GameStop And Big Bad Toy Store Listing Link And Samus Figmas For Pre-Order

link skyward sword figmaThere are three figurines looking to stand proudly on your bedroom shelves this coming fall, and they are available exclusively at GameStop and the Big Bad Toy Store for US fans. Previously, the products were unable to be licensed throughout North America, but this has now been rectified, and are available for pre-order.

If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan, you’ll be champing at the bit to get your hands on Link in his classic green outfit from Skyward Sword, or if you’re a Metroid fan, you can find Samus in her standard action suit – both are priced at $49.99 throughout both stores. But for a whopping $99.99 you can get Samus in her zero action suit at both GameStop and the Big Bad Toy Store as well. All three products are looking for a Q4 release, with GameStop listing them as an October 30 launch. Will you be buying any of them?


    1. I will be able to pick these up, fortunately, but if it was between these and games, I totally would get games as well.


  1. Eww, Other M Samus *throws up*
    Give me the sexy PED suit from Prime 3, or the Light Suit from Prime 2, the suit that was the coolest yet was used for barely any amount of time, not to mention irrelevant by the time you get it.


  2. I have both of these, as well as the Pit one and Pitoo. They’re pretty cool figures. Mine are the Japanese first release ones which are pretty rare now. I may buy another Samus. Figma are doing a Marth next. I hope they do Starfox Figmas, as that would be awesome


  3. Import them to Australia. I think BBTS offer this service. Or maybe you can find someone locally who imports this kind of stuff


  4. Got all three of these along with both versions of Pit and Charizard. They’re all pretty nice but look like they’re a lot more expensive than they were to import from Japan. Looking forward to ‘Marth’ tho.

    Zero Suit Samus is one of my favourite figures I own. The same guys did Catherine and are doing Tharja soon


  5. Thanks very much for posting this! (SilverShadowFly)

    I’m kind of a sucker for figurines, and will be picking all three of these up.

    Thanks again!! I’m so excited! (I’ll start saving immediately.


  6. Actually, 50 dollars is s very good price considering how rare these can be. Most toys out there cost about 70 or more like Play arts Kai figures.


    1. These aren’t rare at all, the are being re-released in Japan because they were so popular. Only $30 in Japan (preorder)! And you have to remember FIGMA are pretty tiny.

      I just wonder why of all styles, they picked OTHER M. Laaaame.


  7. no no, for so many reasons. imagine what a girl would think with those in your bedroom!!!!!! also would rather by games than this.


  8. I want both of them, I always wanted a Link and a Samus figure since I already have a Mario. I’d want Zero Suit Samus, but wish the figure was atleast articulated. It would be cool if they made a Fox and Captain Falcon. And now I know what I want for christmas, thanks for letting us know silvershadowfly!


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