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Rayman Legends Ocean World Trailer

Ubisoft has revealed yet another location in Rayman Legends which is simply titled Ocean World. In this ocean world, players face brand new enemies and can manipulate light and dark using gameplay mechanics based on stealth and infiltration. Ubisoft announced earlier today that there are a variety of pre-order bonuses which are specific to each console. You can read about them, right here.

Thanks, Sam

22 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Ocean World Trailer”

  1. That’s it. I’m sold on this game! I am acually glad it got delayed, it gives me more time to save money for this game :D

    1. IKR I’m under 18 and I have to get a job in the summer to support the sheer amount of games I’m gunna buy. and this game looks worth it. pre ordering for the ac girl skin. this game looks absolutely stunning on the Wii u and the gameplay looks fun and never boring. no it doesn’t look fun, ik it is because of the challenge app. must buy for Wii u owners.

      1. lol, That’s the same reason why I’m getting a summer job. There is just so many games I want. This game will be my first Rayman game so I’m looking forward to this :D

    1. yah but at least were getting it. that’s more than you can say for a lot of games. ubisoft is a pretty damn good company and they supported the Wii u out of the gate. the least we could do is buy this game and show them appreciation. then you get a fun game and potentially more and they get money. everyone wins!

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  3. I’m really interested on how they’re NOT gonna use the gamepad. From the demo and trailers the gamepad use seems to be really heavy on the overall enjoyment of the game. Although it’s been said many times with other games but wasn’t entirely true, the WII U really is the definitive version.

    1. they moved it because a lot of big games are coming in September and will fuck with their sales. it is a good choice also because this is a game that’s easy to miss on systems besides the wii u because of the delay fiasco.

  4. Origins had great underwater levels, this looks to be the same quality.
    It feels like there’s alot more ambition in this one. Origins was alot more simple, it was just levels, but this feels more dynamic, sort of like the difference between Rayman 1 and Rayman 2, where the each level was more of a story, and connected to each other, i like that more

  5. Still getting this game!!! It’s a shame that Xbox 360 and PS3 users get to have this game without having to buy a Wii U… 💋

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