Sniper Elite V2 Wii U Missing Co-Op, Leaderboards, And Multiplayer


It has emerged from Miiverse that Sniper Elite V2 for the Wii U is missing a truck load of features that are contained in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Sniper Elite V2 for the Wii U is missing Co-Op, leader-boards and online multiplayer. You can see exactly what is missing in the comparison screenshot featured above.

119 thoughts on “Sniper Elite V2 Wii U Missing Co-Op, Leaderboards, And Multiplayer”

      1. Hahaha! We have “extras” and “options”. “Exit” is only an exclusive, elite feature for privileged people.

    1. Thats how it was originally for ps360. PS360 got the online multiplayer update 6 months after launch. I have hope wiiU will get the same update.

  1. Ok?

    Since when was this game good anyway?
    It’s just one of those games people got on Steam sales.

    1. Aeoulus shows his face. Dude none of us wanted this game anyway, we said it back then we are saying it now. It is too grotesque with the xray kills. It’s a definitive version in terms of dum third party developers with no real programming skills. Back to playing my 3DS that is killing your beloved Vita without even trying lol.

      1. MY favorite console is better than YOUR favorite console!!!!

        Can’t believe GAMER shows his face ’round these parts!

        1. Anonymous you are right, my console is better than your console is not my lane or expertise. Aeolus on the other hand rubbed a lot of us wrong with his pride before a fall nature. Then he fell on his face for making a ton of false claims against nintendo. He was like PSVita will crush the 3DS. Also that the CryEngine 3 does not work on the Wii U. Wait lol I didn’t rub that one in his face. Thanks for reminding me. AEOLUS, CryEngine 3 runs smoothly on the beautiful Wii U.

          1. Why not get a Vita as well?
            Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona 4 Golden, Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice are amazing games to compliment stuff like Bravely Default and Monster Hunter.
            Plus, I think playing PlayStation 4 games on the go will be nice as well. Not to mention that you can use it as a Gamepad kind of like the Wii U, which is a concept that works amazingly for Nintendo, so why not use the same concept somewhere else?
            More games = Better experience.

      2. It’s funny how I remember everyone on this site being so excited for Black Ops II when it was coming out for the Wii U…

    2. Actually visually it is the definitive version, we just need to get our dam dlc too. I love the game.

  2. Waow. I’m starting to really love my wii u, more and more. I guess it’s only good for Nintendo exclusives :( quality over quantity right? Right? 😔

    1. Haha, Of course they will, and then the websites will start reporting that it sold so much less then the trolls will be all over it. The circle of idiots.

  3. Gee I can’t figure out why it didn’t sell well on Wii U (says developer) hopefully its added soon…

      1. that’s already been proven by maxis/EA.. they did it again and again.. even in the face of overwhelming evidence suggesting otherwise they stuck to their version (talk about commitment).. thanks to their efforts that theory doesn’t need any more proof^^

    1. Western xbone developers, that all got a rude awakening when their beloved code named durango, infinity had a disastrous reveal. Capcom we love you. Now give us Megaman 3.

  4. what a load of shit. there is seriously no reason to not include any of those features. i really don’t understand why developers are just blatantly leaving out features like this. do they want to release a shitty game? do they want the wii u version to sell poorly? and they wonder why first party titles sell way more than third party.

    1. I have to agree. They fucked up bad. They better fix this with a patch and put this game on the eShop if they want sales to improve.

  5. That seems a pretty big jump to make from a single image…

    But even if it were a solid port, I wouldn’t recommend buying it. It’s a subpar game with a novelty that’s pretty cool at first, but gets old quickly.

  6. Its like, they’re purposely trying to make sure the Wii U gets bad press. There is no excuse NOT to add those features. What are they going to say? “It couldn’t handle it?” This is why I refuse to support retarded third party developers. If we boycott them, the money will still come in from the 360 PS3 side regardless.

  7. why would anybody want this, and when it doesnt sell their going to say 3rd parties just dont sell on wii u. no its more like nobody likes to buy shitty games!!!!!!

  8. Well, there went the brief time I spent considering this game. What a shame.

    Really, someone needs to be ashamed of this.

  9. It’s a real shame the game for WiiU don’t support everything. So they pretend to make us play only single player, and that’s all? No miiverse, no nothing? =S Damn ports..
    So why they even bother to bring this to WiiU if they don’t use all the features the console support? =_= lazy developer again? Argh.

    1. Because they, like all other 3rd parties, are testing the sales waters of the Wii U. Since 505 is a publisher and not the developer they have to prove the console viable for future releases.

      1. Nope. Thats ridiculous. They cannot accurately test the sales water of the WiiU if they only include half of the game and it’s already been released on other platforms.

        1. It’s the whole damn game! DLC is extra content that the developer and publisher decide to add when they want, it is not the core experience! And since multiplayer wasn’t available right out of the box for the other consoles I don’t feel like I’m missing anything! I bought it on 360 as well when it launched last year, so please don’t go any further in telling me it is half a game. They have really polished it and added good content via the gamepad.

          1. . How long ago was this released on the other platforms? If it was released at the same time with the same features then I would agree with you. This game can be bought on other consoles for $10 used. Also, the majority of the advertising was targeted for the other platforms.

  10. I bought it and am not disappointed in This game at all! Being a sniper kinda lends itself to single player more than multiplayer gaming. Plus I am fully supporting almost all 3rd party attempts on the Wii U!

    1. *Shakes head*
      As someone who wants to see the Wii U get better third party support, I can say with absolute certainty that this game does not deserve your money until it’s got all the features of its brothers.
      You should support the quality attempts at third party ports, not all of them period just for the sake of it.
      That way if the Wii U misses out on some, it’ll be because the devs would have made a lazy port of said games otherwise.
      It’s our duty as gamers to weed out certain practices in our hobby.
      Half-done ports is one of those things.

      1. It wasn’t half done. All games don’t NEED multiplayer. I knew what was missing when I bought the game and I bought it because the game is insanely fun and creative, for a shooter. I will support good attempts by 3rd parties and this is one of them. You have no right to tell me how or what I should do with and in my hobby of gaming. I tell publishers and devs, with my purchases, what I want more of by what they can give me at present. That way in the future they see the viability of the platform I purchase their items on. The game is great even missing the same things it was missing for the other consoles when it first launched! I’m not asking you to buy it, I’m just stating what I will be doing and my own personal interpretation of how much I enjoy the game. Shake your head all you want, while I enjoy a polished game with fun gameplay.

      2. Also, it’s not half done. It’s what it should have been on the 360, but never could be. I had it on the 360, but the Wii U version is better IMO.

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    1. You couldn’t limit this garbage to YouTube?
      You had to bring it here, too?
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  12. Good luck selling watered port, dicks.
    Havent ever played their games, and seems like I never will.
    Theyre taking the EA route.

  13. I preordered game found it had no features took my money, n put in on blacklist instead, wont stand or support games like this anymore, actually i learned from my pre order of blackops2 that game i have becuse i didnt find out about no dlc ect u til after i played it, so i kept it, but that point foward will not support half ass games anynore, i hope devs read these post s n realize this, also if poeple keep buying halfass games we as consumers send a message that we will accept any o thang!

  14. So it should come of no surprise to the developers of the game, when Sniper Elite V2 doesn’t sell well…. 💋

  15. I don’t understand. Why would you even release this game on the Wii U to begin with? It’s pretty obvious the developers did not care to release a good product on this console, it’s more insulting than anything. Should have just canned the project.

    Now I imagine they will cry about a lack of sales on the Wii U version and blame the install base, not their half-assed release.

  16. Who cares? Wii U owners are (should be) better than every dogrot shooter that comes along. Let the people with the shitty consoles be left with their shitty games and don’t kick up no fuss about something that don’t matter.

  17. then third party devs want to complain that they dont make money with nintendo, that’s because third party devs try to give nintendo watered down versions of the games and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t get the same thing or more than everyone else since the wii-u is stronger, better and faster than the current console gens.

      1. no actually improving the resolution of the game plus the online and all the other features make for a good game and of course gameplay but all those things should have been implemented if the machine is able to handle better graphics we should be able to have them they should be able to show them we should have to wait another year 2 years if resolution can beef up and make a game look prettier than the Xbox version, ps3 then it should be done also and all the online, multi-player or whatever else should also be implemented in the game for it to be worth the $60 that they’re selling it for! single player action minus all features should be 30 dollars

  18. well this is cool I got a free Wii points card code and it was legit! I got it from freewiipointsforever► com

  19. I think everyone here is overreacting. When it first came out it didn’t have those features either on the ps3/360

  20. What is the point of the extra space on screen if you dont have the options to fill it? Resolution is great, but we want features. Even if its a bad game

  21. Well we will more than likely not get Sniper Elite V3 because these assholes at 505 think that they can make a shitty ass port and have it sell well on Wii U and when it doesn’t they will blame it on the Wii U install base instead of realizing it did not sell well because this is a lazy ass port. I will only buy the game if they give us everything the other versions have and more. Remember this is a late port.

  22. I post a question on the Miiverse if you could play with friends online and I was informed that it was missing co-op and multi player. Guess I won’t be buying this game. It’s becoming harder and harder to find a company that wants my money by making games I want.

  23. I say we as gamers stop paying $60 for half assed games. As long as we by them they will keep selling them to us. This includes EA, cod, need for speed, all of it. I’d rather stop playing games. Who cares if the other versions arrived without these features. It arrived ages later on wii so it should have been complete.

  24. N-Advice:

    Do NOT buy this game!

    I repeat, do NOT buy it untill they release all the missing features for free!

    We will show these barbarians that they can’t steal our money that easily!

  25. Wow. Another watered down waste of money port. C’mon devs. Stop being lazy with Nintendo version. You can do SO much better than this.

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