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Sniper Elite V2 Wii U Launch Trailer

Sniper Elite V2 developer Rebellion has released a new trailer for the sniping extravaganza to coincide with the North American launch of the game. The Wii U version of the highly acclaimed Sniper Elite V2 gives gamers an all-new, immersive experience via the Wii U GamePad touch screen. Using the GamePad, players can tag enemies and booby traps, track enemy locations and activity as well as monitor the blast radius of planted explosives, never having to leave the battlefield for a second.

31 thoughts on “Sniper Elite V2 Wii U Launch Trailer”

    1. i’m guessing this can’t be played with the wiimote?

      i hope developers won’t just disregard the wiimote as an input method for shooters in the future.. i absolutely hate aiming with an analogue stick

      1. The path looks like fewer and fewer games will support wiimote. Its sad, wiimote is a step forward when it comes to shooters and the analogue is a major step backwards. But developers love it because they don’t have to change anything from your ps or xbox port of the game.

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    3. Why…..why are they going to release this on the Wii U? It’s a pretty bad game and it’s going to die out on the Wii U, simply NO ONE is going to buy it…and then these developers will have an excuse of not making Sniper Elite V3 on the console.

      1. Where’s the logic in releasing v3 if they haven’t sold v2 on WIIU? This game looks fun, I never tried it, n want a more immersive xperience than run n gun.

    4. Should have been a 20 dollar eshop game. There’s no way people are going to pay for this when it’s 30 dollars cheaper on consoles and 5 bucks during a steam sale

    5. People haven’t played it before and they don’t have a ps3 or a 360 and don’t game on PC’s are they not supposed to get it?

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    7. Looks good on Wii U, but it has to be $30 max!! But if you can, pick this game up, its pretty fun setting up traps for enemies, its not just some ordinary shooter, you can put think into it.

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