Ubisoft has just released a new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer which highlights the game’s co-op mode. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist offers two player CO OP mode with 4 mission types, 14 maps with 2 player split-screen. Play as Sam Fisher or Isaac Briggs (a CIA operative) and work as a duo : help your teammate access parts of the maps you couldn’t access on your own, create your own tactics depending on your play style and watch each other’s back as you complete missions.



    • I hated 4 player split screen back in the day. I played alot of racers like that and it fucking annoyed me. This two payer co op should utilize the game pad too


    • Then I guess it’s a good thing that you aren’t making the game. The game isn’t even finished yet and all of the SC “purists” are calling for doom and gloom because this game isn’t the same as the first one on the original xBox, just look forward to something for once without the nay-saying about how it isn’t “the same as the original”. This game is going to be very fun and I’m anxious to see how the split screen MP works and how well they implement the online functionality for the Wii U. I have this one pre ordered already and I haven’t played a single one of the SC games since the original one on the xBox. I have really gotten to the point in gaming for myself where if I think it looks like fun for me I will throw down my money for the game and enjoy it no matter what others say or think about it, because in the end it’s not you that is stuck with my game choices… it’s me! @Albert Einstein – have you seen how every new up and coming scientist has been trying to disprove your theories? These people are crazy! ;)


      • I can deal with change. But Splinter Cell is one of those franchises that can’t deal with co-op. It means you’re going to have to be more stealthier, or you’re more likely to die. Its why that co-op trailer focust more on the close combat, rather than the stealth combat. I don’t want to play another Ghost Recon. I want to play the original franchise that is Splinter Cell.


        • I’d rather have more of what ghost recon has become(“future soldier” is my reference here) than the uber boring stealthiness that was the original SC. Just my preference, so I know I will enjoy this game and all the modes it has to offer.


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