Animal Crossing: New Leaf UK Review


Animal Crossing: New Leaf transports players to a delightful world filled to the brim with interesting characters, all with their own unique and intriguing personalities.

The game sees you assume the grand task of being the town Mayor – which isn’t a responsibility that you should take lightly. Once you’re given this assignment it’s up to you to transform your town into your own idyllic version of paradise. How you set about doing this is entirely up to you, which is one of the wonderful things about Animal Crossing. You’re never really coerced into doing something. It’s up to the player how they decide to tackle things.

There’s an array of charming activities to participate in in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. These tasks include fishing for different species of fish, fossil hunting for items to donate to your town’s museum, bug hunting – which can prove to be frustrating at times, but fun, and also the new task of deep-sea diving. You can either sell your wares or donate them to the relatively sparse town museum where the curator Blathers is extremely appreciative of your hard work.

animal_crossing_new_leaf_artIn reality Animal Crossing: New Leaf is all about customizing your town, your house and your character as well as interacting with your fellow villagers. This particular entry to the acclaimed series doesn’t disappoint on this front. You can visit the Able Sisters to get your character looking dapper in his or her new threads. You can visit Tom Nook’s reasonably priced establishment for home furniture and decorations, or if you’re looking to get away for a bit then you’re welcome to visit the luscious Tortimer Island for some luxurious sun and fun.

I’ve briefly dipped into previous Animal Crossing titles but unfortunately they haven’t captured my attention as much as I would have liked. This is possibly due to the lack of structure and goals, though this genuinely isn’t a bad thing in Animal Crossing’s case. If you’re looking to lose yourself in an idyllic paradise of your own making – where you can carelessly start your time-consuming virtual life – then Animal Crossing: New Leaf is most certainly a game for you. The changes to the game are negligible, but for £35 you honestly won’t find better value for money elsewhere.



    1. Uhh hello! Its the saim game as the gamecoob, wii, and ds version. dont buy it. u can by the saim game cheaper for ds. ur welcome!

      1. Only an Animal Crossing fan can truely see how different this game really is from the others. To non-players it would seem the same thing. But for someone who has enjoyed every one in the franchise, this game has made huge changes on an already amazing series. Actually even people who haven’t should be able to see the difference in swimming, the beach, the stores, the custamization of furniture, hanging things on wall, pants, the island, minigames, diving underwater, and places things throughout town.

        1. Uhh hello! than y by this 1 when an hd 1 for wii 2 will come out and be improved reel soon!!! u dont be dumb and by this . wate for wii u2 hd version

    1. They have given it a great mark at 9/10. A more seasoned entity like Famitsu is entitled to give games 40/40s because the judge harshly and with years of correct calls to back their awarding. Mynintendonews while acquiring shadowbutterfly and the other new article author are better suited at giving obscurely great games like this one a 9/10. If they gave it a 10/10 they will be labelled fanboys by gamers abound. Though when X is released and Alba awards that 10/10 that will be their first stand as set in stone real gamers. Thus let’s support mynintendonews, all gamers, trolls included.

  1. Sony an MS should ake note, how Nintendo can make a simple game like this get 9’s n 10’s, while the best experiences on the competitor’s consoles barely ever break 7-8 lol.

    1. Yeah, but the competitor’s console’s best experiences aren’t judged with nostalgia involved either.

      1. They are judged with the same maps and different skins. Alá COD and halo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc. Or killzone 5, beyond two souls aka Hard rain 2.

      1. This is the 3DS, they said that about it in 2011. Look at this baby now, the only company close to being finished is the xbox side of Microsoft. If Microsoft bumbles their e3 and Sony delivers their on point and with a barrage of games, first and third party IPs. If the last guardian is shown, take heed to this; next generation will be nintendo and sony being the only two companies with home consoles.

  2. This is one of those games you can’t really give a review score xD

    You either like it or not.

  3. Nintendo commander, figured this one out. Our lady forces love this game. Thus showing others that nintendo caters to all, in an intriguing but rich and wholesome way. For our Nintendlings, there is always sonic and Mario at the optimize and usher them properly into the world of gaming. Thus in the future they can play, RPGs, action, adventure, FPS, educational games at their own wisely chosen times and schedules.

  4. I’m a 21 year old male that’d you would never expect to like this game, but Animal Crossing may well be my favorite series. Period. I’d much rather play this opposed to Call of Duty or Halo. You complain because the series is repetitive in some aspects yet every year when a new COD comes out you spend months prestiging all over again.

  5. I totally LOVE the Animal Crossing series, but I know I’m not buying this. I’m too depressed to have fun. : (

  6. Disappointed. I was expecting a 10/10. Oh well! 9/10 is still superb! Day 1 purchase for me! 💋

  7. I’ve preordered it and I am very excited for it. I think AC works much better on handhelds than on consoles.

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