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Wii U Version Of Batman Arkham Origins Missing Out On Deathstroke DLC


Warner Bros Games Montreal has revealed that the Wii U version of the action-packed Batman Arkham Origins won’t be receiving the Deathstroke downloadable content. The press releases reads “Fans who pre-order the game for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 system or Windows PC will receive exclusive early access to the Deathstroke pack.” Warner Bros previously said that the Deathstroke DLC won’t be appearing on all platforms and a closer inspection of the box-art for Wii U reveals that the Deathstroke DLC logo is missing.

Thanks, Simply G

163 thoughts on “Wii U Version Of Batman Arkham Origins Missing Out On Deathstroke DLC”

    1. Well i was going to get my first Batman game since the classic NES game, yes its been that long, but seeing how these cheese dick Devs are usless now a days, i will NOT be getting this. Deathstroke is my fav DC character. Wow my passion for gaming is dying and if it wasnt for Nintendo i would of quit a long time ago…and im old. I grew up in the golden era, im a 1st gen gamer, i started playing space invaders and i watched these AAA devs kill of the Arcade by wanting more powerful consoles. Hope you get what you want in the end because WE had it the best a lonf time ago….have fun paying these devs for micro transactions, DLC, Online play, AAA sequals, $500$$ consoles and you horrible out dated Madden/ Call of duty

      1. PS/ NIN/Micro fanboys…these devs will ditch your system so fast for the next biggest, strongest gaming machine. So watch how you treat each other….it would be cool to get on the same page, but with words like trolls, noobs, im not sure if i want to put my self in a classless group. If you wanted to troll someone back in the day, you would have to put a quater in the arcade and show the other fellow gamers that you were better, now kids just troll by spitting usless stats or knowledge that they get from google…..

        1. Showing people your skill isn’t trolling.
          Comparing hardware specs isn’t trolling.
          The comment I just replied to is trolling, and very low-quality trolling at that.

          1. Please enlighten me child on the word troll and noob… For these words didnt exist in the golden era

            1. Oh my bad…I am not going to dumb that down for you lil boy, yes you would have to put a quater in the arcade to show the “troll” up…something you dont and wouldnt understand.

          2. And btw who in the fuck am i trolling??? Im letting others know that the goldern era was controlled by us…not the devs.

            If you can read, which i know you can, if you can understand im not so sure.
            But my meaning is …the devs are killing the biz , and not having dlc for one system but for others is complete bullshit

            At least sega had class and competed with games and not in game features

        2. Holy shit brotha hell yeah speak that shit! Its true every single word. As much as I HATE Microsoft, 4 example if it were the LAST console on Earth, Id most definately have that! No BS. All the rest apart from Having Fun should be nothing but noise. I hope the companies doing things right, get what they deserve and if they being dirty, get put in the garbage.

          1. Sorry to vent…but I’ve been around for a while….and with todays tech we can voice our concerns way more efficient than ever before. Instead of trolling each other or trolling fansites..troll the video game business. Let them know this bullshit is not tollerated

        3. If that was completely true, everyone would ditch consoles and exclusively develop for PC, man. Maybe the Wii U is hard to develop for or something? Show some hope.

    1. It’s not the dev’s fault. Nintendo is the one with dlc problems. They dont support it yet (or they want too much money from the dev) ill get this on pc. Nintendo needs to stop screwing around and let these devs put some dlc on.

      1. thats funny, because assassins creed 3 did just fine with it’s dlc. monster hunter 3 ultimate has dlc. resident evil revelations has dlc. zen pinball 2 has dlc. nsmbu is getting dlc. injustice is getting dlc within a month. but some how, it’s just too much of a FUCKING problem for them to put dlc out that’ll be available DAY ONE for other platforms. there really is no fucking excuse for any of this. the wii u fully supports dlc and online modes, any game that doesn’t include said features when it does on other platforms is absolutely retarded. i NEVER thought i would ever see something like this in my life. it’s 100% the devs fault. nintendo has everything there for them to release dlc, yet for some reason they dont want to release it. such horse shit.

    1. I’m curious as to why they made this choice. It could be any one of a number of things, I suppose. One that keeps running through my mind is the limited internal storage the Wii U has. I know you can get a separate HDD, but I fear that some devs are going to hold back on making DLC for the Wii U because they don’t expect many people to buy or download it for that reason.

          1. Hopefully people like us will buy it will convince them and hopefully the DLC come to Wii U. Only thing I can think of is the programming language that preventing this DLC.

      1. Thats 1 possible theory, but Im thinkin its more of a Licensing issue no? Im sure if Nintendo really wanted it, money talks and Sony/MS as much as I hate it, they put out Money 4 them DLC Rights… Does anyone know if Nintendo ever had an opinion or speak on this? Storage cant be the reason, it has to be a buisiness issue…??

      2. I think the sales of digital content on the Wii U so far would counteract that claim. I know it is no where as high as the PS3 or 360 but it is still considerable enough to know that Wii U owners are downloading digital content and games and some of which is 1 – 7GB in size.

          1. and? the wii u can also have up to 3tb of storage. the base storage isn’t what matters. if someone needs more storage, they can get more for cheaper on the wii u than if you wanted to expand your 360’s storage. it’s in no way a valid excuse.

            1. The 360 comes with a 250 and 360 GB HDD already, is what I’m saying.

              The Wii U at the moment only comes with 32 as the highest. There are a ton of people who, although they know that the Wii U’s memory can be expanded with an external drive, refrain from downloading because of memory stock limitations.

              I never said it was a valid reason or excuse – I was simply making a rhetorical inquiry. Pondering why they made those decisions. Could it be possible that they feel that way? I know others in the gaming community do.. maybe they do too. I don’t know. We won’t know until they make an official statement on the matter. If they do.

              1. i seriously hope they do. it seriously sucks that im going to be missing out on a chunk of a game that im really excited for, just because they dont feel like releasing it. if they blame the system not having enough memory, then i’ll call bullshit. there’s no way that’s a legitimate reason. there HAS to be something else going on.

    2. Because nintendo is too restrictive!!! The dev wants it on all systems (why the hell wouldnt they!? It sells more copies. Find out who is actually to blame for this dlc crap. Nintendo.

  1. Well, it was probably just for one of those challenge maps anyways. I’d be disappointed if it was for to play as him in some story mode like they did with Robin in Arkham City.

    1. That was a seperate story. If Deathstroke’s part in Origins is like Catwoman’s was in City, then we have a major problem here.

  2. Hey Simply G,

    Please find something positive about Wii U next time.

    I never, ever saw you fishing any news pro-Nintendo.

    1. Uh, I don’t run this site or write for it. Not everything I submit gets posted. Some things I submit, others submit as well and sickr might say, “thanks to everyone who sent this in.” Or there have been a few cases where I have sent in tips and for one reason or another I was not sourced as the tipster. I really don’t care.

      I submit positive and negative news as long as it pertains to Nintendo.

      Get over it.

        1. That is why I am secretly fell in love with him… Oh Simply G just ignore this comment will ya? It is not important. Trust me.

  3. Publishers and Devs keep complaining how they won’t make games for the WiiU until it starts selling well, when ironically it’s not selling well cause it doesn’t have many core titles. Then when they finally make games for it they make it so the WiiU version is the one getting shafted.

  4. If WB whines about their game not selling as well on the Wii U, just point to this, people. They have no one to blame but themselves when they leave a job unfinished.

  5. Warner Bros support for the Wii U has been half-hearted at best. If they want their games to sell, they need to step it up.

      1. i know, it’s really. weird. i honestly cant fathom a reason as to why they would do this. it’s like there thought process goes like this “we’re making this game also for a system that has a low install base because it’s a new consoel, LETS RELEAS A VERSION THAT HAS LESS CONTENT! THAT’LL GET THEM TO BUY THE SYSTEM AND THE GAME!” bunch of fucking retards. im still going to buy this game on the wii u especially because i loved what they did with arkham city on the wii u, but really? why do i have to be punished for wanting to play this game on the wii u? why do i have to be punished for supporting their game? unbelievable. they really need to get there shit together.

          1. that royally pissed me the fuck off. i was actually thinking about buying that game on the wiiu aswell, and then the game comes out and everybody discovers that it’s missing a ton of features for absolutely NO reason. i seriously dont get how they could confidently call the wii u version the definitive version, and leave out 2/3 of the fucking game. do these developers desperately not want there games to sell on a nintendo platform? i would think that they would try to make there games stand out on nintendo platforms rather than making them worse seeing as the popular beleif is that 3rd party games dont sell on nintendo consoles. if they would put in the time and actually, i dont know, AT LEAST MAKE IT EQUAL WITH OTHER VERSIONS OF THE SAME GAME, then maybe they wouldn’t sell as poorly on nintendo consoles.

            1. I agree 100%. There’s absolutly no reason to release a game with all features on the 360 and PS3 but without all the features on the Wii U. Especially if these features are actual game modes. I mean they know Nintendo fans would buy that game! They know a gamer would actually buy that game! Yet they just go and troll Nintendo fans. Like I said before, that’s just fucked up and not even funny. Wii U owners bought that game for full price too.

    1. I think they have supported the Wii U quite well.

      They had the Batman Arkham City Armored Edition, which was essentially the best version of the game.

      – Game Party Champions
      – Scribblenauts Unlimited (and then the new DC Comics Scribblenauts game is coming soon)
      – Injustice: Gods Among Us
      – Lego Batman 2

      Then there are other games coming out from WB like Arkham Origins, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and as I said before, the Scribblenauts Unmasked DC game.

      Then you can even count Lego City Undercover, since it’s from the same parent company.

      I would say WB has been one of the few companies supporting the Wii U above the average.

    2. the injustice situation just pissed me off. they are straight bull shitting. then they had the audacity to say that it was actually Nintendo’s fault for not communicating about how to get dlc on the Wii u when ubisoft did it just fine

      1. It is nintendos fault you idiot! Thats a true fucking statement. Nintendo is ass backwards with their dlc.

  6. i will still be buying it on the Wii u stopped buying any new games on my ps3 what the point when the Wii u looks better and steam is crap. just means i don’t have it

    1. i was with you until you said steam was crap. really? have you never experienced the sales? i always get games that are maybe a month old for $20 or even cheaper. it’s crazy, and also there are a ton of indie games on there as well. i honestly can’t really think of any downsides to it. now if you were to mention origin, games for windows live or uplay, it would be an entirely different story.

      1. have u ever tried to connect to steam with a connection lower than 12 Kbs its terrible also i don’t see why you have to download the whole game when i have to reinstate a game and i have the disc the disc. i gave up on shogun 2 and just chucked the disc in the trash as it would have taken me a week to install the updates

        1. well, it’s not steams fault that you have terrible internet lol. downloads would take forever no matter what program you used, and every games on pc needs to be installed anyway. it’s more of your fault for having derpy internet rather than steams fault lol

          1. so it is my fault that i have to download a game i have on hard copy which is in my dvd rom drive at that moment in time. so the disc. it was a digital download version of the game i did not buy a digital download version of the game. so you are saying that pc game discs don’t have the software on them shut up. people like you are the reason we have these companies riding ruff shot over people. steam has a substandard service witch will override instillation off a disc so in my opinion that’s not good enough. there is no way to suspend it while you are reinstaling the game. this is simple thing in programming.

            even when you 3G connection at 2mbs you still have have to do a re-install from steam and not off the disc. steam has made the disc completly pointless to buy and if steam is not to busy crashing on you has done nothing but mad pc gaming that little bit worse.

            the crap they sell is over priced charging the same a hard copy. then to get people to buy off them get a load of crap games and put 10% off and so forth to get idiots to buy off them. steam is unnecessary for PC gaming, it just another middleman taking some money off the consumer and doing very little to earn it.

            the forced these thing on to the consumer and to say other wise is just condoning it. but it does not matter as they can do what they wont as most consumers won’t complain what so ever.

            there is no chose for the consummer over pc gameing they are forced into having to rely completely on a download store to run a game. if that company was based any where else other than the US they would be charged with having a monopoly. but in the US if you have the money you can pay off the government

            1. holy shitman. let me tell you a couple things
              for one, having game installed on your hardrive raather than running off of your disc allows for much better performance and load times. and another thing, did you just say games on steam are overpriced? really? do youjust completely ignore the daily sales? i’ve gotten packs of games for $20, it’s pretty damn cheap. while i do agree that it kindof sucks that you have to log in to play steam games once a month and you can just play in offline mode, you’re kindof overreacting about a lot of this.

              1. i don’t think it is first of all most pc games run off your hard drive even before steam i i even did in the late 90s with no cd tools. i think many of the games when they first come out, are over priced you can get them cheaper in a pcworld and many other retailer. and this is not just a problem with steam it is the same with origin they will sell at the same price as a hard copy. also if you need to update games it is a hassle when in the past all you did was go to the developers website and clicked on there downloads and patch section. you could still play the game as you where downloading the patches. the last patch i downloaded for skyrim i had to wait almost hour for that and i was using 3G broad band and i get up to 8mbs on a normal day. steam is buggy

  7. Any reasonable excuse for the Warner Brothers? Because I don’t see how anyone can come up with an excuse for this.

  8. Pitfall near your door

    Is their any reason for leaving this DLC out on the Wii U version?…They could at least give us a half asses reason why except of saying “Ohh no deathstroke DLC for wii U…yeah”

  9. One less game I’ll be purchasing until or unless all the DLC that is available on other consoles is on that version. I’m not going to spend money on incomplete projects.

    I don’t think I’m going to purchase hardly any 3rd party games for the Wii U from any Western developers because I refuse to fund their efforts to run the Wii U into the ground by INTENTIONALLY releasing crap ports and then complaining later that their games aren’t selling and use that as an excuse not to make games for it in the future.

    There are a lot of people out there stupid enough not to see how transparent that is, but I’m not one of them and neither most of the people that post here. These developers need to realize that WE pay their salary and a Code Red can work just as easily against THEM as the one they have against Nintendo.

    I will have NO problem putting all my Wii U dollars towards 1st party titles and games made from publishers over seas.

    1. You realize you’re playing right into a catch-22 though.

      If you don’t buy the games, then the devs will just say, “nobody is buying our games, let’s stop developing for the system altogether.”

      1. I going buy this game anyway regardless of DLC or not for Wii U. Because I love Batman and I like Wii U. Sorry guys I haven’t fall in love with my Wii U yet.

      2. That didn’t stop the Wii now did it?

        It’s not a catch-22 because by purchasing a product from a company you are endorsing their activities. If they don’t get money from you they have no money to do anything, It’s no different than buying a game made from EA know full-well their stance on Nintendo. I also is not a catch-22 because I am choosing to spend my dollars on a game from a company that fully supports Nintendo instead of a toll-company. Nintendo still gets the benefit of my money being spent on their product in the end. The troll company doesn’t

        I think you missed the point of what I was saying. Nintendo has proved with the success of the Wii, DS, and 3DS that it doesn’t NEED large 3rd party support. These western developers THINK Nintendo does simply because Sony and Microsoft (mostly Microsoft) need large 3rd party support and that it is universal necessity.. It is not.

    2. Again we have 2 find out officially from Nintendo why this is happening… We need a statement from them… Who knows it might be Nintendo’s fault somehow… Im a fan but we really havent heard from N. I cant help and wonder what they have 2 say about this…

      1. I hardly see why we should ask Nintendo why the content isn’t coming to the Wii U. They could give the reason why they think or what they were told was the reason the system isn’t getting it, but if you want the real reason shouldn’t we go to the people making the content?

        1. ohhh that is true. i noticed that games that would normally have an online pass on other platforms didnt even need it on wii u like assassins creed 3 and mass effect 3. maybe this is the case? if it is, then i’ll be a lot less shaken up by this whole debacle. but i swear to god if i can’t play as deathstroke on the wii u version, i’ll just play as him on the pc version lol. unless, you know, if it turns out that deathstroke isn’t even fun to play as to begin with.

  10. When the Wii U’s Install base grows, it’ll get more games & DLC.
    Gotta wait for those 1st-Party IPs to reel in more gamers.

    Of course, don’t expect every 3rd-party to support it (Especially Western Pubs like EA & Deep Silver).

    However, do expect plenty of Support from the Japanese Publishers like Capcom, Sega, Atlus, Namco, Xseed, Tecmo, Konami, & Square Enix. :P

    1. Then once the IPs hit the shelves, the third parties are going to complain that Nintendo is packing the market and not letting third party games have a chance.

      They complain no matter what Nintendo does.

  11. Well if this is true, then there is not a single reason to preorder it and buy it at launch, I just just have to wait the game get dirt cheap or buy it used, is their loss, not mine.

  12. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    People keep saying the problem with devs is, “They’re not developing for Wii U because it doesn’t have an install base but to get an install base you need to make core games.”

    Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

    Why would someone buy another console to play a multi-platform game (pay for the game: another $60 on top of the console) when they can buy it for their current console? Devs won’t start developing and the install base won’t grow until PS4/XboxOne release and/or Nintendo releases first-party games.

    1. the funny thing is, look at bf4, it’s on the ps4 and xbone even without a nonexistant install base. i totally agree that it makes sense that developers would be wary to support a new console, but when DICE says something like “oh, we don’t want to develop of wiiu right now because we want to focus on making the current gen versions and the pc version as good as we can” and then months later they announce it to be coming out on the ps4 and xbone as well.

    1. I would suggest trying to contact WB games to get confirmation.. I already have it pre-ordered so I hope the DLC comes.. I emailed them and messaged them on Facebook. I hope to hear something

      1. Please let us know if you hear anything, I have all 3 consoles and I want to support nintendo. either get preorder dlc on xbox or ps3 or wait and wonder if I have to pay for late dlc on wiiu. I wanted injustice on wii u, and still no sign of dlc…got it for 360.

  13. why is it so hard to transfer stuff to eshop they had no problem with the 3ds with dlc and wii u shouldn’t be any different.

  14. I have only ever purchased dlc once in my time as a gamer. And that was because I had remaining Microsoft points after downloading arcade games. I don’t believe in dlc. I think it is a cheap way of getting more money by potentially ripping people off

  15. And 3rd party developers wonder why their games don’t sell on Nintendo consoles.

    Missing DLC, Missing Features, Missing engines, missing this missing that, (in some cases a cut-paste rushed port without bug-checking) while charging the same price as PS3/360 versions that are not missing anything.

    You want Nintendo gamers to support 3rd party games, well then give Nintendo gamers equal treatment instead of incomplete ports & whining that we wont buy them.

    1. The devs are probably doing that to make a reason to not support the Wii U. If I was to ask EA why the new Need for Speed is not coming to Wii U they would say “because our games don’t sell well on that platform” when it’s clearly they’re fault.

  16. WTF!!! Go to hell Warner Bros.!!! Is it really that hard to offer DLC on at least Wii U’s eshop? Fuck you guys. I will probably buy the game regardless because I was a huge fan of Arkham City but this is ridiculous.

  17. I believe the reason is Nintendo does not have a system in place for dlc codes, so preorder bonuses like Deathstroke would be impossible. That would mean the dlc would have to be on the disc (Which would piss off retailers) or release it later on the e-shop.

    I do applaud Nintendo for finally getting a more online-ready system, but they should have emulated other platforms. It still irks me that the only alert I get when a friend comes online is a quick blue glow on the home button, and then I have to pause my game to see who it is.

    1. Yeah. There is an option to type in codes on the eshop. I don’t see why the DLC code wouldn’t work there. 💋

    2. That explains why you can’t play as Metal Sonic on the Wii U version of Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed.


  18. Not a surprise, but lots of wii u owners will buy any way, this is confirmation for me not to buy Batman Arkham City either for any system see as i only havw a ” U” i would have bought both at luanch if origens, NOTNOW!

  19. Funny how people say that Wii U have a very small install base but the DLC is coming to PS4 and XB1 which has zero install base. It has to be something at Nintendo’s side. That we have to bug Nintendo for their fan’s sake. Message rhem on miiverse,etc.

      1. Oh fudge you are right. I was thinking of Wii U getting DLCs as a whole. Thanks for pointing that out. Although Im almost positive that it will be available eventually on PS4 and X1.

  20. Well, I was planning to get this upon release. Now, I’ll just get it from the bargain bin. Again, I’m NEVER paying full price for ANY game, if we Wii U owners are going to get the lesser version.

  21. God damnit. C’mon Warner Bros. you’re the second most supportive third party publisher of the Wii U. You can do better.

  22. Dear My Nintendo News, being as this piece of trash, I mean news has been found to quite possibly be inaccurate thanks to evidence found by your readers rather than your “excellent” journalists I think it’s time you removed this article and let your readers know that you made a mistake and didn’t mean to cause any upset. As a Nintendo news site to be publishing “news” that is damaging to the reputation of a company that this entire website is dedicated to is counterproductive and frankly idiotic at best. I don’t think that all news should be positive, but at least make it accurate before you turn everyone into PS4 fans.

  23. DLC? you really think is DLC?, when you download this “preorder bonus” they are always like 60kb, it grants permission to use that part of the disc, im tired of this on disc dlc shit

    1. I dont think Nintendo even charges for DLC…They dont charge Indie devs to patch or update their games unlike Microsoft who charges $50,000 per patch/update. Could be wrong but I doubt Nintendo charges for DLC if they do I cant see it being to much. But then again Nintendo has been fucking up alot on everything business wise. Still make the best games, but on everything else they are slipping. Treating the fans worse and worse.

  24. not buying any incomplete games… how many is this now?

    Batman origins no dlc
    black ops 2 no dlc
    sniper 2 v2 no online whatsoever

    WTF is up with the third parties…

  25. “Exclusive early access.” Early access being the keywords there. I don’t see it saying that Wii U absolutely will not get it, but it’s not being featured as a pre-order bonus. Big difference there.

  26. thenintendoreviewer

    What’s the deal? Why are all these third parties skipping on DLC for the Wii U versions when it has be PROVEN that the Wii U can do DLC just fine? This makes no sense. Inexcusable. Get your act together third parties and stop giving the Wii U the shaft.

  27. I would like to know, what are Nintendos stances on day 1 dlc, locked content on discs and releasing half of the game as dlc.
    Might have something to do with situation like this, and EA’s pulling out.

  28. im not surprised, they did this with injustice gods among us too and yet they charged the same price as the other consoles.

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  30. Amazon is selling pre-orders with DLC-

    Pre-order Batman Arkham Origins to receive a $10 Credit and Playable Deathstroke DLC
    Pre-order Batman Arkham Origins and get the Playable Deathstroke DLC plus a $10 Amazon credit good toward the purchase of items shipped and sold by (certain exclusions apply, including but not limited to Kindle books, Gift Cards, and Amazon Appstore for Android apps). The promotional code will be emailed within two business days after your order ships. This offer will be extended to all existing pre-orders. Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time. Limited to one per customer order.

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    If any of you want anything changed about this, contact WB Games Montreal at this email. No matter how trivial it seems, just do it. It’s not like theres any other way to get our voice across.

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