Sonic Lost World Info Coming May 29th, Partnership Is For Next Three Sonic Games?


Nintendo of America confirmed yesterday in a Nintendo Direct presentation that it has joined forces with SEGA to bring Sonic Lost World exclusively to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Sonic Stadium claims that SEGA leaked the Sonic Lost World announcement early yesterday morning, before the Nintendo Direct took place. The company apparently showcased three teaser images and the promise of more details on May 29th. SEGA has also apparently said that the unexpected partnership is for the next three Sonic games. Here’s what was supposedly said on the official Sonic Facebook page.

  • The sonic Facebook page just leaked a picture of the lost world, six “guardians”,
  • And the announcement that sega and Nintendo are forming an “exclusive partnership” for three games.
  • The Facebook page accidentally leaked 3 pictures of the game with important information:
  • Full details will be announced on the 29th.
  • The lost world (not worlds) is a partially unfinished planet seemingly made of hexagon tiles.
  • The game has six “guardians” who may be friends or foes- only their outlines are shown but they look very cartoony, like characters from Rayman.
  • Most importantly, Sega and Nintendo have entered an exclusive partnership for Sonic’s next three games.
  • These photos should still be accessible, they’re just not in posts but rather in the picture gallery itself.
  • At this point I consider the Sonic Excursion rumor to have no credibility.


  1. The news just keeps on getting better and better! Nintendo and Sega working on the next 3 games (I know they probably won’t work on the next 2 til they finish this one, but at least we can finally revitalize Sonic) this is definitely awesome. I’ll be buying all 3 right when they come out!

    1. SEGA announced info coming on the 29th? Perhaps this is the next Pre-E3 Direct that Nintendo was speaking about?

      1. Good point, I think you may be right. I definitely hope so, because we’re nearly there! I can’t wait for all of the epic Nintendo news promised to us

    2. I wonder if the Olympic games one is included in this three game partnership or if it’s seperate.

          1. Lol it would suck I that is one of the 3 games. Mario and sonic olympic games are casual SHOVELWARE. The 3 sonic games should atleast be part of the MAIN series.

            1. probably is. never will i buy that shit. come on man what is a deal if its with a shitty game that would have been on there anyways.

  2. if there actually good, this will be a really good thing for wii u. sonic seems to be a pretty poplar thing on nintendo anyway, so im not surprised by this at all. sonic the hedgehog fanboys stfu though and just dont be a bitch like usual. hope that sonic can be really good with these titles maybe sega will revive more great franchises with nintendo.

    1. If Colors and Generations are any indicator, I think SEGA’s got their act together about their Sonic games.

      1. if they can really pick up, they should get some old franchises back up, and if they were on wii u. then things will get crazy. they should just work for nintendo, maybe they will pick up.

  3. cool. nintendo and sega together could mean great news for the wiiu. hope they make more projects together.

    1. Why. Can’t Sega give us more playable characters like tails and knuckles why is sonic the only playable character it is just lame and not new if u add more playable characters like tails and knuckles then it is a new but the just sonic is old

  4. SEGA has announced (see – official page) that there are indeed 3 titles, two of which are; the Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games title, Sonic Lost World. A third unannounced title is still to come.

    1. awww… well I am hoping the 3rd is Sonic Adventure Battle 3!!! Exclusive for Wii u. That would be fantastic on every level! Kisses! 💋

      1. Keep dreaming. Never gonna happen…sadly. If it did though I’d get me a wiiu faster then sonic :D.

  5. This partnership could be a sign of SEGA becoming exclusive 2nd party to Nintendo. They’re more well known to Nintendo fans rather then Xbox n PlayStation fans. I’m guessing for the three games its
    Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic at 2014 games, and a Sonic Storybook game.

    1. That’s a possibility, there was a third storybook game ‘confirmed’ for Wii that has never resurfaced. (Well… they announced a trilogy, the third game never happened, though I think it was because the first two received poor reviews and sales.) It is worth noting that in 2010 SEGA delisted the previous two titles as they were harming the Sonic brand image… so maybe not a possibility after all.

    2. If it happened Nintendo’s status would inflate even bigger in Japan. And it would also Cause Nintendo’s core fans to start backing theit games even more. Sega’s Games could sell similar to Mario’s , who knows.

      It’s a Great idea. But Sega has a lot of IP , didn’t they just buy Relic from THQ ?

        1. Warhammer 40K DOW Dark crusade. My favorite fucking PC game ever. I still play it since it came out.

          Relic are the master kings of RTS.

          Warhammer 40K DOW is probably in my top 20 Games of all time. I used to paint them when I was a kid , then I stopped and just bought that game. Wow , just wow….

    3. I think Sega are just as well known to PlayStation fans as they are to Nintendo fans, though Sonic definitely sells better on Nintendo than PlayStation or Xbox.

      You could be right, especially considering Yakuza (HD Collection), previously a PlayStation exclusive, was announced for Wii U in Japan. I’m hopeful that it comes to the west as well.

    4. It could happen. It won’t happen any time soon, but I could see SEGA even being bought out by Nintendo sometime in the future if things continue to progress in the direction they’re going now.

  6. you that guy fro ea tweeting shit about the wii u? there was more that he tweeted acting like a butthurt bitch. really bad. they now got deleted to, that just tells you.

      1. I think he won’t get fired. EA itself hates Nintendo now so they agree with what he says though it’s unprofessional of him.

  7. Excellent news! I’m glad that two former rivals, Nintendo and Sega, have made a pact and planning to release three exclusive Sonic titles for Nintendo systems. The first two are Sonic: Lost World, and a 2012 Winter Olympic game with Sonic and Mario characters. I hope that Sega releases Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for the Wii U in North America and Europe.

    1. Sega should localize Bayonetta 1 and Yakuza HD and throw them on the Wiiu eshop for $49:99 / £ £32:99. Bayonetta 1 should be cheaper actually.

      1. I’d like Sega to allow Nintendo to include Bayonetta on the same disc as Bayonetta 2, though I don’t see that happening due to the additional work involved in porting the first title to Wii U.

        1. You know, that work could also fix some of the issues with the first game as well. Maybe Platinum’s already doing that as well.

  8. “And the announcement that sega and Nintendo are forming an “exclusive partnership” for three games.”

    “Most importantly, Sega and Nintendo have entered an exclusive partnership for Sonic’s next three games.”

    So, is it three Sonic games or three games?

  9. Nintendo and Sega should join forces forever!
    New Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, Nights, Space Channel 5, Panzer Dragoon, Sega Rally and so on, exclusive for Wii U? HELL YES!

  10. Hey, guys, have you actually seen the comments on Sega’s FB page? Oh God! The ocean of tears and butthurt X’D

    1. Was this the partnership that would shock even more than Bayonetta 2? xD

      1. I hope not. I could have seen this coming. What would shock me is like an EA x Nintendo partnership or a Sony x Nintendo partnership. That would shock EVERYONE lol!

    2. I know! it’s sad that Sonic fans are the only fan base that gets this butt hurt over basically nothing.

  11. I love all the rage coming from Sega fans right now. You want Boxed Sonic games announced, you get Boxed Sonic games announced, and yet you still bitch. Buncha wankers. And besides, how the hell do you expect these to be multi-platform? Anything Nintendo’s involved in stays on Nintendo platforms. See what I mean by Sonic’s fanbase being one of the Top 5 worst fanbases? I think they should be bumped into the Top 3 now.

    1. exactly, they make sega look like a joke, mario alway will be bettter and sonic has sucked for the longest time. they make me hate sega there the worst fanbase, final fantasy 7 fanbase is close. there a bunch of losers and i hope nintendo buys sega to shut them up. get over it. they need to get laid and if they do maybe they wont be such annoying pusses!!

      1. They think the games will sell bad by not buying it on the Wii U, when in reality Sonic games sell well on Nintendo systems.

  12. Full Details coming May 29? Didn’t 100-Year-Old-Gamer say that there would be a direct around May 30? I am so glad that Nintendo chose to do their directs instead of the conference…

      1. He said he’s working inside the loop of Nintendo, seems like it’s all true.

  13. You know, there’s something I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet about this: how this partnership could lead to another SEGA character being brought into the next Smash Bros. game.

  14. nintendo sheep im sorry a little i found worse…… sega sheep. get this you ungrateful bitches nintendo lost rare to microsoft, better than sega than a mile and even passing nintendo. you dont here them saying you betrayed us ughhh. you get a sonic game and you complain. i would kill for banjo kazooie conker, dk by them countless others, and would by them in an instant if they were on microsoft and be happy. your not a real fan your spoiled rotten ungrateful little fucks and if i were one of you i would kill myself!!!!!

    1. Yeah.. I found the same thing. It is rediculous that people complain Nintendo has no 3rd party exclusives and then when Nintendo gets one, they complain it is exclusive to Nintendo. -__- Nintendo can’t win… they just can’t. So not kisses 💋

    2. Those “fans” do know that Sonic won’t sale as well on Sony or Microsoft’s Next Gen systems and SEGA pretty much wants money. They’ll probably give the accuse that they would buy it on the PS4 or Xbox 720/Xbox Infinity/Xbox Red-Ring of Death Simulator 2013.

      SEGA won’t respond to just 200 people, and I’m not being mean or anything but I hope that petition fails. I would like to see it on the PS4 but it will only be lonely but on the Wii U it will sale like hot-cakes.

  15. the zones look similar to the mushroom kingdoms desert,forest,ice,volcanic, water,mountain, field xD

    1. I think every videogame has an ice level, volcano level, forest, water, and like final level (outer space, different dimension, etc). Mario is not the first to use it. Zelda uses the same formula, Kirby, and Sonic has in the past. Bayonetta used it even! 💋


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