New Sonic Lost World Information Emerges


Online gaming publication IGN has received the chance to take a look at three levels of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Sonic Lost World. The developers over at Sonic Team say that they have created an all-new design for 3D Sonic games with Sonic: Lost World and that they hope to use this design for future titles. Here’s a roundup of what was shown to the team over at IGN.

  • Levels include ‘Wind Hill’ & ‘Desert Ruins’
  • Desert Ruins consists of a Cake, Candy and sweet themed environment.
  • Sonic builds up speed slowly, the player decides when he wants to go faster and then with another button decides when he wants to unleash the next level of speed.
  • Parkor system, designed to allow players to navigate objects at speed without coming to a dead stop.
  • Wisp’s are back, as are the wisp powers.
  • 2 player “support” mode confirmed.
  • Sonic is the only playable character.
  • Tails, Knuckles & Amy appear in the story, they are not playable.
  • The planet is called ‘Lost Hex.’
  • Rescuing animals will influence various unlockable content.
  • Red Rings are back.
  • Gold cannons are used to unlock secret/alternative paths.


  1. I was going to question why a candy-themed world was here, but considering the wisps bring back, it makes a bit of sense.

  2. To clarify on the control scheme, it’s a bit like Assassins Creed.

    Analog stick alone = walk.
    Analog stick + trigger = run.
    Analog stick + trigger + other trigger = sprint.

    Seems like a good system for a sonic game.

      1. You’re being stupid. “Alot” is a city in India, you are trying to say ” a lot”

  3. The info seems very awesome. The ability to choose your speed alleviates a fear I’ve seen a lot of people expressing lately; the difficulty in judging platform distances when moving so quickly.[though why this is a big issue now and never before in other Sonic games, I have no idea. My guess is people are digging for reasons to hate]
    I’m curious as to what “support” mode is. Hopefully we get more info on that tomorrow.
    And the parkour system sounds like a welcome addition.
    Going fast has always been difficult when a small step stops you dead in your tracks.
    Seeing that annoyance disappear is going to make the game really fun.

    1. Also get rid of those awkward 3D Sonic moments of running around an object till you get into the right position because he’s too fast to actually go up to an object with ease xD

    1. Why? There was an area like that in Colours.
      It does seem very Kirby like though, Desert Ruins filled with “desserts” is a very Kirby-esc type of theme

        1. Well so is the stage in the trailer, how many Sonic games have had that theme for levels. Sweet themed levels are always cool.

    2. why? mario does it, kirby does it, why not sonic? and i would much rather them focus on making sonic play well then have a bunch of characters that all play ok.

      1. Well it was already done in Sonic Colors and that’s only 2 games ago. Like maybe if it was in the later worlds and if it wasn’t the Desert Ruins then I would be okay with it.

      2. Sonic baing the only playable sucks why can’t tails and k be playable it’s not far

  4. Game looks great so far, but I’m a little disappointed that sonic is the only playable charicter. 8(. I still can’t wait for the game 8)

    1. Well… it is a Sonic game so I can’t complain that he is the only playable character. The game looks awesome! I am loving it so much! This is going to be a great Sonic game. I can feel it in my blood. 💋

  5. I have no gripes what so ever. My only nitpick is-

    1. Yup! Eggman is in the game along with the 6 new enemies(who all look wicked cool to me :D) 💋

  6. •Sonic builds up speed slowly, the player decides when he wants to go faster and then with another button decides when he wants to unleash the next level of speed.

    So a run button? That’s awesome, Sonic has needed speed control in his games since Adventure

    • Parkor system, designed to allow players to navigate objects at speed without coming to a dead stop.

    Fucking yeeeeeeeees, about damn time xD the main issue with Sonic, the guys too fast to actually traverse anything other than straight lines

    • Wisp’s are back, as are the wisp powers.

    That’s great too, add some new ones as well hopefully

    So i’m much more excited for this game than before, it really looks like SEGA and Sonic Team had a “if we can’t beat ’em, join ’em” moment and have taken inspiration from Mario, but left it with that Sonic feel.
    Sounds great so far.

  7. If this ends up being good, and stays exclusive, it could really help the system. :)

              1. SMALL POINTLESS VICTORY XD!!! I belive some of the gaxley team is working on game and sega gave sonic xtreme as a bases and letting most of the color team work on game and some of generation’s team so they are trying mix things up. Who knows maybe after this and if games sell well the nintendo and sega could be big partners allowing nintendo to work on sonic could help fit into to 3d gaming and help give him more depth to his game over all. Who knows only time will tell

                1. As much as this game doesn’t interest me, I hope some form of partnership happens to make Sonic massive again. That guy is so cool. Like Sonic All Stars Racing I LOVE!

                  1. The guy just needs to find a place in gameing where his gameplay is perfect. I for one would like to see a true mario sonic cross over bowser and eggman teaming up, technology and magic working side by side while a italian plumber and a blue hedgehog try to stop them….sounds weird when say it loud XD

        1. Actually, Sega US is still publishing in USA, while Nintendo gets Europe and AUS. That’s weird.

            1. Not sure now actually XD I have several sites telling me several different things XD

  8. Another Sweet Mountain, and Wisps return?
    So basically, not only is this Sonic X-Treme, but it’s also Sonic Colors 2!

    1. 2 Player in a “support mode”.

      Like collecting starbits in Mario Galaxy, placing extra blocks in NSMBU, or modifying the traffic conditions in NFSMWU.

      That kind of 2 player. Have to wait and see exactly what the second player will be able to do in this game though.

    1. Don’t blame me; someone did something really dumb with the Four Sword while I was around, and that’s the result.
      I blame the moblins.
      It’s always those rotten pig bastards.XD

  9. Please don’t let there be the spike wisp power. I hated that one so much. Other than that, this is shaping up to be something the Wii U needs: a powerful exclusive.

  10. My childhood dream, playing sonic exclusively on a nintendo system, in the year Luigi became known.

    1. Considering there’s being plenty of Nintendo exclusive sonic games before ….

  11. ALBA and SICKR have you guys heard epic shooting down EA’s claims that the PS4 and xbox 1 are more powerful than a high end PC ( lol ). War of the developers.

  12. Hey jellybean if you’re still here I want to tell you something. You see I’m a Nintendo fanboy. I don’t like being called a fanboy so I tried to play some Sony games and I even though I like them I just can’t appeal to them as much as I do with Nintendo games. But I did play games like Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank and I loved those games more than Sony’s more recent IPs. (Uncharted, God of War and Infamous) So I guess I like games that aren’t gorey or blockbusteristic and that’s most likely the reason why I like Sony games like Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank and not the other IPs. We’ve become friends and I hope that you won’t hate me since I’m a fanboy. :) Oh but I’m super psyched for The Last of Us and Remember Me(a upcoming Capcom game)!

    1. You actually respect the other companies and you are honest about what you like. The fanboys I hate just think Nintendo is holy and they worship every last little thing about it. You’re one of the better people I’ve met on this site! P.S. Jak & Daxter & R&C would be some of my favourite Sony IP’s too ;)

      1. I love lots of sony’s ips along with nintendo and some of mircosoft’s mostly the rare games. I play just about any game if good over all, expect most fps and some third person shooter they are getting old not all of them just most

        1. Yeah, there are a few particular FPS games that need some changing up. I’m mainly just looking at Call of Duty though, it was a great series at start. But it’s beginning to become a bit stale. I’ve pre ordered Ghosts though hoping it will be different, plus I haven’t had an FPS fix in a while XD

              1. call of duty just needs to do something different besides doing the same storyline, same area’s of gameplay, almost no strategy needed mostly rush in gameplay shooting everything, but all i’m saying is that they need to do something different in the series not makeing the games more and more stale and repetitive

                1. I also feel the resident evil series is getting way to much action going in it the last good one i’ve played were 4 and revelations need to get more atmosphere, tight areas, less ammo because 6 and 5 gave people way to much ammo, deep story, and great zombies not the humanoid ones from 6 and 5 that had guns but something like revelation’s ooze and 4’s regenerators

    1. At this stage it’s still hasn’t been 100% confirmed. Even though it won’t affect me, it would be terrible if it did happen, especially after the twitter protest.

    1. I’d rather play Sonic 3 & Knuckles than Sonic 2.
      Reason: Competent level design, and no bullshit badnik placement.

      1. sonic and knuckles, the first old sonic game i played and also the best. cd was just over rated, the music and cutscenes STFU!!!!!

  13. Hmmm… I hope rescuing animals is a hint to adding a Chao Garden because that would be fucking fantastic, would be best Sonic game since 2001.

    Apparently collecting animals and such was what made SA2 “redundant” in peoples minds though.

  14. Have a feeling they may release other playable characters as DLC. Maybe similar to NSMBU Luigi DLC. They could release Tails as a character a few months later and maybe the levels change. Same with Knuckles.

  15. This is sounding to be a lot like Sonic Colors and that can only be a good thing because that is the best Sonic game since the Genesis era in my opinion. This game sounds better to me each day and I will most likely pick it up day one.

  16. This is practically a day one purchase for me. It appears that they’re bringing back Sonic Xtreme for us U owners

  17. it says “Wisp-based Color Powers”. Doesn’t mean that the Wisps are back, it could simply mean that Sonic will use abilities based on those brought by the Wisps in previous games. Also, only the first part of Desert Ruins will have cake and candy, the second will be entire desert and the third will be a cave, please don’t be lazy and bring the information correctly.

  18. Funny that it took Nintendo to “fix” Sonic, but its too soon to declare that yet. I’ll wait and see, but it already looks promising. And I enjoyed Generations a lot, so it can only get better from there. Right?

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  20. Make tails playable plz Sega plz I love tails
    So make him playable it would make me so happy if he is playable

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