Three New Main Characters Announced For Pikmin 3

pikmin_3_crabAre you ready for this summer’s arrival of Pikmin 3 on the Wii U? Well, this time you’ll meet up with three brand new characters. Instead of the main character Captain Olimar, Pikmin 3 gives you Alph, Brittany and a new captain named Charlie. The travellers have been sent out on a mission to gather food for their planet which is currently facing a doomsday crisis. But due to an accident while travelling in their spaceship, the three explorers crash land into the world of Pikmin. With the help of the little creatures, they bring fruit to their spaceship in order to utilise the seeds back on their home planet. Will you be helping their mission this summer?


  1. Game looks amazing. It launches in Europe at the end of July which is great news.

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