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Ubisoft: We’re Confident Nintendo Will Take Steps To Ensure The Wii U Is Successful


Although EA made it clear that it has no games in development for the Wii U, another top dog in the video game industry plans to continue supporting Nintendo and its latest console. A Ubisoft spokesperson told GamesIndustry International that, as with any new console, the Wii U needs time to grow an established base. Ubisoft has numerous games that are scheduled to be released on Nintendo’s Wii U, including Rayman Legends, Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

“As with any new console, it takes some time to grow an established base. Ubisoft has a varied and high-quality line-up for Wii U, with more big titles on the way including Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Splinter Cell Blacklist. We’re confident that this will help in continuing to attract gamers to the Wii U system and that Nintendo will take steps to ensure that the Wii U is successful in the market.”

-Ubisoft spokesperson

135 thoughts on “Ubisoft: We’re Confident Nintendo Will Take Steps To Ensure The Wii U Is Successful”

      1. well .. they were the guys postponing a wii U exclusive game (even though it was done and ready for release) and making it non exclusive.. and then they complained about poor wii U sales

        ubisoft isn’t completely innocent when it comes to looking for reasons why the wii U is in its current situation

              1. I agree completely.
                In fact, Ubisoft’s delay/multiplat Rayman Legends move is actually WORSE, because they’re giving the PS4 version of AC4 exclusive content. This means that they’re actively supporting they’re actively supporting the PS4 launch more than the Wii U launch. This is bad because of this article and the one where they called out the poor Wii U sales. I can understand favoritism, but this is completely on them right now.
                Well, not completely, of course, but you get the picture.

                1. they’re supporting the ps4 launch more by giving a multiplatform game a little extra content? are you forgetting about zombiu? and the 1/3 of of content that the wii u version of rayman legends will be getting as opposed to what the xbox and ps3 wont be getting seeing as they’re wii u exclusive features? seriously, ubisoft has been the best supporter of the wii u so far, putting almost every single game that they are releasing on the damn system, yet you guys are comparing them to ea because they delayed a game…wow.

            1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

              I agree Mac! Ubisoft is an awesome company, and they have a right to have been a little skeptical about WIIU’s less than perfect start. Its true Nintendo made a few big mistakes in releasing the system early. If they wouldve waited they probably wouldve been able to up the spechs of WIIU to be closer to the ps4. I certainly wouldve paid the xtra $ for it. It didnt happen, but Im still in it for the long haul with Nintendo. On a sidenote, I read on the recent issue of Game Informer in an interview with sony president, and he was asked by GI about devz concern about balooning dev. costs on ps4, and his response was that hed offset that by making smaller projects.

              That pretty much tells me that big AAA games WILL be more expensive. Its ignorant to think otherwise. There are pros and cons with the new systems. Ubisoft is so far my fav dev right now just for their support of Nintendo, and great games like AC and Watchdogs.

              1. They couldn’t upped the specs beforehand anyways. Adding some more ram at wholesale prices would not have been expensive at all. I wonder why they didn’t. Also we have to speculate as to why they wouldnt have used a cheap apu like the ps4. Maybe they felt their design has some advantages. We’ll see.

                1. when adding more RAM it’s not just the RAM you pay for
                  you also have to ensure that RAM has both room and a broad enough interface available on the mainboard and room is at a premium in consoles as i’m sure you know

                  the APU likely isn’t any cheaper than a separate CPU/GPU design with the same performance characteristics

          1. you know, people like you are going to ruin the little 3rd party support we have. nobody can be happy with anything can they? always has to be something where they have to complain. be happy with all the games ubisoft is making for the Wii U, before it goes away.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Who cares if they’ve complained about poor Wii U sales? Even Nintendo has. In a huge business like this, the new console selling dictates everything else.

          1. thing is that they postponed an exclusive title for the wii U and turned it into a none exclusive for no reason (the game was already finished, there was no harm to be done by just releasing it on wii U and then release it for the other consoles half a year later) and THEN started complaining about wii U sales

            read the whole comment not just part of it

        2. True, but at least they’re doing something as an apology for the Rayman Legends thing. Doubt EA would do something like that.

            1. have you been living under a rock? they made a video appologizing for the decision, told us that they’re adding a whopping 30 level and new bosses to the game, and tehn announced at the same time that wii u owners are getting the challenge mode for free until the game comes out. seems like a pretty big apology to me.

              1. It’s not only about us, but the development team. They’ve working their ass off for this game and not allowed to see their families until this entire thing is done. I feel bad for them the most. Ubisoft better treat them good or I’ll just look at them as a second EA.

              2. where’s that video? all i’ve seen were the usual “we understand your frustration” statements

                the best apology would have been to just release it on wii U and admit that it was a stupid decision

                heck they could still do that

                but they aren’t doing it

        3. they never really complained about sales, hell they just made excuses as to why the sales of the wii u makes sense and how they’re optimistic for the future of the wii u. the only misstep they’ve taken was delaying and porting rayman legends, and even then they made up for it by giving us the entire challenge mode FOR FREE until the game releases. they are in no way shape or form comparable to EA’s unprecedented zero support for the system.

        4. But Ubisoft is still releasing all their games only a little later and not Wii U exclusive. But still their all coming.While E.A is straight up jumping ship on nintendo. But E.A will be back next year acting like this never happend. When the BIG N turns this thing around with their big guns.Just like they did with the the 3ds only bigger.Nintendo put’s in the time to make their games best they be and wont be rushed.And end the result is a an almost magical quality that can’t seem be matched or beaten.And that why as long as people are still gaming Nintendo is going to be a major player in this industry.I think betting against Nintendo is about the worst bet I can think of taking.But this is E.A were taking about after all.

  1. Too bad Ubisoft seems to be the only 3rd-party in Nintendo’s corner.

    I’d love to Namco get aboard sometime.

    1. My friend, Nintendo has more thitd-party developers than Ubisoft in it’s corner. Capcom, Warner Bros, Namco, SEGA, Activison, Disney, and Square Enix are giving strong support to Wii U!

        1. Disney is going to force ea to produce for wii u… They have a a long standing partnership with nintendo and I don’t think ea has enough clout to sway Disney in a direction that will kill nintendos relationship with them.

            1. I hate to admit it, but I’m little intrigued, if Dice would develop a Battlefront game.
              But yeah, no support for EA, until they address a formal apology and get back on that unprecedented partnership with Nintendo.
              They will crawl back, but I for one have not so short memory, that I would forget their disrespectful and unprofessional attitude towards Nintendo.

      1. I wouldn’t count out Mistwalker as well. Haven’t heard anything from them in a while. Last Story 2 (not a direct sequel of course) anyone?

    2. Erm, no Ubisoft, Activision, Sega, Namco, Tecmo, Warner Bros., Platinum Games, Square, CryTek, and Capcom. Those are just the major studios. There are several smaller one all with games in development for the Wii U. EA can go kick rocks.

      There is even a possibility of Bungie working with Nintendo. At E3 you will see that the Wii U has more than enough 3rd party support.

        1. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

          Wtf? D2K just made a comment about how the Wii U’s 3rd party support is better than what most people think, and now you claim him as a Nintendo hater / Sony fanboy?!
          YOU should fuck off.

              1. this new comment software sucks balls… they should revert to the onld one.. at least there you could actually see who someone is replying to

    3. Sega, Capcom, Atlus, Square Enix, Platinum Games, and tones of indie developers are all in “Nintendo’s corner” And you do know Namco is teaming up with Nintendo to make Smash Bros right? And we got a pretty damn good version of Tekken on the Wii U.

  2. Despite the Rayman Legends delay, which is still annoying but i still dont own a WiiU yet so whatever, i do like Ubisoff, they’re cool.

    I just wish they’d put down the Assassin’s Creed franchise for a few years once 4 comes out, spend more time on it, i really don’t want a ancient Asian Dynasty period Assasins Creed game to be ruined by the series continuing to be stale. Give it 3 years worth of time to add features that make it worth while, and an amazing sequel, rather than what we got we Brotherhood, Revelations and 3

    1. Ubisoft are clever. They’re trying to build a relationship with Nintendo’s core fanbase.
      If they keep up the support their games will sell hundreds of thousands and eventually they will go over a million. That is of course if they keep up their support.

      And this gives their Smaller studios (like Shanghai) a chance to get busy and make a bit of money.

      1. People say third party dont sell on Nintendo consoles but acclaim, midway and thq made there money on Nintendo consoles and they agentes bankrup during this last 2 genesis when they stoped giving us exclusives games. Wierd and factual.

        1. That’s a good point.

          Ubisoft have everyones attention on this site don’t they ? it proves their plan will work. Even if they end up just selling 500,000 copies of each game , it’s worth it for them.

  3. Despite ubisoft totally screwing nintendo over with rayman at least they aren’t EA or Michael Pachter and only spewing negative and sometimes baseless information.

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  5. I wasn’t
    going to buy Rayman after they decided to go multi platform. But after those statements, not only will I but it. I will buy Watchdogs on it and the Ps4 when I get it. Very professional.

    1. Yes.
      when there still was the fear that we might suffer EA games on Wii U,
      I was thinking of buying BF 4 for both, Wii U and PC, but now, EA gets nothing from me.

      If there is some Ubisoft game, that would benefit from gaming pc, I will buy it for both.
      I’m even starting to forget, why pc gamer in me hated Ubisoft in the first place (please, dont remind me).

  6. One of the only Third party companies I respect as well as Sega and Indie Developers. They support Nintendo all the way and know that Nintendo will make a come back. I see Capcom is giving more and more support little by little as well. Almost forgot Platinum Games too.

    1. Square Enix and Namco are also showing a bit of love for the Wii U, hopefully KONAMI and Bathesda will jump on board aswell. meanwhile at EA…

      1. For some reason, considering the limitations of the Wii U and the scope of some of Bethesda’s more popular games, I don’t know if they’ll be on-board with the Wii U.
        I mean, I know Skyrim fits on the PS3, but it does so kinda poorly from all I’ve heard, so would something of similar size even fit on the Wii U when it’s not a gigantic leap over the PS3?[a small leap might not be enough in Skyrim’s case]

        Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to see Beth develop an action-adventure-RPG game for Wii U, but I just have doubts for some reason……

        1. So…you’re saying Monolith Soft’s project isn’t as big as Skyrim?
          For your information, Monolith Soft’s X is probably twice more graphical intensive that Skyrim. Fact.

          1. I don’t mean graphically.
            X looks beautiful to me, and I don’t even care much about graphics.
            No, what I mean is the size of the world.
            Does the tech inside the Wii have all the power it needs to sustain a world the size of Skyrim?
            Keep in mind that the bits we’ve seen of X were just that; only bits.
            I don’t want to assume things and run the risk of being disappointed in the end, so I’m looking for the facts.
            Nothing more or less.

            1. Just to help you ease your doubt a little… Go pick up xenoblade chronicles for the “Wii” since the WiiU is backwards compatible. Play through it once and then ask yourself if you are still worried about vast sized world being an issue. I have played and beaten the game and the world sizes take a dump on anything starting with the words The Elder Scrolls.

              1. well.. you should probably exclude daggerfall.. seriously :)
                biggest game world to ever be featured in an RPG..or any game.. to date

                to be fair tho it was created by procedural generation on the fly

            2. mmmmm yes. You do know Skyrim doesn’t even take up an 8GB 360 disc and Wiiu has 25GB minimum discs.

              The Wiiu could run a much nicer looking version of Skyrim if they tried to do it.

              1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

                Exactly. If people keep thinking the WIIU is just on par with 360, they will always doubt. In fact we havent seen any launch games take advantage of the xtra cores and power in the WIIU, so we are going to see BIG leaps soon enough. The devz have only used 1-2 cores and have barely scratched the surface.

                1. i wonder where you’re taking that from that devs only used 1-2 cores.. sounds like a wild guess to me ;)

        2. The Wii U doesn’t have much limitations. Look at xenoblade 2 and compare that to skyrim. Skyrim looks like absolute shit. Lol and the reason that the PS3 version was so buggy is because it wasn’t optimized properly while the X360 version ran just fine.

          1. Well said , Ness.

            The Wiiu has the potential to Run games that look twice as good and twice as big as Skyrim no problem. Just becuase No dev has tried that yet doesn’t mean anything. The Wiiu only has a few early , rushed ports.

            Like You said , X is a good idea of what Wiiu will do , and it blows skyrim away.

          2. Isn’t it the same with other non-Sony developed games? I saw something that showed the comparison between the PS3/360/PC and the PS3’s version does look choppy.

        3. only limitation here would be the size of memory and concerning that wii U should have enough (it’s been hinted that nintendo will open up another 512MB for developers at some point in the future)

          sure ports from ps4/xbox to wii U will have to be scaled down.. we won’t get the same textures, might have some reduced viewing distance, maybe not the same resolution.. but it should be doable without a lot of hassle

          skyrim ran on a machine that had 512MB available.. for the whole system
          crysis 3 did the same

          i think the wii U will be fine in that regard

      2. It’s is nice to see you leaving positive comments for a change, Ness. The nurse must have gave you ointment for your sore, red Sony ASS! Welcome to My Nintendo News, friend!

          1. I dont think he was trolling he was just a little angry that earthbound wasnt coming but that is he is happy.

            1. I’m just angry at what Nintendo has turned into. a greedy casual oriented company that relies on gimmicks to sell a system.

          2. Not really… well sometimes i troll to see how retarded some fanboys are and see if they can take a joke. but most of the time i just tell it how it is.

  7. I think some Third-parties should learn how to be professional from Ubisoft. and Ubisoft really have a great catalog of games. I can’t wait for Watch Dogs, Rayman L and Assassins Creed 4

    1. assassins creed butt pirate. come on ubisoft the 3rd one was a mess and now another mess is about to happen!!!!! im glad the changed it to black flag, but will it end up being a good game?

      1. Ubisoft is smart. They tend to learnfrom their mistakes. So i feel that with what was wrong in AC3, they will more than make up for it in AC4. It will probably be a good game. 💋

      2. only time will tell. the third is not my favorite, really. but I like the new setting, surely buying it.

  8. FOR THE LOVE OFR CHRIST AS A GUY SITING IN 6 bed house after buying nintendo shares in 2005 (seen wii coming a mile away aint born yesterday) i lol at idoit fanboys

    wiius release was a fake release there going to disrupt the release of the other two system s jesus h chrsit you cannpt see that your a blind mug

    there going to destroy ps4 at its release and beyond that is called simple commonsense

    1. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

      I agree that the Wii U will make a great comeback, as they will announce huge games around E3. Not only that, but they will also launch a more ‘agressive’ marketing campaign around that time. But for the love of god, PLEASE don’t say “destroy PS4”, as such comments attract unneccesary attention

  9. Way to go Ubisoft! Even though the statements are true, I’m guessing it’s no coincidence that they said this right after EA’s hate statement. EA now looks like the bad guy, and I will now be buying all of my Ubisoft games on the Wii U. Good business strategy in my opinion.

  10. Ubi- “Rofl look at what EA did… Wait now’s our chance to look cool and make some peeps like us again!”

  11. Nintendo Commander

    Hmmm, maybe I’m wrong about the Ubisoftians after all…

    We appreciate and welcome your alliance Ubisoft!

      1. Yes but the whole Rayman incident made as all see them in a negative way…

        But their latest actions already put them back on the right path…

  12. Ubisoft is one of the best developers in the business making inventive games without fear or bias. Shut up and take my money. I pre-ordered Watch Dogs and ACIV and looking forward to what else they have.

  13. Nintendo Commander

    I think more and more forces like the Sega Kingdom and Ubisoft Alliance Movement, are realising more and more that if Nintendo does not exist in the future, the future of gaming will never be as good or fun ever again…

    They are realising that they must counter-attack the evil ways of the Xbots and the Electrons to name the top evil forces out there…

  14. Unlike the asshurt pricks at EA Ubisoft know what’s going on with Nintendo’s latest home console!

    Bob Summerwill, GET N OR GET OUT! YOU’RE NOT N, SO GET OUT!

    John Riccitiello, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET A JOB!

    Peter Moore, GET OFF MY DICK, TRICK!

  15. I believe Nintendo is going to make sure the Wii U is successful and make it fun and enjoyable for games. It already has for me and others I know.

  16. UbiSoft are no different to EA, Ubisoft had a finished game but delayed it for the WiiU so it could be released on miltiplatform.

    1. That was microsofts fault, and they made it multiplat because they realized rayman origins dis worse on the Wii than PS3/360.

    2. Ubisoft is opposite of EA. Ubisoft has a level head while EA is a company for “core-gaming” fanboys. When Ubisoft talks about the Wii U, they hve nothing but praise. Every time EA opens their mouth it is ignorant rants on why they hate Nintendo. You can’t even compare them. Ubi is a great company that fully supports Nintendo’s Wii U! 💋

  17. it would be smart what their doing. their kinda holding a good bond with nintendo fans when a lot of others dont. this could make there games sell better and do better on nintendo consoles than other companies. capcom kinda seems like its trying to stay fresh with nintendo to. thats there last resort.nintendo is probably going to build strong bonds with a few major companies like sega and capcom platinum some indies, while the rest are going to try to be popular or something.

  18. Nintendo should make more partnerships like it has with Platinum Games for multi game contracts and Sega, and Namco, and Tecmo and they should make a partnerships with Square Enix, Capcom, and Konami. I hope the Wii U gets Metal Gear Solid V.

  19. Activision and ubisoft are the smartest publishers. They are using the established ps360 install base to make wiiu ports with less risk a super smart move. When ea want to released wiiu games and on other consoles this advantage will be gone.

  20. Finally, a company that isn’t high on crack.
    Thank you Ubisoft, if you support the Wii U I’m sure to support you.

  21. Ubisoft is a good company overall. They are also smart and don’t hate due to fanboyism (looking at you EA). For their efforts Ubisoft will come out on top. Kisses! 💋

  22. Ubisoft is the great company in industry…
    They make more games than their own first party games. And I love Ubisoft because even they don’t make games on Wii U (eg: Far Cry 3, Gunslinger, etc.), They show more love and support to Nintendo….
    BTW, I’m looking forward to Just Dance 5 reveal, and additional information on Assassin’s Creed IV, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rayman Legends, etc.

  23. Smart company! This is why regardless of how their games score with reviewers, if I’m financially able to, I will get every one of those games upon release for my Wii U! Thank you Ubisoft!!

  24. This is where nintendo and the competitiin need to be smart. Ubisoft is beening smart supporting nintendo with all their games. Konami also as to be smart and support the wiiu and put PES on the console and not worry about FIFA, this will grow your fan base and the next time you have the option to buy either of the game you are going to remember which was there from the start. The same with Activision and COD vs battlefield, and the list goes on. Nintendo and third parties have to fill the hole that EA is leaving

  25. Don’t worry guys when Wii U starts selling like hot cakes, we’ll see who’s going to laugh now. I have faith in Wii U just like I had faith in 3ds &look where the 3ds is now! :) As long as we get awesome 1st party games &support from ubisoft,sega,namco, Indie developers we are going to be ok.

  26. Great support from ubisoft,pre-ordered four of there games for wii u.As for overall power of wii u and people comparing to 360 is ridiculous,it’s three times more powerful with update coming that will increase overall power of wii u.What do people want ie 3d maybe 4k there’s all ways something else waiting with better graphics,for me am happy seeing nintendo games in hd with great gameplay ie lego undercover and great story Xenoblade 2-so much looking forward to that.Other thing nintendo have definitely stepped up advertisement since nintendo direct that’s five seen since yesterday which is great.Also as have said for while expect to see third party titles announced for wii u in near future with regards to older generation titles.

  27. The only thing thats going to help wiiu is exciting exclusives. Ubisoft releasing AAA games that other platforms are getting will help wiiu sales as much as having masseffect and ac3 at launch did.

    The wiiu is a nintendo problem. It’s theres to fix and honestly their ideas and exclusives dont really seem up to the task so far. Especially with demonizing of their youtube fanbase.

    1. You made that statement as if wii u are selling really badly!Will first of there not,yes sales are not wii sales and I don’t think you will ever see anything like that again.I think it’s pretty well known once triple A titles released and yes especially first party titles you will see big increase in sales.Am looking at sale numbers for end of this year then we will see.

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