Retro Studios Working On A “New Brand”?


E3 is less than two weeks away, and we still don’t know what Nintendo subsidiary Retro Studios is working on. In fact, we don’t even know if the developer’s new game will be at E3. But last month, Nintendo revealed its plans to introduce the studio’s new project in the “not too distant future,” so it’s possible that we will see the game in the company’s pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, which airs on June 11th.

While some are speculating that Retro Studios is working on a new Metroid title, IGN‘s Senior Vice President of Content & Publisher, Peer Schneider, said in a recently aired Nintendo-centric podcast that he’s heard rumors that the developer is working on a “new brand.” What do you think Retro Studios is working on? Will we see its new project at E3? Let us know in the comments below.


    1. It sure seems that way. All six of Retro’s games are high 8’s and 9’s. Let’s hope they will be better than Rareware.

      1. Um, they’ve only made 4 games. Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong. They only helped a little with Mario Kart and Prime Hunters and Pinball were made by different studios.

        1. Metroid prime wasnt retro’s first game, they created 2 other lesser known games before bieng commisoned to make the metroid prime series

    2. Is everyone seriously leaving their “barrel roll” comment out of the evaluation?

    1. Oh yeah, Geoff Keighley, what a respectable opinion he has.
      The Dorito Pope has spoken.
      His entire statement is just shit, which if Sony did have DRM, or if they didnt, it wouldn’t make him wrong or right.
      Just saying “PS4 might have it….or not”, is just an ambiguos statement to damage control.
      We all know Geoff isn’t shy from putting a few dollars between his underwear.

    1. I wouldn’t mind a new Nintendo 1st party “serious game”. Yeah I know they have Xenoblade, Metroid and Zelda etc, but I wouldn’t mind a 1st party modern/not to distant future “serious game” non fantasy game. But if this came from your run of the mill 3rd party company, I probably wouldn’t care.

    2. Gotta agree.
      I mean not necessarily “3D Mario” playful, but just a game that drops all the bullshit, and is just stupid fun, like Metal Gear Rising. After playing game that just took way too serious undertones and just were the same thing over and over, first person, shoot some guy, lazy stealth mechanic (the only game that did that well was Dishonored), jumping into a game where i was fight a french gurl with pink hair wearing a skin tight suit, with cyborg parts and 10 robotic arms, and a staff made of arms holding knifes, and just fighting that person was crazy fun.

    1. IKR?! Really tho, everyone knows the definite things on the project… Enough with the constant added rumors that just fuck up what we think.

  1. Oooookay.
    Nothings really changed.
    Retro’s game could still be one of the following:
    1. a New Metroid
    2. a New StarFox
    3. a New IP

    What’s my guess?. . . . . . . .ALL OF THE ABOVE!! haha

  2. Im split in the middle on this, because on one hand a new IP would be amazing.
    I’d like them to do an adventure game, maybe actually complete Raven’s Blade (but, good), long as the combat is great and the world is interesting, and they got someone in to write a good script, sure. Or if they made another shooter, but actually good, unlike the ones we’ve been playing on other console this generation.
    But my main concern is while Metroid has amazing art, and data logs, can they actually create their own world, with it’s own rules, and story, and characters, and not have it feel like a PS2/Gamecube era attempt at a story, ect, like Prime 3, even though i think that game is the best they’ve made, aside from a few missteps, the characters were boring, and it was just like “here’s a story and more characters…and bleehh”, i’m curious if they can actually make something interesting, and especially in an action RPG, you NEED an interesting game world, so many action RPG’s have come that have had good gameplay and combat yet just been completely boring when it comes to the game world….

    1. I still think theyre making 2 games though, ons that’ll be out maybe at the end of year, early 2014, then one a year later, seeing as they’re much larger publisher, and have spent 3 years doing nothing but create “one game”.

  3. Either or, I know its gonna be awesome. Did any of you guys see the reveal of PS4s proce. Holy cow, they said $799 for basic and 899$ for premium, fuck no

    1. really….. people are like to me the next xbox is only going to be 300. im like STFU you stupid fuck the wii u cost 350 at a loss. there is no way, its going to be at teast 600!!!!!!

    2. Really? Surely that can’t be accurate. At $800/900 they’d sell a few to diehards with more money than sense, but not enough to achieve reasonable market penetration. Sony must know that. I find the earlier rumours of $400-450 much more likely. What’s the source on this? Do you have a link?

  4. A single person has stated that he’s heard a rumor, and it gets all the way to news? Top notch journalism, guys!

    1. That’s what half the gaming new industry is.

      Get over it, maybe it’s there for people to discuss and speculate possibilities, rather than whine like a bitch

      1. really, people just assume there will be breaking news everyday. this is something that is news like and more so people can talk about it. other wise there wouldnt be news……

  5. I hope it’s something new. A new IP with a strong online multiplayer component would prove that the Wii U is marketable to a wider audience. I love Nintendo to death, but people really need to start holding them to a higher standard. They are behind in a few inexcusable ways.

  6. So at this point are we just ignoring the “Barrel-roll” quote from Nintendo magazine? Seriously people it is going to be Star Fox, now get over it.

    1. The quote from over a year ago that was just the editor making a pun related to the game he hopes to see.


  7. Please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo please be Banjo

      1. I ain’t no gay but i’ll french kiss you if it really turned out Banjo

        1. I doubt it, Microsoft wont give it up unless Nintendo paid a ridiculous amounts of money, even if they aren’t making Banjo games.

  8. Why are they keeping it a secret? Why can’t they just tell us. The publicity is getting annoying at this point.

    1. some companies work better id the public doesny know till their finishes, or else the fans will bitch and whine, then they will be rushed and give a shittier product. i say let it be a secret, its better that way.

  9. My guess is that they are working on the new IP that our Supreme Commander Miyamoto created…

    Supreme Commander Miyamoto and Retro Studios, nothing in the face of the gaming universe than beat that combination…

        1. For one, he is spending most of his time working on Pikmin 3. He was also working on Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS at the same time. Plus the DLC New Super Luigi U. There was no time to work on anything. Likewsie, retro has been to busy to work on anything else either according to Miyamoto.

          “Retro is very busy right now, but I’m afraid I can’t say exactly what it is that they’re very busy [working] on,” Miyamoto told me, when I asked for a sense of what the studio is quietly doing. That Miyamoto declined to get too specific didn’t surprise me, but I had another question in mind – would Nintendo actually allow Retro to work directly and fully on a Zelda game? I asked for further perspective on Miyamoto’s previous comments.

          “In terms of them working on a Zelda, it’s not out of the question, certainly, for them to work on an entire Zelda game amongst themselves,” Miyamoto said. “Traditionally I think that the Zelda team has always had a close contact with anyone who’s working on a Zelda game. If you were going to have that happen in the US at Retro, that would be kind of difficult for them to be able to coordinate. Certainly they’re too busy for that sort of thing right now. It would probably require me to be involved to a great extent as well, so I would have to get over quite a bit too. I’d probably have to live in Texas… [laughs]”

          Source: Richard George IGN

          There is no reason to take what you WANT to happen and HOPE happen and ask for proof of it not happening. That makes as much sense as saying, “How do you know I won’t get hit by a runaway elephant tomorrow?” Sure it could happen, not reason to expect it to or suggest that it would.

          Same applies here. It’s a possibility we might not even see Miyamoto’s IP at E3.

          1. Fair point, however he might just have been involved in giving the orders though…

            Like he could have possibly given them some sort of an idea of what he wants them to do but giving them freedom to explore as they wanted…

            But yes it does not seem very likely that they are working together…

            1. The only time Miyamoti has been involved with Retro was when he had Retro cancel their 4 IPs when they were making Metroid Prime 1. Miyamotos new game is his and his personal teams game. Retros is Retros.

              1. A simple suggestion of Miyamoto and Retro Studio made one if not THE best games on the Nintendo Game Cube and one of the best games of all times.

                I will not say that it was worth the cancellation of 4 new IP, but I will say that the lost was not in vain

  10. Man, if retro could come up with something like kingdom hearts. Super huge, super badass game, with a really good story, that isn’t necessarily violent, and can be marketed to both kids and adults, I would LOVE that.

  11. Hmmm….. this is a long shot but I’m wondering if Miyamoto has been secretly working with Retro all along to make his new IP. He was once quoted as saying that he could have made Halo and I’ve heard rumors his new game is going to be a legitimate game and not something like Wii Music. I’m wondering if Miyamoto and Retro have discovered someway to revolutionize the shooter genre with some futuristic shooter new IP.

    1. SOMEWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      GAmepad wii remote wii remote plus zapper 2 with gamepad screen theres your tools for innovation

    1. That’s the interesting thing, and when you look at what do all of those employees have experience in?
      Creating new game worlds, with alot of detail, and back story, which is really my only concern, Retro can do everything else, but its creating a world, and story that worries me and i think they need a hand on.

  12. Awesome. Every Nintendo fan desperately wants Star Fox or Metroid so they decide not to do either……

    1. Yes, let’s leave the face of 2 IP’s in the hands of ine company, then blame Nintendo /s

      Seriously, you fans are just unpleasable.
      “Give us new IP’s!”
      “New IP? Fuck that, gimme Star Fox”

      Get over yourself, you can’t just expect Retro to make EVERYTHING, Nintendo has alot of studios, anyone of them could be making Star Fox or Metroid, and then you have people like Platinum and Capcom who could easily be making them too.



    1. Younger people would call it an Uncharted rip off. I think Retro could do some impressive stuff with StarTropics and the Wii U hardware, I say bring it. Nintendo Uncharted BITCHES.

      1. Fuck I worded that terribly. I shouldn’t try and type things after going to the gym *sigh*

    1. I will not be happy if its not Starfox. Anything but results in me going to jail for murdering every Retro Studios employee.

      1. I personally think it’s Metroid, but who knows, maybe they’re working on more than one game XD

  14. Whatever it is I really hope it has a fractured souls mechanic with the gamepad and the TV screens.

    Basically whoever the character is whether they be Samus or a new person has the ability to quantum jump from one reality to another. So if you hit a dead end or hard enemies etc in one reality you just jump to the other where the wall may not exist, or there’s fewer enemies, or the boss has a weak spot, causing a ripple effect in each reality.

    Reality 1 is on the TV, Reality 2 is on the gamepad. NOW THAT I’d buy, and if it isn’t done by Retro, they better do it with Zelda and have the ability to jump from one Zelda timeline to the other, so Link isn’t just able to travel through time but travel through timelines in order to merge them all and bring peace once again to Hyrule.

    Either one of these games Nintendo, make your choice, my money is yours

      1. Just because you said that, I want you to walk off this planet. Wouldn’t that be “Cray cray”? People these days, baffle me with their new stupid language.

  15. If Metroid is announced then it will be bloody amazing, If they announced a new IP and that ends up good then it will be blood amazing XD. It is a win win situation whatever way because we all wouldn’t mine a new IP and still play old but having new metroid game is awesome too even though the series has been out for so long.

  16. Maybe Microsoft couldn’t really buy the Killer Instinct trademark, because Nintendo and Retro bought it first…

    1. Unfortunately Microsoft successfully purchased the Killer Instinct franchise rights again and they are back to teasing people again with a possible Killer Instinct. Even if they make one it’s going to be terrible so I just consider the franchise dead thanks to Microsoft. Yet another reason not to buy the XBOX None.

      Nintendo did it once, they can do it again. I say make a brand new fighting game to replace Killer Instinct.

      1. Is confirmed that our jaws will drop also i hear some xbox ceo are craping there pants.

      2. Everything Retro Studios has made so far has made my jaw drop so just based on that I can say it is a fact that whatever they are working on will make my jaw drop again.

  17. It would be nice to work on a Conker/Banjo type with same experience but better.I would like another plat former for Nintendo.

  18. there’s a part of me that wants it to be Metroid, donkey kong returns 2, or a starfox whatever. then, there’s the part that wants something new (and good) from retro and ultimate…sorry thats what i call wii u!

  19. Whatever they are working on, I’m sure it will be one of the biggest success in the history of Wii U’s lifetime…

    Maybe even across all the gamng universe…

    The Metroid Prime seres is one of the top 3 games I’ve ever played in my entire life…

    My favourite being Echoes but as a first taste, Metroid Prime all the way…

  20. Hype overload, seriously! I don’t care what Retro are working on, I just want to know what it is. Weren’t there rumours that it might be futuristic and they also grabbed some talent from Naughty Dog? Personally I would love a 3rd person futuristic/cyber punk title. E3 is gonna be all kinds of fun and I look forward to seeing new videos for Xenoblade 2, Bayonetta 2, 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Hopefully there will be one or two additional surprises.

  21. Hopefully it’s not something cutesy! If it is a new brand that has some grit and depth like the metroid brand, then that would be great, but if its another mario/animal crossing/DK/Kirby type of cartoony franchise then I will be somewhat disappointed. I’ll still try it out just won’t be as excited as I could be.

  22. Well there was that rumor that they were making a banjo kazooie game while trying to get the rights to it, and if they couldn’t they would make it a new ip. That could explain why the were pulled last e3 if they had planned to have the rights already.
    Haha if only. Can you imagine how good a 3d platformer from them would be?

  23. Metroid, Donkey Kong, or Starfox. I’m fine with whatever. The suspense is also killing me! Hugs!

  24. i’m hopeing for an f-zero themed beat-em’-up! and a new ip, they could very well be making 2 games!

  25. I do not know :'( for the love of god, make it stop, I can not handle anymore the hype¡ And the worst part? probably Nintendo has rise to much hype to actually live to the expectations.

  26. I dont want Retro to touch Metroid ever again. Let’s leave it at the Prime trilogy.
    If they are doing a new IP then that would be great. Nintendo could really use some new epic IPs.

    1. What about the cliffhanger at the end of Prime 3? We just need one more game to explain what that was about.

  27. ANYTHING but metroid from them thank you very much. They made 3 of them. Let Star Fox or even something new have a turn. Metroid doesn’t sell anywhere near as well as metroid fans like to think.

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  29. id love to see another prime…not like 3 where u keep advancing to the next stage, it needs to be open world….and enough with the 2d metroid hopes good god…i would be so sour if this so secretive/hyped up game was 2d…that sounds more like a network/arcade game for $20 not a full retail game….but in the end it seems to good to be true to have another prime…it will probably be starfox, if so im not getting a wii u….i learned not to trust when game consoles are supposed to snap hard eventually…i waited for the wii , kinect, playstation move…they never snapped

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