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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Details Emerge


With great success in countless quests down the years, it’s as if the powerful pairing of Mario and Luigi can defeat enemies in their sleep. In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., released on 12th July for the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles, the brothers put such a theory to the test in a new adventure set on both an island near the realm of the Mushroom Kingdom, and within the depths of Luigi’s own dreams!

In this fourth instalment of the popular RPG series Mario & Luigi, the story opens with Princess Peach and her staff, plus brothers Mario and Luigi in tow, being invited for a sightseeing trip to the mysterious Pi’illo Island by its equally mysterious proprietor, Dr Snoozemore. But after an initially hospitable welcoming to the island – albeit with Dr Snoozemore noticeably absent – things take a turn for the worse when Princess Peach is kidnapped and pulled into a Dream World by a new enemy in the series, the ghostly bat king Antasma.

To chase down this new foe and rescue Princess Peach, Mario must enter this Dream World through the dreams of a sleeping Luigi, whose brain is revealed to be on a wavelength with the population of Pi’illo Island, the Pi’illo Folk. Alternating between Luigi’s Dream World and the real world, Mario and Luigi must solve puzzles, battle enemies, and even interact with creations of Luigi’s own imagination in order to succeed!

The relationship between the real world and Dream World plays a critical role within the game. While roaming the Pi’illo Island environment in the real world, Mario and Luigi need to combine equally to use trademark Bros. Moves, while in the Dream World, it is the power of Dreamy Luigi that is all-important in supporting Mario. For example, Luiginary Works are magical ways in which the player can interact with the Dream World environment through Luigi’s sleeping form. Whether it is tweaking Luigi’s moustache or scratching his nose on the bottom screen of the console, this interaction provokes a reaction in the Dream World, affecting the environment to the benefit of Mario.

In the Dream World battle sequences, the power of Dreamy Luigi once again comes to the fore when a horde of Luigis power up Mario to create formidable Luiginary Attacks, moves which greatly differ from the trademark Bros. Attacks in the real world, and which make use of the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL consoles in original ways. As an example, one Luiginary Attack comprises Mario riding on top of a ball of Luigis, with the player using the motion controls of the console to navigate the ball’s course to crush the enemies that lie ahead. Whether attacking, counterattacking or dodging in battle, the 3D capabilities of the console are also critical for players to judge perfectly timed actions.

When a battle is won, the levelling-up mechanic in-game follows a classic RPG formula, with experience points earned, improving common attributes such as health points and power, plus the addition of classic franchise attributes such as Bro Points – needed to perform special attacks – and STACHE – influencing the chance of Mario or Luigi scoring a critical hit in battle – remaining in this latest instalment in the Mario & Luigi series. Also following previous games in the series is a badge reward system, whereby both brothers can find or buy badges in-game that can be combined to earn the brothers useful rewards after certain actions – such as performing ‘excellent’ attacks – are carried out in battle. For those new to the series meanwhile, hint messages, an easy mode and a slow attack mode will help players get to grips with the battle sequences.


    1. According to my 3DS, the only days I haven’t used it were New Years Day (due to alcoholic issues) and the week I was on holiday.

    2. Yep.
      I’ll be getting Animal Crossing this week, can’t wait.

      My WiiU hasn’t seen as much action. Using it for some VC games, and playing Black-OPs2 zombie mode. Some need for speed here and there.

      I’m waiting to be “un-banned” from MiiVerse before I play too much Revelations. I want to enjoy the MiiVerse component of that one. ;)

      My WiiU really… I turn it on, then it times out an hour later because I’m playing my 3DS instead.

      I’ve been grinding my way through Soul Hackers. I love Shin Megami Tensai games. (I have #4 preordered.)

      1. Lol what did you get banned for ? I seen your backup profile xD.

        Its not suprising the 3DS is getting more attention from us than the Wiiu right now , simply because all of its best games have been in development longer and are now starting to release (Lugi’s mansion , Animal crossing , Pokemon , Fire emblem , you name it…)

        Hopfefully , this time next year the Wiiu will be in the same position as the 3ds is in now , in terms of games. And the second half of 2013 should start to pick up pace and give us a real taste of what the console has to offer.

        The 3DS really is shining so brightly now.

        1. I swore in a revelations post.
          I used the “F” word using scientific notation (not actual letters)
          I think my creativity pissed off the moderators, so 2week ban for me!!

          I’m still in MiiVerse pergatory for a few more days. It’s nice to know MiiVerse is safe I suppose.

          I am still unlocking things in ME3, so I’ll hang on to it a while longer. AC3… I’m just having trouble finishing it, but I’ve come soo far…

          I think Reelations is best on the 3DS, but It is fun to play on the WiiU. I haven’t got into Raid Mode yet, but I will,

          I don’t think there is any way WiiU will make the profit they wanted this year. It’s going to need more games and a soft, re-launch I think.

          I hope the 3DS successor that comes put in a few more years keeps the 3D. I totally love it. Imagine 3D AND More muscle?
          I’m happy the way it is for now though. :)

          1. Agreed. They might be leaving the big wiiu games too late to have a major impact on this years sales.

            Revelations is a great game I think it might of been a bit more playable on its native platform but its still great to play it in HD. And it makes you really appreciate how amazing the game looked for a 3DS game! Raid mode is the best thing about the game , addictive as heck. If you like ME3 multiplayer you’l love raid mode also. (different but similar)

            Miiverse banned you for saying F$^$ or something ? that’s harsh…

      2. Yeh. I’m playing Revelations now. I recently sold all of the Wiiu games I either finished or don’t see myself playing again. Sold Blops 2 , AC3 , Ninja gaiden 3 , Mass effect 3 and Need for speed.

        I sold ME3 cus EA being dicks even though I was looking forward to playing it more online… oh well I finished it twice on Wiiu and put in about 70 hours.

        My honey moon period with Wiiu is over now. I’m not buying games just for the sake of it anymore cus I want something to play on my new console (always happens).

        I’ll only be playing the best the Wiiu has to offer from now on including many indie and virtual console games!

  1. It’s crazy to think this is out as early as next month, it only got announced a little while ago.

  2. mario and luigi is a tru rpg,were as paper mario is something all together different now… when did mario and luigi become the definitive mario rpg,and will they bring a mario and luigi type game to wii u.

    1. I hope Paper Mario goes back to its roots. I still play TTYD, because it’s only a masterpiece and all.

  3. The only thing that bothers me is that the motion controlls are not optional. Playing on the move with games like LM2 (watching through windows, balancing) and OoT3D (aiming) is impossible!

  4. > Slow attack mode

    Ah~ I loved this to be honest. At least if I’m thinking about the mechanics I think I am. I liked how you were rewarded for turning these modes off by hitting more damage and using less Bros. Points.

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