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Ubisoft Could Be Working On ZombiU Sequel?

zombiuWe all love a good rumour, and Ubisoft Montpellier could be teasing a big one. The developer of the first-person survival horror game ZombiU is potentially working on a sequel to the successful Wii U title, but it’s still all hush-hush.

A member on the gaming forum NeoGaf spotted a tweet sent out by a fan to Ubisoft’s creative director Jean-Philippe Caro asking whether a sequel would ever be released. Caro replied with the following:

“Thank you for your interest in zombiu. The team is working hard on a prototype. it´s too soon to tell you more.”

In addition to this, Caro had a Twitter conversation with a fan over a possible sequel, saying it would be great if it could happen:

“It would indeed. *says no more*”

When developing ZombiU last year, Ubisoft Montpellier said they had a few ideas in the pipeline for a ZombiU sequel, giving even more relevance to this rumour. Would you like to see a sequel of the horror title? Let us know in the comments below.

51 thoughts on “Ubisoft Could Be Working On ZombiU Sequel?”

    1. That was while they were currently still developing ZombiU for release, they said they had ‘ideas’ for a sequel. But thanks for that and I shall edit it into the article. :)

      1. Great… I am very happy. I just hope they don’t make it multiplat and let it stay exclusive to only the wii u. I will definitely buy the sequal. zombi u was WAY better than resident evil 6.

    1. I think the game was great, if only they actually de-bugged it and added onto the Melee, and story….and characters…anyways, ZombiU was more of a testing game, they were playing around with the console. I bet if there’s a sequel in the works, it will be a much better game in many ways. I really like the idea of a fully hardcore Survival horror game where you can die with one hit, and I think if they expand on that, they can achieve high standards.

  1. This seems like pretty good news, they already had a go a it so this is a chance to better themselves and make a really solid game. Here’s to hoping.

  2. Looking back , ZombiU is a really really good game. Sure it has some problems , but boy , The game is an absolute blast.

    I’m on my 3rd playthrough. I just love the tension this game gives , it might be the most tense game ever made. The atmostphere and the desire to not die in this game is unrivalled. It makes my heart race with adrenaline , not because I’m scared but because I’m trying my hardest to survive so I can keep the same character.

    Bring on a Sequel. In New york or something like that..

  3. Noooo please no!
    My underwear are still wet and dirty , I’ve just finished the first one yesterday…

  4. This is a good example of a game that have mix opinions, some people like it, and some people don’t. But I really like this game, so, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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  6. Would be interesting, to further develop an engine that exists.

    The game could be great just tweaks and adjustments. I like the first game, the patch 100% should have come out earlier as i had the end of game glitch. Which put me off but I will play it again once I get bored of monster hunter (worried that might not ever happen)

  7. This game NEEDS a sequel! It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in gaming! It definitely has a lot of potential for a sequel. It would be cool if they let you continue with the character you used to beat the first game a la Mass Effect.

  8. As long as they redo everything it will be good. Fix the visuals, controls, lack of variety in melee, and add a regular mode. Some liked dying and having to retread. Some hated it. I thought the game sucked personally. They would have to start over for me to be interested.

  9. I hope this does happen. ZombiU was one of the main reasons I bought a Wii U to begin with. It’s really an amazing game.

  10. Please, YES! I have no clue why ppl are hating on this game. It was way better than The Walking Dead games.

    1. Survival Instinct? Yes
      Telltale games? Fuck you.
      Even though the Telltale game was more of a point and click story, and in no way similar to ZombiU, it was overall worth more money, and i havent even played ZombiU, i just know its better

  11. I’ll definitely buy a sequal to ZombiU. ZombiU’s multiplayer is so freaking fun, I keep imagining an online multiplayer on the sequal. Deeper Single player with more melee weapons wouldn’t hurt either.

  12. If it’s a Red Steel to Red Steel 2 change, hell yes.
    I feel the issue with ZombiU was the lack of time, and the rush to create a launch title.

    With more time, effort, and an established game, they could probably make something great.

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      I agree totally, I friggin LOVED ZombieU! All they need to fix in my opinion are the graphics, and the bugs. Unlike alot of people the lack of melee options only bothered me slightly. The character models lokked great to me, but the environments were kind of bland. It was missing some important polish in the graphics area.

  13. The Nintendo Reviewer

    They should do a sequel. There was a lot of untapped potential with the original. If they are working on a sequel hopefully they pay attention to the criticisms the original got so they can make improvements.

  14. Yes.
    Zombi U felt like an experimental outing with a lot of potential but lacking in a lot of polish.
    A sequel presents the possibility of getting things right, if they keep in mind to pay attention to feedback from people who actually played the game, and demonstrate that they have a balanced view on the positives and negatives of the first game.

    Miiverse, that’s your cue; hop to it!

  15. If theres no game breaking glitches then maybe I would consider it. Been fucked over by ZombiU 4 time, still never finished the damn game, and I never will.

  16. Everything was great except length of game and melee… I thnk just MORE of most things, movement..story… Map size
    Then it would be great
    Loved that it was pretty hard and strayed from the Same old formula

  17. Good! They should! And if they fix the first games mistakes then they will have a real popular franchise on their hands!!!! P.S. I am still too afraid to play ZombiU… :/ 💋

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  19. Please make a sequel.
    I loved zombi u since it was something new to meI had never played a horror game.
    I’d used to play adventure and third person games but this changed my gaming perspective.
    I noticed a few errors that needed to be polished like malee and bugs but I didn’t mind much.
    Please make a sequel in a location like Europe making a new environment for gamers.
    Please make a sequel.

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