Satoru Iwata Apologises For The Nintendo Direct Technical Hiccup

e3_nintendoNintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has apologised over at Nintendo’s official Facebook Page about the technical issues from today’s Nintendo Direct. Many of Nintendo’s fans were unable to directly log on to the Nintendo website to see the Nintendo E3 Direct, and had expressed this over various social networks. Nintendo UK, Europe and North America all responded to the tweets and apologised accordingly as well. Did you experience the technical issues? Let us know in the comments below, but in the meantime here’s what Iwata had to say:

Hello everyone this is Satoru Iwata. Thank you all for watching the Nintendo Direct this morning. I understand that many of you experienced technical issues with the live stream. I apologize and thank you for your patience. We have a lot of exciting news that we would like to share with you. You can watch the entire Nintendo Direct @ E3 2013 here.


    1. Nintendo Direct wasn’t that bad. Could’ve shown more games, could’ve given me my fucking Metroid, but overall it was nice. I know the Mario games will be fun. Fuck the Wii U.

      1. You are actually going to get a lot of people you’ve argued with to agree with you today.

          1. I’m all for Wii U too…next year. The PS4 sounds really good right about now. Especially with the $399 price point. That and the fact that people still have to wait for games like Smash, Bayonetta, Mario Kart, etc until 2014 will give Sony more off a chance this holiday season.

        1. Fuuuuuuuck your direct Iwata, i dont know which is worst having a lame ass direct or Iwata explaining to us what the direct was all about even though we can CLEARLY see what it was about..

    1. Stop crying already. And go to the gaming sites they spect developers to flip flop about the wiiu in mass.

    2. The only disappointing thing was the 3D Mario game… Every thing else was great! I don’t get why everyone thinks this was underwhelming. I thought this overwhelming and fucking awesome!

      1. Pretty much this, when i saw that first thought in myhead was NSMBU but in 3D..fucking disappointed man…the wiiU is DOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!

        1. Yup! Though the 3D Mario was disappointing I still think it looks awesome and crazy fun! But it’s in know way better than SMG 1 and 2. Maybe if Nintendo sees how disappointed Nintendo fans are they’ll make a new 3D Mario game after this!

      1. I’m just really pissed about how 3D Mario and Retro’s game turned out. I’ll still go to Best buy to play them but my expectations for Nintendo from here on out have been dramatically lowered.

        1. Sorry :( Hey at least we saw Samus in 3D :D Someone below said there is still more to show. Lets hope he’s right.

          1. You mean HD? Yeah, the first thing I wanted to see was Other M Samus in HD. No thanks. But as I said before in the Smash post at least i’m able to beat the shit out of her and vent my rage for that terrible excuse of a Metroid game.

    3. I don’t see why everyone seems to think so… While the cat costume in Super Mario was fucking random, the game looked good, and I bet it will sell the Wii U like hot cakes if Nintendo advertise a little.

      Pokémon looks epic. X looks epic, but I’m not a fan of RPG, so I’m not buying it. I bought Xenoblade, great game, but I don’t like RPGs. Mario Kart 8 looks awesome, just the game Nintendo needs to sell some systems. The Wonderful 101 looks epic. Pikmin 3 looks epic.

      The Wind Waker HD looks AWESOME in HD, and I can’t wait to play it! Bayonetta 2 looks epic, and Donkey Kong looks epic too.

      And last: Super Smash Bros. looks fucking awesome; I can’t wait to play it. And the graphics looks so good, did you see Link? I’m buying on both 3DS AND Wii U!

  1. this is called Indirect DDoS
    is cause when some news happen or an event
    The amount of users connected overloads the server making it crash or have it adjust their upload bandwidth

    indirect because is not intentional btw

  2. They should apologize for the whole Nintendo Direct. Complete and total garbage that was. Worst Nintendo Direct eva!

            1. Sony’s E3 was dreadful. The PS4 announcement was the only interesting things, other than watchdogs, it was such a waste of my time. Yeah, i totally wanna hear about movies and songs in a gaming convention. Come on sony.

        1. Microsoft actually had a great conference. It’s just that Sony pwned then so hard it made it seem like it was bad. I would go so far as to say it was better than the Nintendo Incomplete (Direct). At least Microsoft had a surprise (Killer Instinct.)

          The fact the Rare pulled the trigger and finally made KI3 and Retro rolls out just another DK game with members of the original Rare staff working there IMO make Retro look really bad.

          1. Nintendo is fresh out of mulligans. Not giving them the benefit of the doubt anymore. Until I see otherwise I assume that this as all the are gonna show because I think they are capable of being that foolish.

            This is three years in a row that Nintendo has had E3 in the bag only to blow it.

  3. I thought it was underwhelming :/, kinda sucks that everything is for 2014, and Retro’s game is Donkey Kong….. :( No Metroid prime

    1. Everything is certainly not for 2014. Windwaker U, 3D mario isnt, Pokemon x/y, mario and luigi dream team and lttp2 (im always calling it that) out this year.

    2. donkey kong will be good, dkcr was one of the hardest games of last gen and also i think they are working on another title along with it.

  4. In my opinion, the Direct was bad
    not as bad as many user portay it(btw IGN gave a thumbs up to it, weird isnt it?)
    I give it a 5/10 because we did get a lot of info but not the amount we wanted

    1. Gameteailes is giving Nintendo praises too also is funny to see patcher being proved wrong live

        1. he said nintendo was in trouble and then the site show a poll that nintendo games are the highest in the polls they made and just 6% lower than sony for the first place

  5. i need an apology for not showing us Zelda and donkey kong country being retros secret project. such wasted talent. Even though they mopped the floor with microsoft i expected them to nuke all of e3 and release bombs and shit and mindfuck us all.

  6. Yep, the livestream didn’t even load on the website. It’s because the HTML coding was incorrectly programmed.

      1. I can apreciate your educating others, but HTML is by definition a “programming language” as it stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language…

        1. the HTML is not considered because it is mostly showing structures
          you cannot code on HTML code like if unless you use php or javascript, the HTML coding has nothing to do with his status as non-programming language over others

  7. I watched it on the official Nintendo page where it stuttered like crazy, so I jumped on YouTube to watch it instead.

    I wasn’t as disappointed as a lot of people here. X looks great, Super Mario 3D looked fun and I’m as excited about Super Smash Brothers as I was before. Could have done with more third-party games, but I guess its up to those developers to show off what they have. My only disappointment was Mario Kart, but only because Sonic Racing Transformed seems better and is already out.

    1. Nah… I’ve played Sonic Racing for WiiU and 3DS… Mario 8 is MUCH sharper. A lote more textures, effects,.. Mario Kart 8 has a lot more polish.

      Sonic Racing was an alright game though.

  8. My E3 Report Card:
    Microsoft: F-
    Sony: A+
    Nintendo: B
    Ubisoft: C- #girlwoodgtfo
    Konami: F
    EA: E+

    1. I give EA a “Q” just because they are d-bags. Only the announcement of Battlefront 3 staved them for me.

    2. There is no such grade as an E. D is the lowest than an F is fail. And there is no F-/

      1. And what do you mean there is no such grade as an E/F lol? I can put what i want on my fake report card

  9. Anyone else sick and tired of Iwata apoligizing all the damn time?

    Here’s a though Saturo-san. STOP F’N THINGS UP TO START WITH. Then you won’t have to apologize later. I’m beginning to think more and more than the Wii U was a mistake. At least launching it in 2012. This system should not have seen the light of day until November of this year.

    1. That’s what I say.

      And yeah, maybe they should have continued support for the Wii up until this year; retrospectively speaking, the Wii has had more selling value than the Wii U.

  10. I watched it on Gaming Cypher with only an occasional lag as a problem, but then switched to my other computer which played it fine. Nintendo’s official website did not load for me. The video stopped midway of SSB4’s CGI trailer and I had to watch the rest of it on Nintendo’s YouTube page which played it SO MUCH BETTER than any of the feeds.

  11. Should apologise for the whole thing….

    It was fine, but really? There was nothing “new”. No new IP’s, no surprises, what are you doing?
    And you take Retro….and get them to make another Donkey Kong Country, which yeah, im excited for but really?

    1. X trailer was probably the BEST trailer i’ve ever seen for a game though up there with Brawl and TP imo…

      I’m starting to see the positives out of the dissapointing direct now. I’m interested to see how they handle SM3DW , it better be MUCH BIGGER than 3D land. And I’m hyped for Mario Kart 8 and Smash obviously!

      1. I think everything they showed was great…but we already knew about all of it. The only surprise was that Retro isn’t making the game we want, or a new IP, which in my opinion reeeeeally soured the whole conference, i was expecting a new IP by them, but it’s just a sequel to DKCR….

        1. I sighed a bit when DKC Arctic freeze or was announced. I know its gunna be great an all but jeez. Just remember Retro went through a huge expansion , most likely working on 2 games at once.

          1. Yeah, i mean…DKCR was fucking great, so this’ll be no different, but we know Retro is capable of soooo much more.

            I hope that Nintendo still has stuff to show, but yeah, i was disappointed by DKC reveal

            1. Indeed. Where was Yoshi yarn and SMT X FE ? Anounce them in January , don’t share anything else…. well played Nintendo ? :S lol.

              That’s 2 announcements they should of saved in January and hit us with today! They should of just kept Mario Kart and 3D mario secret as well , they spoiled the direct in a way.

              1. Yup me too! When the Direct was showing and I searched it up and saw it on the website I thought it was just CGI! Really amazing graphics! I really don’t want to sound like a hypocrite when I say that but it’s something that needs to be pointed out!

                1. indeed! It’s confirmed for 60FPS (in HD ofcourse) which will just look outstanding.

        2. Retro could be making another game. E3 isn’t over yet! You really think this is all they have for E3? If they would were to do a press conference do you really think this would be all they show?

      2. hey man, is the x game actually an rpg like xenoblade or is it just a stupid sandbox fucking game where all you do is go around in huge robots in a huge world and kill things????? if thats it , that will be disappointing!!!!! it sounded like that when they were talking about it.

        1. It will be like Xenoblade in a way! I think it’s sandbox that you go around looking for quests , think of kinda how like Borderlands 2 is structured but with this and you can do coop maybe online I think…

          That’s my guess , but it might be just like Xenoblade…

          1. really to me its just going to be japanese skyrim…… that doesnt impress me. so you just go around looking for random quests, killing the monsters and shit, with flying robots taking over the game. so the exploration and cool environments are gone as is the great dungeons and base story line…… well at least xenoblade was a masterpiece. that game all ready had side stuff, even not mind blowing, it still was fun to do so, making that perfect to do instead of going threw the main story right away.

        2. JRPG like Xenoblade, but way bigger. The combat looks alot like FF15, crossed with what was in Xeno, and then with mech combat.

          1. hope so man, that was such a great game. hope its not just a huge sandbox game and thats it. also really hope that you dont use the robots that much, taking away the exploration away. its cool to use for certain things like maybe killing huge monsters.

      3. I can’t believe people aren’t talking more about the graphics of Mario Kart 8. That game clearly looked next-gen. It wasn’t even a question. I think arguments can be made one way or another for Bayoneta 2, X, Windwaker HD, and Smash Bros being graphics capable of last-gen, but Mario Kart was far beyond anything of it’s kind of the 7th gen. Stunning graphics. Way better than Windwaker or Super Mario 3D Land U

          1. Then there really is not reason to upgrade anything if people “don’t care about graphics.” It is equally as narrow-minded and unhealthy to care too little about graphics as it is to care too much about graphics.

            When Nintendo goes the extar mile to give you bleeding edge graphics it needs to be pointed out, not tossed aside.

        1. X looked incredible as well , best looking game of the whole E3 Imo. Art style , not just resolution and framerate :/

          Who knows , Mario 3D world will do 1080p/720p 60FPS and will look extremely clean and well presented on your TV. Agreed on mario kart couldn’t tell if it was CGI or gameplay at first xD

          1. I hate it when they try to blend cut scene and gameplay. I can tell which is which and it really isn’t necessary to do that unless you are trying to hide something. However what I could construe as gameplay looked fabulous. This game will definitely move Wii Us.

        2. “They clearly looked next-gen” is completely meaningless. You can say they clearly looked better than Wii which is true. What the hell does looking next gen mean?

          1. I mean it looked better than any game if its kind of the previous (7th) gen.

            Now that the semantics are done, you can go away.

  12. Trust me, dude, the technical difficulties were hardly the worst thing about the Direct.

  13. FUCKING X_DRONES, THEY GET KH3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY THE HELL WIIU IS GETTING SHIT, LOOKS LIKE EVERYONE WANT NINTENDO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. calling all Nintendo soldiers, lets fight over MiiVerse
        X-Gone gets Kingdom Hearts 3 and we get nothing
        we have to make us heard,
        spam MiiVerse with this notice and dont let only M$ gets the release

    1. Don’t worry about it, nobody with a brain cell is buying the Xbone, and therefore none of those people are buying KH3

  14. I know why Nintendo didn’t want to do a press conference like everyone else did.

    It because they had NOTHING NEW to show!

  15. I’m sorry but many in here behaves as if most of these games are not worth anything…

    It feels as if many of you believe that Retro is the only one that can make great games…

    I liked most games shown today, they seem fun, the only thing that made this ND underwhelming was the presentation itself…

    It felt rushed, empty and poorly executed, however the games themselves did not…

    It also feel as if you want Nintendo to have these boring realistic games with no imagination whatsoever that the Xbots have while hating the Xbots…

    They said that Retro was working on 2 games and a new engine so the DKC game could be made by a more “unexperienced” team inside Retro…

    It’s still 6 months left of this year, plenty more announceme ts will surely be made…

    I only got a bit annoyed that Mario Kart 8 is to be released in 1 year…

  16. Well, X blew my fucking socks off.
    I’m def getting Bayonetta2, pikman…
    All in all, Nintendo wasted half a year they could have been taking the Next Gen.
    They should have launched with Mario Kart 8.
    I’m just fucking depressed about Retro’s game…What. The. Fuck, really? You couldn’t have had anyone else do a platformer that has already been done before?

    I’ll pick WW up again, loved that game.

    Oh. And Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Meet te new kid on the block… “X” :D !!! That game made my day!!!!!!

    1. * edit: I’m sure Retro did a great job on DK.
      I’m just sad it wasn’t Metroid or Starfox.

      Give Metroid to Monolith! I want a Metroid like “X” !!!!

  17. Please understand :P This direct actually wasnt that great imo :/ No surprises, besides Mega Man and DK which was rather a disappointment :/ I think Sony and Nintendo’s streams were equally medicore and microsofts close behind. They still have time though, but they really fucked up the WiiUs entire first year…

  18. tri to watch it on 4 website but could do it so went to youtube watch it and love it cant wait for super smash bros 4

      1. yeah seriously, i wanted to see more of that title!!!!! it looked different and am hoping it wont be like the semi fail yoshis story was. seriously yoshi is fucking awesome, and i think he was the first video game character i ever used.

  19. X was fantastic. My Wii U is going tp be great, right next to my

    1) Monster hunter 3 ultimate
    2) 3D Mario
    3) Pikimin 3
    4) Watch dogs
    5) Splinter Cell
    6) Assassins creed
    7) Batman :).
    8) zelda

  20. I wish they’d just fucking stop with the “HURR NEW SUPER MARIO BROS” shit, and make another Super Mario 64

    Same with Donkey Kong. I don’t want to play that 2D shit. If they can’t put DK64 on the virtual console, I want them to at least make another game like it.

    1. yeah man, donkey kong is good and all, but they really should have made a 3d one if they were going to make a dk game!!!!! it will probably be really good anyway.

  21. sorry iwata, iz too much for me today…hope shinen multimedia brings us some sort of Fzero…

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