Feast Your Eyes On Capcom’s 30th Anniversary Website

capcom 8 bit charactersEstablished in 1983, Capcom is 30 years old this year, and with it comes an exciting launch site proving that we should be counting down to something worth salivating over. On June 10, the company will unleash their celebrations on gamers across the world, giving us more than a juicy rumour to cling onto. They previously gave fans the chance to grab a special Mega Man 3DS case to mark the game’s 25th Anniversary, so who knows what else they have up their sleeve. In the 6 days remaining, though, you can share your congratulatory messages on Capcom’s site here, and give them a pat on the back for bringing some much-loved titles to your gaming repertoire.


  1. And now most of those are fucking dead.
    It’s actually insulting that Capcom’s like “LOOK AT OUR HISTORY”, yet they just kill all their franchises, and destroy any hope of something good to come from them.

    1. Viewtiful Joe is the worst.

      How dare they put Joe on there when a new game is nowhere in sight.

    2. I know righT? They confirmed that there will be no more Onimusha or Dino Crisis games. The former could have a sequel while the later should have had a reboot.

  2. I’ll hold off my gratitude until they reboot the entire Resident Evil franchise…

  3. I really hope Sissel will be starring in another game. Ghost Trick is really to good not to get a sequel. Part 2 on 3DS please!

    1. I actually disagree. I LOVE Ghost Trick (I’m currently on my third play-through) but I *don’t* want them to make a sequel. One of the things I love most about the game is how wonderfully it resolves everything and [sorta-semi-spoiler, look away!] how everyone you loved in the game, in spite of all the odds, winds up with a happier future than you ever could have expected. Honestly if the characters had to put up with any more crap after the first game, it would kind of ruin it for me. I *could* see them doing a sequel with totally different characters and *maybe* a couple cameos from the original cast, but I’m happy with Ghost Trick as a stand-alone game.

  4. I wish Capcom could come up with a new Megaman game without canceling it, but I still have love for Capcom for their Street Fighter and older Megaman games.

    1. I can see it coming. They’ve been releasing every Megaman game on 3DS VC. If it’s not getting a game, it’ll probably end up in SSB4.

  5. I think Revelations really saved their asses.

    It was a “Fluke” how amazing it was, a game they initially didn’t consider as part of the original series. As it turns put, it has been accepted better than 5 or 6.

    They were smart to make it a multi-plat.
    Probably generated some much needed $$$

  6. “Hey, Look guys at all these beautiful franchise that we killed cus we couldn’t be bother to make games for it.” Capcom

  7. Capcom just make me angry as a company frankly, they either don’t localize or take so damn long doing it. Then they change things like monster hunters online. There will likely never be another ghost trick, we will get either Phoenix X Layton or Phoenix 5, not both that’s for sure. Edgeworth 2 never getting released.

  8. Darkstalkers
    Resident Evil
    (The Original) Devil May Cry
    ALL MEGAMAN SERIES (Megaman Legends 3, still hope it could come out)
    Ghosts and Goblins
    Viewtiful Joe
    ….Damn. All of those series are pure genius, and yet, the company have something they rightfully do not fucking deserve. I don’t want people to lose their jobs, but I hope Capcom as a company downright falls. They don’t deserve SHIT. They’re living off Street Fighter, and if & when that series plummits they will be on their knees to fans. To think with the success of MvC (what little they have) they could come out with a Viewtiful Joe or Ghosts and Goblins sequel. When the company falls, I want the series of games to be sold to a company that deserves them. I want Megaman, Okami, and Viewtiful Joe to be sold to Nintendo. I also want Resident Evil and Devil May cry to be sold to Namco. Darkstalkers I want to be sold to a company who will show the true essence the series have with its plot, most preferably someone who is skilled with making 2D fighters. Nintendo and Namco at this point is two of few companies I actually trust with making GOOD games. I’m just afraid Namco will change the game into a 3D fighter, but they are experienced so who knows? The series that Strider is in could be down with Team Ninja?

  9. Thanks for the many classic titles you guys have given us!

    A crowning glory would be if you released cadillacs and dinosaurs on Xbox live arcade, loads of people want it by the looks of various forums.

    Thanks sgdin

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