keep localizing games like 3ds and wii u, nintendo is already set.

              1. You’re right, everyone’s jumping ship, and the 720 doesn’t look like they have any worthy exclusives. People are losing interest in Halo and Gears. I think the main reason why the 360 got a lead was the pricing issue of the PlayStation 3. The 360 had almost the same games for a price much more affordable, the PS4 don’t look like it’ll have that issue this generation.

                That and the WiiU will get better and better. In the end you could just get both a WiiU and a PS4 and not lose any good game this gen.

      2. I don’t want to see an old Rareware/Rare game in the new Xbox Infinity :( , i know they will suck; i prefer to see games on Nintendo machines where the magic of videogames at least is there. I prefer to see another type of games in Xbox. But Microsoft will never sell, and if they will, they’ll ask a ton of money. Damn, if Nintendo could get: Conker, KI, DK all rights(not only portable), Banjo :3 , those 4 games will look awesome on WiiU with good development team.(Kirkhope group). Any other IP’s you wanted back? :)

        1. i want banjo, conker all those dk characters back mostly the others are just bonuses. if the team was back with nintendo and not some oth ips if it happened they could create a modern killer instinct game, apparently it was the best.

        1. yeah it was supposed to happen for the cube same with conkers other bad day. i finally just beat banjo tooie and 100% after all these years. the insanely hard game too, getting everything, was one of the biggest accomplishments i got from a videogame. if you actually even get a feeling like that from many games because i dont. in other words im waiting too.

        2. Here is how the teaser trailer could work.
          Tooty: We’ve got to save my big brother!
          We hear wings flapping, and then see a new bird that looks similar to Kazooie albeit with masculine eyelashes and is much more colorful.
          Kazooie brother: I know what you’re thinking, SHE has a brother?! Well… I’ll tell ya, It’s a harder job than you think…
          Tooty: *smacks Kazooie brother* Stop talking, more walking.
          We see Tooty hurry out the door, it seems she is brave like Banjo.
          Kazooie’s brother looks at a backpack, points at her and says…
          Kazooie brother: *snicker* Looks like she has Banjo’s brain too!
          He then smiles at us, then spits a nasty egg at the camera revealing the Banjo Threeie logo! We hear some flapping and then a door slams. Hinting at the option of 2 player co-op hence Tooty leaving Kazooie’s brother and backpack behind.

          Now if only there was a way…. :)

      3. Retro has always made two games per home console. What if their first game is Metroid and the second is something new?

    2. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      New Ip’s are welcomed, but a new Metroid is what Ive been wanting the most! WIIU needs that new Metroid to fill the FPS void it has… It’s not every day one can play a quality FPS, and Metroid is going to be epic!

      1. It’s not a FPS… It’s a First Person Adventure.

        Plus, to everyone thinking they already made 3 Metroid games and that’s too much: remember Rareware made the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, and then made Donkey Kong 64.

    3. Honestly, they openly said it was “something everyone wants us to do”, if you type Metroid WiiU on google you’ll get a lot of results with Metroid on it, if you look around the internet everyone shouts METROID when Retro’s game is mentioned.

      1. And of course, after the Other M fiasco with Team Ninja everyone around the globe wanted Retro to do the next game.

  5. Retro’s game is no doubt metroid. I honestly think they are over exaggerating the 3D mario, but i hope im wrong :)

  6. Goku is smash bros would look great in my opinion and the style would add to the madness.

    Nintendo has to have a good E3 or things will fall apart afterwards

      1. What takes longer? collecting how ever many chaos emeralds or 9 episodes of of still pictures of a constipated Goku?

  7. Retro is cooking something up, im hoping its more than one game as its been years and really is one game good enough?

  8. Goku wins E3. Everyone else can go home! Could thing he said Sayien and not DBZ person since people might say it would be Yamcha lol

  9. hey did you know i like nintendo and im joking to so some of you!!!! its obvious and some of you clowns are to defensive to see it haha. i own a wii u and want it to succeed. here is something that will make some of you happy, blackbond from youtube is a joke. also some of the major fanboys on this site just made me puke. the vita sucks and sony fanboys are so sheep like to try to stand up for that thing but sayng that the wii u sucks and it has way more stuff coming for it. i wish there was another good site like this but there isnt.

  10. “Goku in Smash 4 hasn’t been ruled out”

    Creditability lost. Sakurai said himself the characters have to have originated from video games to be in Smash.

        1. Translated from the japanese coukd mean anything and even “originated” could mean multiple things.

    1. I hope this bit stays a rumour, I mean… I like Dragon Ball Z but… I personally think that Goku is a little out of place.

  11. so new 3rd party characters in smash will be lloyd and maybe travis from nmh. dang man i think nintendo maybe can pull of the hype from e3 having directs before and after e3. if there is new titles and they show some of the titles we know about, have shown to us. if they are cooler than what we would have thought. they cant fuck it up that would not be good. not at the point where there at…………..

  12. None of it really sounds all that out of the ordinary. Specifically I hope that the Mario bit is true. I wanna play an all-new Mario that’ll blow my mind.

    1. OH MY GOSH YES, I would buy all the copies of the game if Luffy is in it. Not likely though. If anything Goku is more likely to be in it.

  13. Infinite_Rubix_Cube

    Please, nobody take the Goku rumor to heart. If you went and read the thread responses, then you would discover that the super saiyan question was asked mainly as a joke and came from a big DBZ fan. However, almost all of the other rumors (there actually are many others than the ones stated in this article) may have some truth to them.

    1. Oh it’s 100 year old gamer?
      Yeah, okay, now this has gotten really interesting because he’s actually been right nearly all the time, even with release dates.

  14. 1. Yeah, that seems quite probable.
    2. I hope so.
    3. Meh, I’m in the minority here but I could never get into Metroid Prime.
    4. …please no. DBZ characters have no shot in hell in SSB.

  15. Fuck no! I’d rather have Namco localize J-Stars Victory VS than that. As much as I like Dragon Ball, he sure as hell doesn’t not fit in at all. That alone confirms that this rumor is bullshit.

  16. No DBZ shite in Smash Bros please. One Namco character would be okay (Pac-man most likely) but that’s the limit.

    1. Do you think it’s likely nintendo is working on a 3d mario? Ok. Do you think it’s possible the retro has been working on some kind of futuristic shooter? Hmmm.

  17. This source lost all their credibility when start talking about a Super Saiyan in Smash.

    If there is a new character in SSB it have to be of the likes of Megaman or Rayman

    1. He actualy didnt say it. In fact, he sayed its like a 0.01 percent chance. MNN blew it out of proportion and no no one believes 100yog when hes usually right

  18. Just some random joe

    No No No No No. Keep Goku out of smash bros. Don’t waste your one character slot Namco.

  19. I wonder what Retro Studios is up to. So far, 100 Year Old Gamer have told us that the Texan developer are working a first person game… and rumor has it they’re also working on a graphics engine exclusively to Wii U.

    Secondly, I highly doubt that Nintendo is gonna air 3 to 5 episodes of Nintendo Direct before or during E3… but there’s still a possibility. Let’s hope that the Big N surprise us and drop more explosives than a single A-Bomb.

        1. I didn’t prove you wrong. I just don’t really think 2 or 3 NDs throughout E3 is all that implausible.

  20. I guess the people in here that keep saying “Goku doesn’t fit in Smash Bros” have never played battle Stadium D.O.N. which was the Shonen Jump version of Smash Bros for the GameCube in Japan.

    Whatever characters they decide to put in the game”BELONG” in the game because they feel like putting them in there and it’s THEIR game. My guess is that the concern/complaint/disbelief are byproducts of people simply not ‘wanting’ Goku to be involved. Probably because they feels he would be too over-powered. They can make him as weak or as strong at they wish.

    On BS D.O.N., he could only go SSJ1. If he appeared in Smash Bros I highly doubt that he would be going SSJ4 or anything.

    1. Even if he did go SS4 it would be mostly for looks and would be balanced with other characters’ damage.

  21. Oh man, please me Metroid.
    Im excited for Mario too obviously, Galaxy blew me away all those years back.
    And if Goku got in Smash Bros, id flip my shit, that would be awesome xD not impossible either because, you know, Japan. (DBZ just hit a spike in popularity too)

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  24. I would be shock if Nintendo bought rare’s ips and waited until the Nintendo Direct to tell us. I doubt Microsoft will sell it. If this happened Banjo would be great on Wii U and a SSB character. Diddy Kong racing could come back. Rare games would be on e-shop. Name Microsoft would not sell it helps Nintendo. But Microsoft is doing nothing with Banjo-Kazooie.

  25. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

    Fake, Goku can’t be in it. Super Smash Brothers is about video games, but that’s not the main reason.


  26. So another gaming news site copies and pasts something I wrote on Reddit without crediting me:

    What disturbs me the most is that they clearly aren’t even looking at the IGN thread. It’s full of other, arguably more important predictions (like plans for Nintendo’s groundbreaking next handheld, or big name third party games). No, they just decided those four points were the most important predictions because another site decided those were the most important predictions, because one day I took five seconds to recall stuff from the thread off the top of my head. I also only added the Goku thing because I thought it was funny and like Dragon Ball. I never thought it would cause so many shit fits across the internet, but at least that part has been amusing to watch.

  27. im honestly really excited for the new mario game, i can not even imagine how you can simply top off playing in galaxies.

  28. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I want SSB4 badly, and I LOVE DBZ, but Goku wouldn’t fit at all.
    While I want SSB4 no matter what, I’m kinda wanting the largest collaborated fighting game ever. Super Smash Bros + Tekken + Injustice + Mortal Combat + Dragon Ball Z + Naruto. I don’t care if there’s anime or superheroes in here, I want a giant brawl of all my favourite characters that people actually know.

  29. K all sounds awesome, but I do NOT want a crappy Dragon Ball Z character in Super Smash… That is the one thing that would tear me away from the game. When they start putting in unworthy animate characters… 💋

  30. Multiple Directs we already new about…

    3D Mario being bigger then before…no shit.

    Retros game being 1st person and futuristic…thats not Starfox so false. futuristic could be right but Starfox is 3rd person.

    Goku in Smash Bros better not be or I aint buying SSBU.

    Overall this rumor is either obvious or bullshit lol.

    1. and how would you know whether retro is working on starfox? you’re acting like you somehow know better than him even though your assumption could be just as false

  31. Retro’s next game is a first person? There goes my excitement over THAT game. (- _ -)
    But the Mario game sounds cool. It’s hard to imagine seeing something unlike we’ve ever seen before. Nintendo never seizes to shock and amaze me.

    1. …yeah, well these are rumors that should be taken lightly… VERY lightly. I personally don’t believe them. 💋

  32. This isn’t a rumor, it’s a kid posting on IGN forums pretending he works at Nintendo. Get credible sources before posting so-called rumors.

    1. You do know that this guy has leaked things that came true before, right? It’s not just some random kid.

        1. Yeah, but we could say that about any number of things.
          This guy only seems to bring up particular ones at very certain times, and given his degree of accuracy overall thus far, the salt that should be taken with any words from him is a considerably smaller pile than, say, the bullshit from the trolls here, or from people like Pachter.

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  34. I hope Retro’s project is Star Fox-related. The series hasn’t gotten a proper new console entry since 2004 when Namco released Assault. Metroid at least had Corruption in 2017, and although Other M got tepid reviews, I still say Metroid can wait for another year.

    1. Why?
      Goku has had two or three successful games on Nintendo systems and literally his entire existence[when not being scolded by Chi-Chi] revolves around fighting and testing his strength against new rivals.
      How would he NOT fit, as a third-party character?
      ESPECIALLY since the new movie is out in Japan and DBZ is regaining popularity due to it?
      One of his moves could be the ability to power up to new strength levels the more he is damaged, ending at God-mode Goku after 200%.

      His dodges would be easy as hell to program since they’d be literally little more than him short-distance teleporting a few feet, like Mewtwo in Melee did with his Up-B only with a slightly different animation and sound effect.

      Seriously, he’s got enough moves from his various games and anime shots that he would easily be able to fit into the universe. Especially considering the DBZ series has actually been KNOWN to hop between universes during fights with certain baddies, so Goku somehow ending up in the next Smash storyline isn’t too far-fetched in that sense.

      In fact, the only thing I can see holding him BACK from it, would be some indecisiveness on the part of the devs when trying to decide what moves he SHOULD have.

      Besides, if you hate him so much, this would give you the chance to beat Goku to a pulp.

      1. Because he’s not a Nintendo character and didn’t even originate from video games. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter how well his personality fits or how easy it would be to make a moveset.

          1. They originated from video games, they had exclusives on Nintendo consoles, and the devs are close to Nintendo and Sakurai.

  35. Open world Super Mario please! not staged with multiple objectives or “quests” where you can wander around and enter “dungeons” to complete the missions

    1. and no galaxy, no isle delfino and no paintings in the wall.. i want a 3D Mario game on the freaking good’ol Mushroom Kingdom

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  37. Anyone else excited for the potential BIGGEST MARIO EVER?? I know I am :D Yoshi’s Island 3DS is my next game I’m really pumped for (Besides X and Y), so I hope they change my stance finally make me wanna get a Wii U!

  38. Sounds exciting… but we shall all see very soon.

    Anyway: Here are some imaginings!

    For Mario, I would like something along the lines of Super Mario 64 or a return to the dream world of Sub-Con and re-emergence of Wart and perhaps Tatanga in a Galaxy Variation.
    Mario, Peach, Luigi and Toad are pulled into the nightmare realm of Sub-Con again, zombi-fied Wart has returned and resurrected some bad-ass villains. You could even replace Toad with Yoshi to make things interesting. :D
    With Galaxy 3, Tatanga could be the returning main villain because Bowser in space just did not make any goddamned lick of sense with the two previous incarnations. Have more exploration for Mario and some familiar power-ups, Bee Mario was too Banjo Kazooie.

    As for people wanting Metroid to be like Halo, has anybody witnessed that most wretched abortion that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. That would linger on the minds of many players.
    Samus needs an epic scale story of her own that reboots her character. How did she becomes Samus, something along the lines of the most recent Lara Croft reboot. A bit more gritty with some puzzling involved.

    Zelda: I think a futuristic Link could work but I would prefer something massive like shattered Link timelines. You play as a future Link where Link in an alternate timeline where this Link never had any adventures, he’s a nobody, a slave on a slave wasteland. Ganondorf or some other villain is systematically enslaving all of Hyrule and surrounding Kingdoms and seeking to spread his reign to the Stars to take down the Goddesses themselves and he can do it to.
    So the Goddesses activate the Zelda in that future and imbue her with knowledge on opening timelines, she can be that player that does that part of the journey, The only way for Link to defeat Ganon or if they choose to resurrect Demise, is to time jump through his own history; you’d be visiting the other Zelda games and stealing something from each realm or Link to power yourself up. Perhaps you’d time jump to A Link to the Past and steal the Master Sword in the lost woulds before ALTTP can get there, then you’d have to power up the essence of the Master Sword all the while avoiding each world’s version of Link or perhaps having to kill that Link (toon Link) if need be . Zelda’s missions would be stealth missions in the future evading Ganon or Demise by having her travel from Kingdom to Kingdom or planet to planet which would make Link’s time jumps possible or something. Just some idea, another radical idea would be to have Demise return and have Ganon be a part of the story, a third element. He would be playable as the brute class, Zelda being the (stealth, trickery class) and Link the (everyman Hero type). Each character would be utilized to serve the story, Ganon would be sacrified at some point in the story giving him some third dimension of character, rather than being a bland two dimensional villain. Link having to kill other Links would serve its purpose to give him dimension as well and obviously, Zelda actually being playable and doing something to aid the mission along would serve her character as well.

    As for Yoshi: Why can’t they just make a game where Yoshi returns to Dinosaur island to save it from some evil villain. No baby Mario, Peach, Luigi, etc bs involved. No babyish artstyle or yarn gimmick. Just something along the lines of Super Mario World only a few years after with the graphics capability of the Wii-U. Add more Dinos and involve Birdo somehow since the big N has pretty much solidifed their relationship/partnership,
    Yoshi is transgendered like Birdo is he not? If not, how come he keeps pooping out aborted eggs? Same with Birdo. So just make it official by putting their storyline together or go home!

    Super Smash Bros. I would love to see enemies from each characters worlds or games appear in the battles. I know we had some of that in Melee but with a bit more variety; Goombas and Koopas are nice, through in a Lakitu to make things difficult for all involved or, some Boomerang, Sumo, Hammer Bros. action as well. Or even one of the variations of the Piranah Firey Plants, list could go on. I could see more Zelda enemies appearing, Moblins, Reaks, Octoroks, Skull Kids, Navi’s, those freaky shadow hand things.
    One other thing I would like to see more of is stages from games played out;
    Imagine you are fighting in a jungle stages but have to move on into a field with stonehenge like structures when a Yoshi stampede occurs, those who did not jump up onto a platform to avoid the stampede got heavily damaged or knocked out of the fight until their next 1up. The Yoshi stampeded occurs each time with a different idea, either the Yoshis are running away from something, Rexx’s. or chasing something they want to eat.
    Anybody else wish that happened in Melee when that cutscene showed a Yoshi stampede?

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  41. Everyone wants the old stuff, come on, lets move on to something new. The games that are going to be released aren’t going to pull in other gamers and sell Wii U consoles.

    1. You can’t stop the franchise. There’s a possibility that Miyamoto will present something new to the Wii U, but we want to see franchise characters and its adaptation… graphics, play control, replay value, etc.

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