Here’s The Disney Planes Trailer Soaring Towards A Summer Release

Disney Interactive announced back in April that a new title named Planes would be soaring exclusively on Nintendo platforms this summer, and now it’s time to take in the dizzying heights of the new trailer. The trailer, which you can see above, shows off some of those death-defying moves – or maybe not – as you take to the skies with Dusty and friends from the Cars spin-off.

The Wii and Wii U versions feature ten characters and four game modes, from balloon popping to Air Rallies. The Nintendo 3DS and DS versions only feature six playable characters with six different areas to explore, as well as three different games modes with over 40 different missions. Planes is set for a summer release and will be available August 16.


  1. Seriously will anyone buy this apart from parents who just want to shut up their kid after they see the film?

    1. disney is more like : enjoy the game… like nintendo..

      thats why disney games dont sell in other platforms. Thats good, because disney owns starwars now.. lol

      1. Although this is totally going to be a shitty movie tie-in game, to a shitty Pixar Movie, they didn’t really show any gameplay footage, that’s more than likely a bad sign almost as bad as it being a movie tie-in.

        ALTHOUGH I would compare Nintendo platforms to the Toy Story trilogy by Disney/Pixar, innovative for the time unique art-style but great looking for that style, aimed at all ages, has some pretty deep and layered themes for older people, and bright pretty colours for the youngsters, and no matter how old you are, toy story rocks.

        Sony’s Playstation consoles are more like Die Hard film series. Aimed at a more adult audience, AMAZING when they started out, but with the more technology they had to make their product the more it forgot about it’s roots, and relied on flashy special effects to sell. Although Die Hard fans will continue to watch Die Hard films regardless, even though deep down it pains them (like me heh).

        Microsoft are more like Michael Bay’s Transformers films relying completely on adrenaline fuelled CGI bullshit forgetting everything about what the art is all about and focusing on just selling as much as possible to an audience who’ll gladly accept it.

        On the StarWars front I hope Disney bitch-slaps EA into releasing the Frostbite 3 powered Star Wars games on the Wii U.

  2. Just like cars 1 and 2, this is utter garbage. Pixar what has happened to your ‘The Incredibles’ days. A bugs life. Now that was when pixar was great. Pass!

    1. As best these type of games can be a decent choice for our youngest Nintendolings…

      However I agree when it comes to the Pixar Empire…

      They seem to have dropped the ball lately…

      I wonder if the Xbots corrupted them too…

      1. Disney acquired pixar entirely. When Steve jobs sold it to them, while being given a large stake in the Disney Pie as a director and board member though one silent.

  3. YES!!!! THIS IS exactly what nintendo fans want!!!!! oh wait i mean fanboys. the rest of us will wait for nintendo to bring over fatal frame, or make an hd collection.

    1. Next they’ll make Houses, where they just stand still and talk for 90 minutes…

  4. I never watched Disney’s Cars because I thought it looked dumb and was mainly aimed at little kids.

    1. The concept of talking cars (or ANY vehicle) was never appealing to me. Except I thought that Knight Rider’s Kit was pretty cool back in the day.

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