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Nintendo: Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook Is “Very Misunderstood”


For those who don’t know, Tom Nook is a main character in every Animal Crossing game, including the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS. Nook is notorious for pushing players to spend their hard-earned Bells – the currency used in the Animal Crossing series – toward repaying their loans. Because Nook seems to always be after your money, some players hate him and deem him as an ‘evil’ or ‘greedy’ character. However, Aya Kyogoku, a director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, says he thinks people get the wrong idea of Nook. According to Kyogoku, Nook just loves his business. What do you think of Tom Nook? Do you consider him evil? Let us know in the comments below.

“We think he is very misunderstood. He’s just passionate about his business. He’s not like a loan shark. He doesn’t add a handling fee or anything like that. He can wait as long as it takes for you to pay back. He’s not as bad as other people might think he is.”

-Animal Crossing: New Leaf Director Aya Kyogoku

72 thoughts on “Nintendo: Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook Is “Very Misunderstood””

        1. He’s annoying and never stops talking to you. He’s a big distraction in Smash brothers and he’s very ill-tempered 0.0

                1. It was cool the first time, that the game somehow knows you didn’t save even though you, uh, didn’t save. But the second time…ugh. Now I’m scared to go out of my house if I haven’t saved!

    1. Nook is a theif, he’s sly cooper’s mild mannered, ultra rich, alter ego. Did u all know this. Animal crossing and working for Nintendo is just his day job, while at night he moonlights for sony and steal priceless artifacts.

    1. I wonder if Resetti is in New Leaf (I can’t remember if I seen him in the videos)? Mr. Resetti has got to be the #1 most annoying character I’ve ever seen in a Nintendo game.

        1. But he is optional, you’re the mayor, so you can decide if you wanna hire him. This was probably decided to make happy both who like and who hate Resetti.

      1. Thank u, take some of the pressure off Links sidekicks for a change… Who I’ve never found to be annoying to begin with.

  1. Only poor people hated Tom Nook, fishing and planting money bag trees will pay off all your debts in no time. It wasn’t hard at all.

  2. I think he’s nice. Every time you pay it off, he lets you bigger your house. He could stop at the beginning and leave you cramped in that scrawny hut, but he instead helps.

  3. We all know Tom Nook is not a bad guy. If we actually believed that, no one would really like the hostility of the game. Resetti is understandable, he’s a punishment for cheating, but Nook is a main character. It’s just a joke between gamers, we just find fun to imagine that he’s a greedy bastard and that he wants to ruin our lives, but we actually know that’s not the case.

  4. tom hooker the raccoon, it actually sounds like he is to what i just read. there is a prostitute in this town and he is very understood, everybody hates him and wants nothing to do with the twisted serious mest up raccoon. lets go hunting this is the end for him. the town will live in peace no more stalking asking for money.

    1. Tom Nook is not a raccoon. He’s a Tanuki, hence the name Tom Nook. In case you don’t know a Tanuki is a Japanese Canine (related to wolves and fozes) that resembles a raccoon.

      1. haha thats funny how instead of some retarded defensive fanboy i have someone correcting me that he isnt a raccoon and is a tunuki. wasnt that said by nintendo a while ago?

  5. No? I love Tom Nook! He’s such a cool character. He’s always trying to get your Bells, but that’s just the way he is. I love how he always takes more money for each upgrade xD

  6. Tom Nook provides a house for me for a small amount of Bells while NO other character in the game has helped me out in any way. I love Tom Nook.

  7. Tom Nook is a bad guy. He does shit to my house without me asking and then expects me to pay ridiculous amounts of money. I first thought he was nice for loaning me the money to purchase the house, but after that I didn’t ask for shit. Just because he did one favor, he acts as if i’m forever in debt to him.

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  9. “Aya Kyogoku, a director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, says HE thinks people get the wrong idea of Nook.”

    …Aya Kyogoku is a woman…

  10. Nook is my favorite shop-owner/ NPC who isn’t a villager. I like him. :) I even drew him under a giant pile of bells once. Yes he charges you like, A MILLION DOLLARS, but he isn’t bad at all. Especially after reading his back-story!

  11. I love Tom nook. He’s a nice raccoon. So why would anyone hate him? He’s not like that sun of a b**ch redd who sell’s me fake paintings and makes you pay 100000000 bells for every god dang thing. And no I really do like resetti. Tom Nook is nicer though.

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