First Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

Warner Bros has released the first trailer for its eagerly anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins. In this first trailer we see Batman go into a long running battle with Deathstroke. It has been confirmed that Deathstroke will be a playable character in Origins, though it’s not apparent if his missions are structured like Catwoman’s Arkham City missions. Batman: Arkham Origins is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U on October 25th.

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    1. Nice trailer but everyone knows the gameplay and art style is not going to be like that lol. And was that Deadshot?

    2. hes not, he said. Roger Craig smith is the new Batman voice, but Kevin Conroy will be in the game he said it himself, but not voicing batman.

    3. He’s not, as we know, i would assume, the voice actor is another guy.
      My guess is it’s a similar situation to how David Hayter isn’t voicing Snake/Big Boss in MGS5, because the age difference. In MGS5 Big Boss is in his 50’s, maybe even early 60’s, and SPOILER in MGS4 Big Boss was voiced by a different guy, so having Hayter voice him would kind of feel out of place.
      In this game, Batman is very young, like early 20’s, where as in Arkham City, he’s been Batman for a long time, probably in his late 30’s going on 40.

      It also might be a case of they don’t want to attach the character to a voice.
      The issue is that alot of voice actors and even actors become too much of the recognised role, that when the inevitable happens of them either saying “i dont want to do it” or when they eventually pass away, then you’re cutting a massive tie out of the character, its an issue The Joker has now that Mark Hamill left, it got to the point where his voice WAS The Joker, and now everyone is loosely imitating his voice. Same way that Robert Downey Jr might not play Iron Man again, after Avengers 2, he basically is Tony Stark, but it’s a sad fact that he can’t play him forever, and he does have the choice as an actor to say “i dont want to”.

  1. The people that made this trailer… Need to make the next batman movie… And I mean the individual people involved not the company they work for

  2. Omg !big fan of Batman can’t wait for this. Also please make a movie like this please WB.

    1. Oh god yes.
      It’s thing like this that really make me angry when people say “Dark Knight trilogy is the best, nothing will be better”, or “comics are cheesy are dumb”.
      This trailer and really the Arkham games alone proves you can make a canon story, that doesn’t tarnish the lore, but still have alot of substance and sense of real threat and good characters and not just being goofy

      1. The Dark Knight was a very good movie though. Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker. It’s really a shame he could never do the role again.

  3. Just watched it and it was awesome! Can’t wait!
    And I agree, I’d definitely pay to see a full-length movie like this trailer.

  4. Great trailer, i like the idea of 10 assassins each fighting to kill Batman.
    Also, Deathstroke and Black Mask! xD yes!

  5. OMG! The voice of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, my favorite video game character, is now going to be the voice of BATMAN, my favorite comic book character, this is gonna be SWEET!

  6. Looks great but Im a hardcore Batman fan so I gotta nit pick at this. Few issues I have, Batmans suit…eww Arkham Asylum, and City’s was better. That guys name is SLADE not whatever they called him. And Black Masks…mask looks off…other then that looks good.

    1. False. In the comic books he is called Deathstroke but his actual name give to him at birth was Slade Wilson. I take it you’ve watched Teen Titans? Well there was a copyright issue going on during the time so they had to call Deathstroke Slade in order to prevent it. I know it’s confusing but all you have to know is that Deathstroke’s name is Slade Wilson.

    2. nope. you are wrong on the last part. he was originally death stroke. he was only referred to as Slade in teen titans. his real name is Slade Wilson from birth but he was only ever called Slade in teen titans.

  7. Great trailer. Wii U is getting some great third party games, even if it’s not all of them.

  8. 2 reasons to be excited:
    1: This looks like a really intense Batman story. Then, after that awesome trailer…
    2: Guilty Gear is coming back?! Yes! The GG story went completely over my head when I 1st heard it, but its one of the strangest and most addictive fighters out there… and Sega’s doing it, so it should come to Wii U!

        1. OMG IM SO HYPED. please let this be one of the 7 games in development for the Wii u Sega. I really want a 2d fighter on the Wii u. I’ve been craving one since launch. PLEASE LET THIS COME OUT!!!! I have a feeling it will come to Wii u because no platforms have been announced and Sega is in a partnership with Nintendo. if its not planned to come already Nintendo will convince them. I am praying this happens. I need a 2d fighter.

  9. That trailer didn’t even look like a game but a live action movie. I’m so excited for this game. I will definitely pre-order so I can play as Deathstroke.

  10. Gameplay trailer or not, why can’t they make DC movies like this? Apart from the Christopher Nolan-esque Dark Knight, all other DC movies have been, well, not-so-good.

    1. Just to add… Tim Burton’s Batman was also good… But after that, it was all downhill…

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