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Grant Kirkhope Will Write A Score If Kickstarter’s A Hat In Time Reaches $150K

a hat in timeIf you’ve got a great game, and oodles of passion, Kickstarter is the place to set up your crowdfunding campaign. And that’s just what game developers Gears For Breakfast has done with their Banjo-Kazooie meets Wind Waker inspired project A Hat In Time for Wii U and Steam. Serving up a delightful feast, their project has been successfully funded and reached their $30,000 goal. And with 24 days to go, the team are looking to hit a few stretch goals a long the way.

Currently the developers have $89,000 sitting pretty in their pot, but their passion is great and they’d love to get some new features on board for the platformer game. $95,000 will enable them to produce full voice acting, while $110,000 will give fans a seventh bonus chapter to the storyline. But here’s the best bit: if backers hit $150,000 legendary games composer Grant Kirkhope, most famous for his Banjo-Kazooie music, will write a score for the title. Let us know what you think of A Hat In Time in the comments below – you can check out their Kickstarter page here. Here’s what Kirkhope had to say on Twitter:

“If A Hat in Time reach their stretch goals I’m going to write a tune for them to put in the game!” – Grant Kirkhope

47 thoughts on “Grant Kirkhope Will Write A Score If Kickstarter’s A Hat In Time Reaches $150K”

    1. It’s basically the closest thing we’re going to get to a new Banjo Kazooie. It’s a 3D platformer collect-a-thon.

      1. So waiting for Mario 3D would be a better option then? Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t trust these indie devs with their Kickstarter campaigns. Look at Shadow Of The Eternals – first they ask us for money, tempting us by saying that it’ll be exclusive to the Wii U and PC, and then, after taking our cash, revealing that it’ll be made for the XBox One and PS4. If I see some footage of this game in action then I may consider contributing, but until then, my money is staying in my wallet.

        1. Waiting for a new 3D Mario is always worth the antagonizing wait…

          I do no longer support the SotE project at all…

          They first tease us and barely tries to contact our Empire but they would gladly walk into Xbot territory to beg for resources…

          I’ll never support anyone who chooses the Xbots above us…

          1. Shadow Of The Eternals, I was talking about. When they first asked us for money, they told us it would be a Wii U exclusive, using that as a selling point for his Kickstarter campaign, but then revealed otherwise after taking our cash. All I’ve seen of THIS game is a few photos, which doesn’t tell me anything.

            1. If you visit the Kickstarter page you’ll see about 40 seconds of video gameplay before Gears for Breakfast’s creative director comes in to talk about the game. It’s not much, but it’s at least something to gage reaction to the game’s style. :)

              1. I shall take a look. But as someone below has stated, it hasn’t even been announced for Wii U yet, so I shall at least wait for that announcement!

                I was stung by the Shadow Of The Eternals guys, so I’m making sure I get what I’m promised before contributing toward any other Kickstarters.

                1. That’s a good outlook towards it. A lot of backers were bitten by The Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaign, so I can understand your worries. Let’s hope it comes to Wii U! :)

                2. thats what i am waiting for, announcing for Wii U. when that happens i will put som money on the game. i really hope they get to the “FULL VOICE ACTING” goal though.

            2. Well it was Wii U and PC exclusive. As it should be. Eternal Darkness was a Gamecube exclusive to the sequel should remain a Nintendo exclusive.

        2. To be fair, it’s described on the page as a game influenced in design by Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie and aesthetically by Wind Waker (they only said Legend of Zelda).

          As for Grant, he is the man who wrote the music for games like Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark.

  1. “95,000 will enable them to produce full voice acting, while $110,000 will give fans a seventh bonus chapter to the storyline.”

    Why? Why have voice acting, it’s uneccessary….. And especially when it’s being prioritised over entire levels….

  2. “greedy german”? What are you talking about? There is no german working on the game.
    Think it looks good, what they have showed. Think someone can make a good looking game so cheap.

  3. Kratos! A skirt why? No one ever answers me when I pose that question. Sony fans and gamers, why does Sonyar lands fading mascot wear a skirt? That’s one thing that irks me the most about that series. To the game at hand, why don’t they add 5 bonus levels and all nintendo Wii U control schemes to the game at 95 000. Request nintendo for a Goron feature maybe?

    1. They are Graphics/Useless Features worshippers and of course, Sonyans…

      Our Empire shall not waste resources unless they provide solid gameplay first…

    2. It’s because he is a drag act. The original version of the game had him dancing around a colosseum while singing ‘It’s Raining Men’ to a cheering crowd, but the game’s devs cut that bit as they decided it wasn’t commercially viable.

    1. Publishers are too skittish to green-light the majority of good games, and they constantly attempt to “steer” the game’s creative direction to what they think will sell best, in spite of not really understanding what would make the game good. Designers lose their creative integrity and have to bend to a publisher’s whims in order to get the game to see the light of day. The publisher model scares developers into making generic games that are more likely to sell so that they can stay afloat. Finding a modern publisher willing to support a game like “A Hat In Time” would be extremely difficult.

      Crowd-funding, on the other hand, allows developers complete creative freedom and the ability to create something truly original provided there is enough interest from REAL gamers. In addition to that, if you back a crowd-funded game you will often get it either for less than you would have spent on a publisher-released game or you get some awesome unique bonus along with it.

      I know that change can be hard to accept, you should probably go tell those whippersnappers to get off your lawn. ;)

  4. The crazy part is they have not announced a Wii U version and they want us to give money for voice acting?

  5. I always wondered where all the money is going when making a game? I mean, why does it take SO much? I’m pretty brainless when it comes to financial and business stuff.

  6. Kickstarter is to fund projects.
    It is NOT for buying games. Sure you can get games from it but if you are not there to fund projects then get out and stop saying it’s bad because it isn’t confirmed for Wii U.
    Be happy that there are devs who want to make games like this and stop trolling.

  7. if it comes to the xbox one . they might prank people by making a message appear
    “the kinect is in control of what you like and you will be forced to watch tv and sports

  8. the idea of a rare/nintendo(64) inspired game is very cool,but the hat kid and other characters look really unappealing to me

  9. Once again, My Nintendo News does a misleading title for hits. Most people won’t figure out that Grant Kirkhope is actually writing the music for one level but will rather assume that he’ll write the game’s score, which is flat out incorrect.

    1. Of course the direct quote from Grant Kirkhope is in there, so I suppose the truth is evident enough.

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