Nintendo Launches ‘Crowdfarter’ Campaign For Game And Wario

warioKnown for his wacky, addictive games and his cruel but charming nature, Wario has launched his very own social media campaign to raise awareness for his latest title Game and Wario on the Wii U. And if you thought he was walking on the serious side for once, you’d be entirely wrong with a Kickstarter parody website named ‘Crowdfarter’.

Although it’s primarily all fun and games, Nintendo is serious about one thing: they’re hoping to raise awareness for both Game and Wario and the Wii U. Encouraging you to ‘donate’ to the crowdfarter website, Nintendo want you to share the page over Facebook and tweet your recommendations over Twitter, and in return they will offer you exclusive items relating to the upcoming title. Such items on offer include a badge saying you ‘crowdfarted’ for the cause, as well as exclusive wallpaper and a ringtone for your phone.

In addition, the big man himself will even be visiting his website and will post daily updates about his shenanigans within Game and Wario. Although it may inflate Wario’s ego, help spread your thoughts on this game by visiting the website and ‘crowdfarting’ for yourself. Game and Wario is due for release in North America  and Europe on June 23 and 28.


  1. I HATE what they’ve done to Wario. I used to love his games….but it’s all fart fart hardee har har KIDS LOVE FARTS.

    One reason why many are CORRECT in viewing Nintendo as nothing but Child’s Play Inc.

    1. Relax, Sammy. Nintendo have made a parody of Kickstarter while promoting Game & Wario. Your should see that game in action on last Friday’s Nintendo Direct.

      1. I guess I should…sorry. It’s just, he didn’t use to be about farting and shit. Now it’s like a main trait or something. He’s like the single character version of Family Guy…well I don’t actually hate FG that much, but I know many do, so that comparison’s for them.

        1. It says, but if you actually visited the website and listened to the message, there’s nothing there about farting, burping, nose-picking, etc. But even so, Wario’s just a rotten immature guy, I don’t think Nintendo’s done anything “wrong” with Wario’s character. I guess it’s my opinion, and I respect your opinion too, but I think people who see Nintendo as “Child’s Play” really don’t get what gaming is all about.

          1. actually there is.. hover over one of the buttons to the right :P

            personally i don’t much mind the infantile behaviour of wario.. i just wish they’d introduce some more mature characters for a demographic 16 years and upwards

        2. I know what you mean, yet most people who replied to you, don’t.

          I have my GameBoy Color sitting right next to me with all 3 Wario Land games, Wario Land 4 with the GBA, also Wario World is right there with the GCN games.They’re fantastic. Wario is a brute guy who kicks a whole bunch of ass, smashes everything with bare hands, obliterates enemies, stuff like that.

          Now how we get are minigames collection. WarioWare was fun at first, but now I seriously grew tired of it. The last platformer games Wario had were pretty lackluster… His games are just not what they used to be, I get your point. And yeah, the farting thing is disgusting.

          1. I think Charles Martinet has done a great joke making Wario’s fart jokes hilarious. I always imagined him as an immature greedy guy who always farts, so he hasn’t changed that much.

    2. While I’d love another Warioland game akin to 1-3, the WarioWare-style series has its charm. I think it’s rather clever of Nintendo to reference something so recent and on most everyone’s mind when it comes to promoting new games.

    3. Way to be an asshole. I thought the site was pretty good and the video was funny!

      I’m getting this game day 1. Who gives a fuck how Nintendo haters view Nintendo anyway

    4. But this is what Wario’s been all about for the last eleven years or so… Ever since WarioWare came out, this is the way Wario’s been as a character.

        1. I played wario land when it first came out, my first game was even warios woods! Wario ware inc was the greatest thing to ever happen to wario, hes a lazy greedy bastard with a cruel sense of humor. Warioware is probably one of the most humorous games i have ever played! If you couldnt at least laugh a bit at immature, stupid slapstick humor, then you have a horrible sense of humor and should keep playing your “mature games” because your a “mature gamer”

  2. Looks good to me, and is a very funny way to interact with more people using the social media, and also It’s free, so, we should give it a try :)

  3. fucking donate, did i read that correct donate!!!!! WHAT!!!! are you kidding me another reason why nintendo is greedy. they dont have enough money all ready. me PIOUS have been sitting alone for 10 years waiting to come back. with MY game on crowdfunding, kickstarter, they too need help to. BULL!!!!! there is no fucking toilet paper!!!!!!! fund me nintendo. my ass itches down here and i cant reach!!!!

    1. Calm down, Dude. Its a parody site. They’re not asking for donations, if you’d actually look at the site some more. It says /coins/ not currency (Euro, US Dollars, Yen, Etc.). Its meant to be a joke, the coins go up automatically.

    2. You just donate Likes and Tweets, you moron. Nintendo isn’t asking for actual money.

    1. exactly there is no fruits and vegetables in the holy tome of eternal darkness!!!!! im plugged up with a load of shit too!!!!! now fund MY game so i can take a huge shit on you after i drive you insane.

  4. can’t wait for an actual platformer wario game like the ones on the gba and wii. screw this phony shit.

      1. Loved getting Mega Microgame$ as a middle-school graudation gift. It was a hit w/ me and my friends, and I still love breaking it out now. This also comes from someone who loves games like WL2 and Shake It.

  5. OH MY GOD, Charles Martinet has an amazing voice :D Check the “kickstarter”, he talks a lot and it’s hilarious!

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