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Nintendo Is Apparently Dropping The Wii U Basic Model


Square Triangle, a member of the Neogaf forum, says that he has received an email from where he works informing him that all the Wii U basic editions are being recalled. Nintendo has previously stated that the 8GB Basic model hasn’t been as popular with consumers as the 32GB Premium model. The company is either preparing a new bundle, or alternatively they could be scrapping the Basic and selling the Premium console at $299.99. We should find out either this week, or next.

200 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Apparently Dropping The Wii U Basic Model”

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    1. No, bs is not to support external drives, which fortunately the Wii U does. 32 gb isn’t much, it’s just a way to postpone the inevitable. I’d never pay more for extra 24 GB alone when I *know* I’ll get an external drive for it anyway. Of all the reasons to buy the Deluxe version, the extra space is the least important (unless you’re somehow prevented from getting an external drive in a month or so).

        1. If a game is around 20-30 Gigs, an internal memory of 32 Gigs only serves to have one at a time in the drive.
          This has nothing to do with the memory speed, it’s about the size itself, when you have games that are simply too big for the system’s memory, the use of external memory is mandatory whether it is faster or not, and if you’re gonna buy packaged games and only need internal memory for saving, then 8 Gigs are more than enough.

          1. Correct. I meant hdd memory. Not ram. My bad.

            I was also thinking along the lines of apps/e-shop games.

    1. Cheaper and I can plug an external drive for way more than just +24 GB?

      The real problem of the Basic Model wasn’t the model per se, but the fact that the Deluxe was better than expected. They could get away with the Deluxe at the same price even if one or two things were removed from the bundle.

    2. With the size of the games, 32 G don’t really do much more than 8, if you’re gonna download games you’re gonna need external storage no matter what model you’re getting, and since 8 G are more than enough for saving, buying the 32 G model is really just a matter of vanity.
      Buying game discs still offers the most value, digital downloads, as comfy as they may be, forbid you from reselling.

      1. 32 GB really does do more than 8. If you have 8, there are games you can’t download even if you have nothing else on your Wii U. With 32 you can download a couple of large games and a good number of eShop titles.

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      1. Ambassador would be for those who bought either model of the console at the original price, it has nothing to do with the model, it’s about having paid $50 extra, just like with 3DS.

    1. I would LOVE ambassador program for Wii U. Then I would be fine with my early adoption and months with no games.

    1. Sooo you believe they are trying to make a loss? You’re convinced Nintendo saw the pros (?) and cons of this choice and decided they wanted to ‘make some more losses’?

      I think its more likely you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. you surely dont understand how Nintendo/SONY/MS work, they take loses on consoles and make up in software. If the console isnt selling, chances are, people wont be picking up games either (double loss for them) but if they take a loss in Hardware, they make it up with Software that they sell. The 3DS took a lost at the beginning as well, and look at it now.

        1. My point kinda… flew over your head there, huh?
          Nintendo obviously is doing this for a reason, meaning they plan to make money in another way…

            1. How… soothing. Thanks!
              “you surely dont understand how Nintendo/SONY/MS work”
              lol, you bored Troll, XD

    1. well i bought a delux model cause i wasnt cheap, u think u deserve something special cause u were cheap?

        1. a wanker is someone wanting something free cause they made a bad choice… i got delux model for more money, but got extra game and special rewards program, might sounded like wanker but at least i dont feel entitled to ambassador program. i love my wii u experience.

          1. and i am calling people who want ambassador program for buying 8 gig system cheap, not the people who bought 8 gig and are satisfied with said purchase.

            1. Maybe that’s all they could afford? Also the Premium sold out quick forcing others to buy the basic, should they have to suffer?

              As I said, you are a total WANKER.

              1. and u support entitling people to something they shouldnt get for free, i had to wait a week for a delux set, i didnt jump on a basic cause i had to wait for a week, and to people who couldnt afford another 50 plus tax, maybe they couldnt afford an a basic either. might sound like a wanker but reality is reality and any gaming system is a luxery to own, not a privilege. same with the vita, its 250, i want one, its too much, guess im out of luck, better save for what i want. im not entitled to something free because i bought an 8 gig, even if it fails, didnt get nothing back when u bought a virtual boy or dreamcast and they folded a year later, shouldnt they got something free, no, because thats how the game is played.

  1. If they were to introduce a Wii U ambassador system, what do you think the benefits would be? Exclusive/early access to virtual console games? Discounted e-shop purchases?

        1. I would agree but the GCN games probably wouldn’t release to virtual console and would be just for the Ambassadors just like what happened with the 3DS and that wouldn’t be fair.

  2. i might have to get the premium console if it drops the price or else i’ll wait for a special bundle.

  3. I don’t think they would drop it. They’ve said the Basic model is for those who don’t want to spend $50 on Nintendo Land plus 32GB and would rather spend it on games. I would say keep both and drop it down $50. If they drop the price, they should offer an ambassador program, it’s not fair to those who buy it early and pay more than those who wait.

      1. Well, they did it with the 3DS. If they get rid of the basic model and lower the deluxe model’s price to $299, I think they should offer something free. I remember when I got my Wii and bought the Internet Channel. Then, they made it free, and gave me enough points to buy an NES game.

  4. They should just have a white and black 32gb model for $299 with no game (people can buy Nintendo Land in the store). Just sounds better to say your console is $299 rather than $349

  5. Only makes sense. They need some good bundles too. NSMBU + Mario Kart would fly off the shelves. Do it Nintendo.

          1. hmm, i haven’t purchased anything of the store myself so i don’t think I’ve even entered the promotion. Check the contents of your wii u box, their will be some kind of leaflet about it in there.

          2. you didn’t have to do anything, if you’ve made any e shop purchases (?) then you have received credit, that you can check in the store, based on the amount you spent. You can use that to then buy other games on the e shop. Unless you’ve spent a good bit on the e shop there wasn’t much upside.

              1. I think you’re referring to the reward points. The eshop promotion is different. It automatically calculates the points for you when you buy games on the eshop. When you get enough points you get a code for $5 eshop credit.

  6. Well, Ever since they announced the console, I knew this would happen.

    People like to buy the stuff that gives them the better value. Also, unlike other types of multiple versions (like with the xbox), the differences between the basic and the deluxe set were big (an extra game, more memory space and extra stuff that you cannot get with the basic stuff, plus it looks better in black)


    But now, I’ll wait after E3 before buying a WiiU. Who knows what they’ll announce next week.

    1. Actually, a lot had to settle with the basic because the premium was sold out. You sound like a total wanker calling people cheap too.

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  8. Well WHY o WHY Nintendo think that an inferior product in every possible way could be more popular than the vastly superior one?

  9. I have the basic set, and I love it. It works perfectly, and I prefer to purchase physical copies of games instead of downloading them from the eshop, anyway. Plus, as mentioned, external hard drives can be used, so if I ever desire to download a lot of other games, for example, the option is still there. :) Besides, offering the console in each colour adds appeal to consumers.

  10. The Dude of the dude

    I don’t care i bought mine with a 2TB hardrive at launch for $330 and i bought Nintendo Land for $10 later d

  11. Good call because Basic Wii U’s already have more than half of their 8 GB used up only for updates and each update will make it bigger

  12. Yeah I suppose that’s not too bad, shame for those who bought it in the first place. I read the other day that they plan to release a deluxe white one so I suppose it was gunna happen eventually!

  13. the white looks good new, but after some time and wear and tear that basic version gamepad is going to look crusty, especially if you have kids.

    wii u deluxe owner since 12:01am nov 18, still no regrets. cant wait for the next nintendo direct!

  14. Well, they better make a white (or green) Wii U Premium/Deluxe set, because there’s no way I’m EVER gonna buy the black one. EVER! And the price of even the Basic set was already too expensive for me. It doesn’t look like I was meant to have a Wii U. Whatever.

  15. Well yeah, you can’t do much with 8 gigs, and no one wants to purchase an external hardrive or other forms of storage.

    1. I feel you, but I actually prefer EXT HD way more. Unlimited potential 4 storage, If something ever went wrong I could transfer to a new one. The others wonnt let you do that. =)

      1. The others have their games actually tied to an account. And my saves are all up in the cloud. I think I’ll have an easier time restoring mine if something goes wrong.

  16. Step 1 complete.

    Now release the white premium model announced for Japan everywhere and then drop the price of the “premium” models to $299.99.

    1. Why not throw some more colours into the mix? They go down really well with the 3DS. I bet people like Nintedward would love a ‘Hot Pink’ Wii U. ;)

  17. If they sell a black/white premium console bundle at $299, Holy sh.. that will sell like hot cakes. Now imagine games for this season, maybe SSB or WWHD, Metroid 4. e_e . Damn… If Nintendo plan a good strategy it doesn’t matter if other consoles come out, because at january 2014, there will be like 5 million WiiU’s around the world; and that’s something that will put them at the top. 5 million consoles is way better that 1million from MS or Sony consoles. Any console needs time.

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    1. Yeah, Sounds like Nintendo is recalling the basic packs from stores. Which makes sense so Nintendo can use the hardware to probably update them to delux packs. 💋

  19. I doubt a recall of the basic will drop the price of the deluxe.
    If anything they’re probably clearing shelf space for increased Deluxe model production, or creating a newer model with more storage space or something.

  20. What they should do is drop the Deluxe Set to 299.99 and make a better bundle that comes with the 3D Mario and Nintendo Land and price it at 349.99. That would make more sense since Nintendo Land should have been in the all the Wii U sets and not just Deluxe. Nintendo Land shows what the Gamepad could be used for just like Wii Sports showed what the Wii Remote could be used for so it should be in all Wii U sets just like the Wii and Wii Sports.

  21. Unless the price drop is more than $60 I will still be fine with my purchase of the basic model when target had them for $240. I was able to get everything that the deluxe had included with it except for the discount at the eshop for under $50 and I got the white model which doesnt leave as much gross smudge marks I hear.

    Also if there is an Ambassadors Program 2 due to another price drop I will be even happier since I got the price of the drop(if not more) before the actual drop. It would be very cool to see them give us some Gamecube games in in just as they gave the 3ds games from the GBA(2 generations back). FZERO GX, SUNSHINE, MELEE, MARIO GOLF, WAVERACE, DOUBLE DASH, KIRBY AIR RIDE, PAPER MARIO 2, STARFOX ADVENTURES, WARIO WORLD… If they were to give us 10 like they did before those would be the 10 I would hope for… Luigi’s mansion would probably get put in there since it is “The year of luigi”

    After writing that I feel like that is alot to hope for lol… I would be happy with half that list to be honest

    1. Actually I don’t think that Ambassador thing should even happen. They should just release all those Gamecube games on VC that way everyone can be happy and not just people who bought the Wii U earlier. People who bought the 3DS early deserved the GBA games because the price was a mistake Nintendo made. There’s nothing wrong with the Wii U price right now and Nintendo didn’t make a mistake pricing it at 299.99 or 349.99 except that they should have put Nintendo Land in Basic Set and not just Deluxe Set.

      1. I agree that would make everyone else happy, but I disagree about the ambassadors… if anything I feel that early adopters deserve just as much as the 3ds owners. If there wasnt a mistake, they wouldnt be doing anything to begin with. The mistake isn’t quite at the price point of the system but it was at the price point of having 2 systems that were pretty much identical and If nintendoland came with both packages, I do not know the reason to have a $50 price difference for 18GB difference, a cradle stand(that I found for $5 at target) and some discounts at the eshop. I feel that price may not have been the only reason to have an ambassadors program, but it was that and the LACK of games that both systems started with.

        Early adopters proved that they are fans and bought the system despite only having 3-5 games to play on it for almost 6 months. People who bought it at launch may not have seen it coming but I think anyone who purchased it from February-now knew what they were getting into. I did, I have had my system for about 2 weeks now… I have nintendo land, nsmbu, and lego city coming in the mail. This is fine for me now and I will probably find some eshop titles and maybe get game and wario out of boredom, but if I was stuck with only 2 games and a rayman demo from November-April I would be pissed. Everything else was either a port of a game I already played, had no interest in playing, or just nothing worth while.

        I wont be mad if there isnt one, im just saying it could be possible and im hoping they do cause that would be SWEET

        1. You have a good point about everything you said. Those Nintendo fans bought the Wii U at launch even with the lack of games and they really do deserve to be Ambassadors. I just don’t want what happened with the 3DS to happen again. On the 3DS Ambassador Program they got GBA games but those GBA games were never realeased on the E-Shop. I just don’t want Gamecube games to go to people who bought it earlier and never get realeased for everyone.

          1. I can definitely agree with that point, I was an ambassador for the 3ds as well and I loved the idea of GBA games coming to the 3ds, I swore when they announced that that would be one of the rewards, that gba titles would start coming to the virtual console. Now none have happened, the best we have are some GBC titles which i think is a rip off because. Main example nobody would touch Harvest Moon GBC if they had Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town(My favorite of the series) on there. I would love for them to start putting up GBA titles, Mario Pinball, Mario Party GBA, Mario Golf(GBA not GBC), Advanced Wars… I would buy all of those again to have them on my 3ds despite still owning the cartridges.

  22. I assume they are recalling the white wii u to replace it with 32gb memory? Japan has 32gb black n white model.

  23. Smart move. That thing made no sense since the Deluxe was only $50 more and a much better deal. They’re releasing a white deluxe model in Japan so I think this is true.

  24. Hopefully they put them towards a new bundle. They need to make a bundle with the 3d Mario game or Mario kart (if it comes out this year). Sell all bundles for the current price of the basic model.

    I’d also say possibly drop the Nintendoland bundle altogether and just replace it with the New 3d Mario game or Mariokart.

  25. someone on ign said something similar to this that there would be a 32 gigabytes wii u for $325 bundled with Mario Kart U

      1. Well I think saving the money for a delux is well worth the wait then settling for the basic.💋

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  27. I thought the deluxe was supposed to be a limited run, but clearly that was NOT the case. Regardless, they should just make the deluxe the basic and make it in white as well. I really wantd white but didn’t want to get the 8gb, which after all the install data crap leaves you with next to nothing.

  28. Personally, If they are ditching the 8 gig Basic model – it’s all for the better
    seeing the Premium Wii U model is the best choice

    However, If they are planning to bring the White Premium Wii U here – they could bundle it with either Game & Wario, The Wonderful 101 or Sonic Lost World
    either of the 3 would benefit as a pack in game – that is unless a Wii U version of Wii Sports is announced at E3

  29. I don’t care as long as there is still a white console available which doesn’t have a copy of the horrible Nintendoland tech demo game.

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  31. It’s possible that next week Nintendo will announce a new version that will have a larger stoargae capacity. Maybe the price of the Deluxe will drop to the Basic model price and and new Super Wii U model (maybe 250-500GB or something) will have the current Deluxe model price. Who knows?

    I do feel there will be a hardware announcement next week regarding the Wii U. Either a new model with more storage, or, an announcement of an attachment to the Wii U GamePad that makes it a fully functional portable device. That may be a stretch, little comments here and there in previous Nintendo Directs have led me to believe something is cooking.

  32. Has anyone hear of this digital pr.omotion thing that if you download $60 game you get $5 back? Because that alone is worth havin.

      1. Yeah, that is completely true. But, it only lasts until the end of this year or something. I forget if it is the end of 2013 or 2014. :P 💋

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  34. What Nintendo should have done is to have both colors, white and black, in deluxe and basic models. Deluxe is basically a bundle, so it would cost a little more. But , heck, make the deluxe $299.99 and maybe the stocks will rise?

  35. Good idea, 8 Gigabites is just too small, personally I think 32 Gigabites is not enough, they should have 128 Gigabytes minimum basic, premium with 256 Gigabytes premium.

  36. Nintendo Commander

    To those who thinks they deserve the ambassador program…

    We know that you only want things for free…

    Further more, no games?, there were atleast 20 games available and it’s not Nintendo’s fault you either already played some of the original versions of those games or that you didn’t like the new games…

    And keep in mind that some people can barely manage to buy 1 game at a time…

    Some of you are really just spoiled and childish…

    1. It actually is their fault that people where playing games they already played before. They rushed the Wii U to launch which means they had to scramble to get some games available for launch and the best they could do was a bunch of unoptimized multiplat-ports. Iwata even apologized for the lack of games during the January 23rd Nintendo Direct.

      They didn’t wanna pull an N64 and launch the system with just two games again. I think it is a good move to not rush their 1st party games to the shelves, but I think it was a bad move to launch the Wii U when they did. The Wii was actually still doing pretty good and if Nintendo was still supporting it then it would still be selling. All it takes is a Pokemon game during the holiday season. Ching-ching. Skyward Sword alone helped push 5 million Wiis during the 2011 holiday season. Plus, the 3DS is outselling everything so they already had profit coming in.

      Had they of waited until this holiday season to release the Wii U they would have 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, Windwaker HD, Retro’s game, Bayonetta 2, Project X, Sonic Lost World, Mario/Sonic Winter Olympics, Smash Bros, and many other titles at LAUNCH. The PS4 and XBOX One would simply disintegrate up against a launch line up like that with a console that is 150-200 dollars cheaper.

      But they didn’t wait. Those titles are still gonna wreck shop all over the place. Nintendo just made things more difficult for themselves then they needed it to be.

      1. It would be an even worse move consdiering they would compete with both the PS4 and the Xbox Done…

        And considering how much the western world seems to “hate” Nintendo, I’m glad High Command decided to push the launch by 1 year earlier, even if it meant lower quality games overall…

        The only reason to why the ambassador program was initiated was because of the “high price” the 3DS had which is not the case on the Wii U…

  37. Great idea. I got the deluxe version and i’m happy with it. It would be a greater idea if nintendo would have dropped the serial number bounded account.. it’s a shame.

  38. I don’t really care about an ambassador program or anything like that. I bought the system at launch because I thought it was worth it. Plain and simple.

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  41. Please reply if you think the so called “people” on this blog just like to bitch. I mean why else would they be on a Nintendo blog, clicking on NINTENDO Wii U articles, and then saying who cares???

    Please digest the possibility that anyone with more negatives than Snappy Snaps are indeed A TROLL!

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