Ubisoft E3 Show Host Says No New Wii U Games Because ‘It’s An Abandoned Platform’


Ubisoft E3 host Aisha Tyler has revealed to IGN that the reason why there were no new Wii U games shown by Ubisoft is due to the fact that the console appears to be an abandoned platform. You can listen to what she has to say in this video interview at the 09:20:00 mark.

Thanks, Georgios K


      1. Aww another imitator I’m so flatter. Thanks for reminding me what great troll I am

    1. Aisha Tayler is an employee that just serve as host, she doesn’t have knowledge about videogames… I don’t know why she’s still hosting Ubisoft, she’s awkward and boring. The complete Ubi’s media briefing was like a bad joke because of her.

      1. I definetly don’t agree with you! You don’t seem to know the slightest bit of Aisha Tyler and still you judge her by saying crap like this. She didn’t even say anything bad about it. She just said that Ubisoft doesn’t have any new games for it and that, until the sales pick up, they won’t support the platform.

        Keep your shittalk to yourself. Aisha did a great job this year and she has been the best host Ubisoft ever had.

      2. And Aisha is a gamer. Just search her up. She made a post about it on Fb that proves it. Just look at the interviews with Ign. You can’t make stuff like that up.

        Do your research, bonehead.

        1. She plays games. Good for her.

          Didn’t make her flat jokes any better, nor any more appropriate. The Ubi Press Confo is weird and I like it because of that, but ultimately it’s unprofessional and immature when it relies on her awkward sense of humor.

      1. Microsoft is dead the fight is sony and Nintendo. No drm on ps4 so i guess i see wiiu versions no later than march lol.

                1. That comment didn’t make his “insult” less insulting…
                  But about the console wars ^^
                  Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will all fall for Nokia, who will realize that they could make a giant indestructible thing by putting all their phones together and calling it a console. Everyone will be playing Snake on their New Nokia Phone Consoles and other famous franchises will all become dust, until someday a dude realized he had a Dreamcast in his basement. He thought it was such a perfect console and decided to show it off at Nokia3 where everyone didn’t even know a console like that existed. They only heard rumors about the NintendoPlay, XStation and WiiBox that were said to exist sometimes ago in the age of gaming that wasn’t snake. The console wars between the new company, who stole the Dreamcast’s design, DreamCastic and Nokia will start and no one knows who will win! If someone knew, it would be the same person who could save humanity from those Aliens who decided to invade the Earth!
                  You heard it here first!

    1. Keep in mind that she doesn’t actually work for Ubisoft. She is spouting her own, misinformed position being the (apparent) dudegirl she is.

      Remember, Ubisoft teased Beyond Good & Evil 2 a couple days ago…and it still hasn’t been shown.

      1. and also, ubisoft has been saying nothing but good things about the wii u so far, especially the ceo. ceo>anoying black chick with girl wood. oh and they did show the wii u specific version of just dace 2014.

    1. I like to point everyone to the success of the 3DS , which has little to no western multiplats , but is still the fastest selling gaming hardware OF ALL TIME. Ask yourselves why this is ? …. yep same thing will happen to Wiiu maybe not to the same extent.

      So people aren’t going to buy Mario Kart , Smash bros , 3D mario , Zelda and more this time ? yeh , they are…

            1. Well now that you say it I’m beginning to question it myself… YOU DID A JEDI MIND TRICK ON ME O:

        1. who knows…. he could be right behind us right now or maybe…. he could even be talking to you right now. pretty weird stuff now isnt us, the possibilities are endless man.

    1. ZombiU 2 is in prototype however I have not been blind this whole time. Ubisofts been giving Nintendo fans a false smile. We think they are doing good but its just an illusion. As a company they arent much better then EA when talking about behind the scenes.

  1. Umm, that’s not what she said, so that’s fucking ridiculous.She said she honestly didn’t know, but she says she feels like some people feel like it’s an abandoned platform.

    1. No, why can’t people remember something that just happened? She said she read something that said it was an abandoned platform.

    2. I was about to post an angry comment until I saw what you said. I hate flamebait articles >:(

    3. ah, I see. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo gets first dibs on commenting on their 3rd party stuff. We’ll just have to wait and see

  2. Thats cold to say but lets see with tomorrows show has in store for us. Nintendo better go all out.

    1. I honestly thought Nintendo was going to be the one company that really surprised me this e3. But Sony had an epic show not counting ubicrap and their lame programming of AC black flag. With KH3 and FFXIV all while literately SHITTING on crapbox one’s horrible decisions,they really impressed me. This generation is all about Nintendo and Sony, with Microsoft in the gutter, just like the ps2 GC and Xbox days.

    1. She was talking about new games that were revealed. We already knew about Rayman, Watch Dogs, AC4 and Blacklist.

    2. I was wondering the same too. How you feel about E3 so far? I thought it is disappointment so far. But I glad Mirror Edge 2 was announced. I was hoping for some gameplay video though. I thought Metal Gear Solid 5 look really cool but again I seen like no gameplay video beside riding horse, vehicle or some crouching.

  3. I doesn’t get support because it’s abandoned. It’s abandoned because it doesn’t get support.

    1. I agree. They don’t even want to take any chances with the platform. Heck, I haven’t seen much innovation in gameplay so far. Just graphics, graphics, and more graphics. When will these developers realize that, more importantly, solid gameplay is needed in combination with great visuals?

  4. As long as Nintendo is making games, even without third party support, then I am fine with that. They don’t have to the “best” company ever, as long as they stay in business.

    1. They are the best company ever though ;) …

      We’ll see , i think people are hitting the panic button way to premature.

      The Xbox one is a huge steaming turd , and the PS4 looks pretty amazing…

      Wiiu is just the Wiiu… How is it that 3DS is so successfull right now ? aren’t smartphones supposed to be killing it ? Nintendo’s franchises and games Nuff said.

      I have faith the Wiiu can clear 40,000,000 lifetime which is a safe , comftorble number for Nintendo.

      1. Yeh , seriously…. no one panic about Nintendo.

        I’ll tell you straight what will happen this gen.

        3DS = 100,000,000+ EASILY

        Wiiu = around 40,000,000

        Nintendo = remains the Worlds leading dedicated gaming hardware manufacturer.

        Oh and PS4 = absolute rapeage of Xbone , I just pre ordered mine for day 1 to go with the Majestic Wii U and 3DS XL … Nighty night folks ;)

  5. LOL is she serious? She’ll be surprised tomorrow then.
    But that’s not what Ubisoft said a few days ago…

  6. Given how much Ubisoft has been talking up the Wii U lately, I’m guessing she’s going to be in trouble for that one.

  7. nintendo is done
    wii u is their end
    $.99 new super mario bros coming to phones june 2015
    mark my words

    1. for 1 system?… my child you do not know how hard sega had to fail to drop out… nintendo is really far from over :D. sorry child, but the wiiu wont lead to downfall.

  8. I hope to the holy N, that both the PS4 and the Xbox Done fails misreably and starts a chain reaction that destroyes most of these traitors…

    And those that do survive will crawl back and kneel Before us!

        1. That wasn’t the point.
          I don’t give a shit about it personally, but I wanna know why idiots like yourself think it’s such a sin. “dur its nut nintendoh so it sux”

  9. Maybe is true but that will just last this year. Xbox is done and sony is no diamond.

  10. She has no idea what she’s talking about, she was only guessing why there was no games.
    Don’t take what she says as news… >.>

  11. Whatever. The Wii U future will be decided soon enough and chances are everyone will come running back to it

  12. Aisha is an annoying bitch anyway. Last yeah I wanted to rip her jugular out for being so annoying.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Remember when she came out against the gaming community after last year’s E3 claiming that she’s some kind of hardcore gaming fanatic? She comes off bitchy at best, and completely ignorant about her surroundings at worst. To think she’s going to host the new season of Whose Line is it Anyway…another great thing that she will completely ruin.

  13. Just you watch. Everybody that’s been talking bad about the Wii U will be hanging their head in shame after tomorrow. Or at least, after the AAA first-party titles stars getting released. I just know the Wii U sales will pick up dramatically after these games start getting released.

  14. Watch dogs, AC4, Rayman Legends, Just Dance 4
    only missing the crew and another one, I dont see where are those lacking games you are talking about

  15. It’s not Ubisoft in general. Just their show host. I’m sure the heads still suck Nintendo’s cock. This woman’s just an idiot.

  16. What if High Command reveals tomorrow that the Wii U has a secret Power nobody knows about other than themselves?…

    Or something else that is completely unexpected…

  17. I feel as if people aren’t giving the Wii U a chance.
    (I really want one but I can’t afford it, and I doubt my parents will buy me one.)

    1. Good news for you then. The wiiu is cheap enough that you can buy it yourself with a few of paid home chores.

  18. yeah i saw that video on the WiiU forum.

    i dunno anymore, i think the WiiU is over already, i’m very disappointed so far, i got ZombiU, & NSMB at launch, then i got black ops 2 & then need for speed MW & that is all the games i have for my WiiU & i got it at launch, Mario & Zelda are not going to save them this time.

    i have read that Ubi have removed the Watchdogs WiiU display from their stand at E3 as well.

    1. Now is a REALLY bad time to give up on the Wii U. Wait 15 more hours or so. Then make your decision.

      1. I have seen Nothing on the Nintendo Direct that hasn’t been known already, there were no new third party titles announced either.

  19. Why the fuck did you post this sickr >_< she's just an obnoxious host who knows nothing about video games.

      1. Lol Microsoft is more done than a crsthmast turkey all those games that did not apear on wiiu will start apearing magicaly soon.

  20. We the Fans ultimately decide the outcome of any company. One cant say I support this, but not buy the product. All Nintendo 4 me, as long as Nintendo is in operation, I’ll be there. How do we boycott these certain companies? Dont buy their shit, unless it’s on Nintendo… That’s one way to straighten 3rd parties up.

  21. Ok, I was actually watching the interview and not only was she not speaking officially for Ubisoft, she also stated she did not know why there were no other games shown by EA and Ubi so far…it was a response to a question on Twitter relayed on tv!

  22. Aisha Tyler is a complete idiot whom is a shill trying to leech off of Ubisoft to stay relevant. She has no idea about such things.

  23. I don’t see Aisha lasting much longer at Ubisoft. Also, we will hopefully be told that these recently announced games are coming to the Wii U at some point.

  24. Watch her stand up routine, no assatall. She is an xbot. She says she loves xbox, also a wannabe vally girl. Go figure lol.

      1. No, but what does that have to do with the PS4 looking like a DVD player? All three consoles have unimaginative designs.

    1. Lol, what a dumb comment. Xbone’s entire reveal was based on…..TV and you say the PS4 is all about DVDs?

      Stupid trolls are stupid.

  25. it kinda is right now but rest assured, some of you guys are stupid and will believe anything like how barry bee benson was being serious. this website is troll bate, it really is you dont even need to try and people will get pissed and start to make alts of your name hahahahahahahah it only took one day to and one day retired!!!!!!! how many others on this website actually do this for real, yes that stupid fucking bee was me and some of you gave me the biggest of laughs!!!!! seriously how did you not no it was me….. it was a dead give away, i did the same thing like a couple of days ago with the conker bee avatar!!!!!!! the point is this website is always going to have trolls and now i know why.

  26. Sickr does this shit all the time yet you people still feed on the shit he throws to you.

  27. hahaha they were showing social media messages in the ps4 presentation and one said ‘please do not block used games on ps4’ Well played sony =P

  28. Hey trollers please do me this favor. If your going to troll a site please troll Xbox one because they are in a even worse position than Nintendo and would be allot more fun to troll. ;) Also its ok to troll Nintendo but if your a Xbox fan please don;t because its kinda stupid since your in a worse position than us.

      1. This is terrible. Even for Sony. Microsoft’s conference was at least enjoyable with a few big surprises sprinkled throughout the show. Even though I’m not really feeling it, the KI reveal pwns everything I’ve seen so far in Sony’s presser.

          1. I care about Knack as much as i care about Sonic lost world,Rayman legends and new 3d mario i want more platformers from this industry because its my favorite genre. Seriously whats your problem with stuff not on nintendo console you are one of those people who wants us to be just like you. You are always trying to force your opinion to others like this would be some stupid war. You take this way too seriously fuckin religious loser.

  29. That awkward moment when two girls show up in the same dress at a party LOL. really VCR to Cable boxes, what next for steambox A track? LOLOLOLOLOL.

  30. Damn it, she didn’t say it? I wanted to come here and bitch about her because she’s so annoying.

    Shame on the site, this really is flame bait.

          1. Yeah … I doubt that, Sony has ALWAYS gotten the console Kingdom Hearts games, don’t see that changing. Viva la Sony!

            1. Go away sony fake fan you did not watched the conference i did and they did not sal it was exclusive.

              1. Please show my the footage where he specifically said it won’t be exclusive.

                Come on. Do it.

                1. Show me where they did i have evidence that they did not you on the contrary dont. Have a nice day.

  31. Well, I can’t wait for tomorrow. Gonna let it all sink in before commenting.
    Microsoft’s Grade- Games: B. System: F! Overall: All Sony has to do is show up and they’ve beaten the Xbox 1.
    And Aisha Tyler gets a free pass on that one because she’s a comedian, not a gamer. My prediction: Wii U will impress, but you won’t hear a single good thing about it from the press. For those of you with Wii Us, enjoy those demos!

  32. Okay……………………..FInal Fantasy XV…………….freaking amazing. THAT is what I’m talking abo…………………..*gasp* KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!!

        1. FFXV and KH3 were the games people wanted from Sony. But at the same time Halo 5 and KI3 were the games people wanted from Microsoft. So I think it’s a push in terms of big reveals. I still think overall Microsoft’s conference was better even though as I speak Sony’s presser is picking up steam.

  33. Totally called VsXIII becoming XV. At this point, it was totally inevitable.

    And Kingdom Hearts 3. Man, they sure took their sweet ass time announcing this game! But then again, SE’s been in shit for a while, so both XV and KH3 HAD to be announced this year. Glad that KH3 maintains the cel-shaded look, updated.

    Nintendo’s chances of being overwhelmingly awesome just got smaller. On the other hand, the fact that Microsoft and Sony stepped up their game this year means that Nintendo’s probably got something REALLY AMAZING. Let’s hope.

    1. I don’t think Sony dropping bombs of their own will diminish the explosive force of the bombs Nintendo will drop tomorrow.

      1. Make sure you hold yourself to that belief. Because it will not be surprising to see you (and most everyone) flip-flop tomorrow.

          1. He means that sony bomba actualy helped Nintendo more than damagin it. After all wiiu is priced cheap and it may get cheaper.

            1. Well, Microsoft looks so bad that all Nintendo has to do is hold serve and they will come out okay. I was just saying that even though Sony dropped the H-Bomb, that won’t stop Nintendo from dropping it’s own H-Bomb.

        1. is an awesome series
          since the trailer never says it is an exclusive, im waiting to see if there is something for the WiiU, cuz just KH3 is a reason to buy a Ps4, is an inta sell

  34. Wii U is like the Titanic except is not sinking but ur mams jumped overboard and is drowing.

        1. lol not as bad as oblivion, but not that superior to skyrim. a little bit more cartoony, but what can you expect from an mmo i guess

    1. LeBron’s looked like a muppet at the end when he yelled at the screen. They need to tweak that

  35. Oh! no ristrictions on used games, the Betamax has been defeated celebration come together.

  36. Nintendo will be fine and there is no way in hell that many people will be ok with buying a console that will not permit a person to ever sell a game that they have spent their hard earned money to buy. I hope that all of thease companys eat crow

  37. Going by some of the headlines on this site in the past few weeks, her opinion obviously conflicts with Ubisoft’s

  38. They couldn’t wait til tomorrow before issuing a statement like this? I’d like anyone to say the Wii U is abandoned after Nintendo reveals what it’s got up it’s sleaves at E3! 💋

    1. I will say this though. It’s going to be REAL TOUGH to follow this for Nintendo. REAL TOUGH.

      1. Like I said before, I will not be surprised if many Nintendo people jump ship to Sony. I hope they don’t, of course, which is why we desperately need Nintendo to seriously bring it tomorrow, like I’ve been wanting them to do for the last few days now.

        1. We are Nintendo even in the Cube era we stayed loyal. 3DS 2011 we stayed Loyal, tomorrow here we come.

    2. Idiot!

      Obviously Nintendo is not going to abandon their own platforms. Wii U will have good first party but that’s about all!

  39. Man. Sony just beat the living bejabbers out of Microsoft. No DRM, awesome games, and only $399? Wow.

  40. Is after this year that developers might change their minds about the Wii U. Wii U really needs to step up this year or else… gonna be dark

    1. They don’t have a choice now. Sony just helped Nintendo. I would say inadvertently, but I don’t know. Sony has been more friendly towards Nintendo in recent months. They may have talked behind the scenes about a strategy to combat the greedy western developers.

  41. The Wii U is crap. Even Ubisoft says its crap now. So much for all this 3rd party support. I don’t care about Mario and crap baby games they gonna show tomorrow. It’s PS4 for me all the way. Too bad Nintendo stayed in the past making baby games I played 20 years ago.

  42. $399. This is not just bad news for Microsoft. This is currently bad news for Nintendo as well, even more so, considering that the public is getting used to the fact that the Wii U really is just current-gen powered (for now, I hope). THE PS4 IS GOING TO BE AT THE SAME DAMN PRICE AS THE WII PREMIUM (and apparently now the ONLY edition) EDITION. NINTENDO NOW HAS ANOTHER THING THEY REALLY GOTTA BRING TOMORROW: A DAMN PRICE DROP! NO, REALLY, THEY NEED IT! COME ON, NINTENDO! I’M TOTALLY READY TO BE BLOWN AWAY!

  43. Is it just me, or did she kinda seem mega ditsy? I guess here my theory is proved that she has no idea what she’s talking about.

  44. Sony won E3 by a fucking ton. Let’s just wait until Nintendo direct

    to the topic, I hate that the host of Ubisoft says such things…I hate it when they underestimate the Wii U so much just because of how much support is not having…

  45. Anyone else notice Rayman Legends is being listed for PS4? Did I miss something in the conferences?

  46. mario kart u – boring rehash
    mario galaxy 3 – mario jumps on a flippin goomba
    smash bros 4 – no new inovasion
    zelda – death mountain again???
    yoshi – dinobore

      1. Could say the Same thing about COD OR BATTLEFIELD.. DUMBASS FIRST LEARN how to spell *innovation

    1. your just jealous that bayonetta 2 got no support from sony and microsoft and nintendo yet again saves the day, just like when nintendo bought out sega (partly so that they wont make any new hardware) when they were going under so sage is forever in nintendo’s debt

  47. For me, Playstation was all about Final Fantasy, so it kinda disappointed that there wasn’t much Final Fantasy going on with the PS3 compared to PS2. With XV, the Playstation I knew of old (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts), and the Playstation I know today (Infamous, Uncharted), are fusing in a very beautiful combination. Love it. The four first parties they mentioned beforehand were already good enough, but Tetsuya Nomura’s announcement made it for me. I didn’t even care about the support for used/borrowed/resold games, because if they wanted to succeed, they HAD to do that. The price point, while pleasing, isn’t what won me over either, only because…well…it’s pretty high for me at this point.

    1. the high points of the conference was infamous, kingdom hearts, final fantasy, kill zone knack, destiny, price point, no drm, and better online management. Nintendo future high points bayonetta 2, mario, mario kart, smash bros, X, pokemon x and y, mario and luigi rpg, pikmin 3, wonderful 101, retro’s project, zelda, and more unknown

    2. Yeah, it looks great, and i may have flipped my shit when he “oh one more announcement” then the Disney logo showed up, Sony did good.

  48. Only -temporarily- abandoned.

    The system’s price point and yet-to-be-shown killer apps will get it moving this Christmas (screw “holiday season”…99% of gifts are bought for the 25th).

  49. Is she being just desperate attention whore?
    She seemed to have hard time getting crowd to light up for anything.
    So she does next best thing, bash Nintendo.
    Good job.

  50. that’s it, lets take them down, they need to go out of business. Im not a Nintendo fan and the Wii U has been driving my nuts with problems. But some reason reading this just gets my goat! It’s happening and Ubisoft has just pushed me to the DarkSide. Watch out Ubisoft young-lings

  51. I think it should be said that because of Sony’s emphatic rejection of DRM (and successful troll-job on Microsoft) 3rd parties will now be forced to play nice with Nintendo again. There is no advantage to passing on developing on the Wii U anymore thanks to Sony.

      1. That could be why EA changed their tune so quick. I think while not probable it is entirely possible that somewhere behind the scenes Kaz Harai and Saturo Iwata got together and decided to put their differences aside to stand tall against the western market.

        What Microsoft did (paying studios not to show their games off on the PS4) was really low and personal. Maybe they wanted to get together so show Microsoft, “you don’t belong here.” If there is anything LEFT of Microsoft after tonight, Nintendo could put the final nails in their coffin tomorrow.

        I think that nail could come from Retro Studios. In addition to Retro creating a brand new FPS franchise for Nintendo, their second game could be a brand new fighting game to replace Killer Instinct which will have all the true essence fo KI being that former Rare employees work for Retro.

        The two best things ‘exclusive’ to Microsoft shown at E3 were KI3 and Halo 5. If Retro does this that wipes those things out and the destruction of Microsoft will be complete.

        1. And if Nintendo picked a few third party múltiplas it would be icing on the cake. Also few games will actualy come now to wiiu that maybe no one spected thanks to Microsoft.

          1. I think that there will be at least one more franchise from some 3rd party exclusive to the Wii U. Nintendo proved that they don’t have a problem hurting feelings and they have been perfectly calm throughout this storm the Wii U has endured.

            I think stock in Preparation H will go up after this week because combined with the butthurt the Sony dropped tonight with what Nintendo has coming there are gonna be a LOT of people walking funny.

  52. you know, i was going to give Aisha Tyler some of this white dick….but after those comments…no dice bitch.

  53. Ubisofts E3 announcement trailer was funny.
    But Aisha Tyler on stage was a major boner killer.
    She was so not funny, that she had to try dirty jokes, which even those didn’t go far.

  54. Flame bait article= success. Great Job fools.

    On the other hand, I think Aisha Tyler did a fantastic job.

  55. NINTENDO has something massive! coming in the future. Mark my words.
    I am talking a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig flank maneuver that will catch MICROSOFT and SONY out of nowhere and leave them struggling to play catch up. MICROSOFT and SONY have fallen into NINTENDO’S secret plans/trap and theirs nothing they can do about it.
    With MICROSOFT and SONY’S system reveals all ready in lift off mode the option of filling the holes to stop NINTENDO’S SECRET PLAN is a no go.This does not mean SONY or MICROSOFT will not return a profit but it does mean they will be fighting for second place once again.

  56. Sickr, alba, Killer instinct on the xboxone shall be free to play, and Jago is the only playable character. The others shall be payed DLC. Research more, but there is an article on IGN.

    1. The author of the article is a 100% moron and is not worth energy to even consider his existence. However I cannot see how anyone would be stupid enough to think that paying for characters will entice people to play unless they cost 2 cents a piece.

  57. Whats the metter nintendo fags?Where is your next generation console now?Xbox one for a life!!!

      1. To protect microsoft from devastation,sony must fail from their price of their console

  58. goes to show the readers paid as much attention to what was actually said as the mod did, if you guys even watched it all before crying, go Watch the vid and PAY ATTENTION!

  59. Why does anyone care what Aisha Tyler says? She doesn’t work for Ubisoft, she’s a stand-up comic/actress.

    1. Shes a stand-up comic?
      It was actually sad and depressing see her try to please the crowd.

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  61. That’s a bit strange, considering that Ubisoft is one of the few companies that actually has shown support for the Wii U. Besides, I thought that these hosts weren’t supposed to share their personal opinion on things.

    1. no video sorry, that video is my signature! ;) i wish i could have a ninty E3 video to show to u… :(

    1. I’d wish they fixed Windows 8 first….
      Before they get royally burned on the console market.


    1. Actually the Wii U is cheaper than the PS4 and its actually MORE powerful than PS3/360. Its 7 Generations a head in terms of GPU and CPU power

      1. Then why the most developers don’t even want to see the hardware?Most of them said that the wiiU is weak!Sorry,the wiiU is an underpowered console.It cant run UE4 so that meens less third party,less fun (for the graphics fans) and…less sales

        1. Hmm maybe its because its newer hardware and also the fact that its not using PC hardware like the PS4 and Xbox Done. I’m sorry but you really don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to hardware. Also, look back a the Zelda tech demo, that was made using an older dev kit and Nintendo has improved it even more so really the Wii U is Generations ahead also explain to me why Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming to the Wii U and why did they say it has IMPROVED graphics and features?

          Kid, go back to school will you and learn to read, also, I’d get my eyes checked if I was you.

  63. Some nintendo fans told me that,if nintendo put a next generation gpu (for example AMD radeon 7000 series) it should had costed 600 or 700$/euros!But the ps4, which is the most powerfull console of this generation,costs 400$….this is sick!Nintendi should had put a next generation gpu,so that the wiiU could run UE4 and then it could had more third party games and more fun.Come on nintendo fans,just admit it!I love nintendo but i can’t allow you to say bullshits about wiiU’s power.That’s all

    1. Wii U can run UE4, its just that Epic is not going to work on bringing it to Wii U.
      Leaves it up to the devs to do it, if they want to.

    2. They don’t teach common sense in schools anymore? Oh! you name has Vita in it. I should have guessed. The Wii U runs CryEngine 3 and Unity 4 easy. The Unreal Engine 4 runs anytime it is needed on the Wii U, get over yourself.

      1. Its funny seeing how you like Nintendo yet you are bashing them like hell and saying power is what matters when clearly the Wii proved that before that it wasn’t the case.

    1. I think like other people said, this bitch is just a rep. for Ubisoft. I don’t think the entire company has that mind set. I’m sure once Nintendo starts picking it up with first party, more 3rd parties will be on board.

  64. DID ANYONE SEE THE NEW PS4?? KH3, FINAL FANTASY XII VERSUS (XV) INFAMOUS, KILLZONE, DESTINY ARE COMING TO THE PS4! And the ps4 coming december 31!! The wii u is seriously fucked!

    1. Yep, but I don’t think the Wii U is fucked, its mostly the Xbox One that is fucked and didn’t they say that America would get it first in November?

  65. mehh… just seen sony press conference, actually i prefer the MS’s one…but u know twin few hour everything will be settled down! Come on ninty!