Nintendo Teases Its E3 2013 Booth


Nintendo has teased its E3 2013 booth on Twitter. Earlier today, the company tweeted, “It’s almost time to reveal what’s behind the curtain! #Nintendo #E3,” and attached the above image to the tweet. The curtains will be lifted tomorrow, June 11th, after the E3 Nintendo Direct, which airs at 7 a.m. PT – in less than 14 hours! Which upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games do you think will be playable this week?


    1. Behind those walls lies the end of Nintendo. This will go down in history. When you look up EPIC FAIL in urban dictionary you will see Mario’s face.

      1. That is xbox moron. Their epic fail was shown when the announced the $500 console. How much did microsoft pay your mother so as you can say all that?

          1. What?! He didn’t even mention your mom. Seriously some people in this site are complete idiots. -_-

          2. I respect your mother :). So do not get it twisted. Do not get your Knickers in a bunch is all am saying.

      2. Im sad to almost agree. What happened today at EA and Ubisoft conferences was just sad. What Ubisoft did to Rayman Legends is sad. The whole situation is awful. Nintendos being doing total shit, they havent released Miiverse on its handheld device, games arent ready, third party games arent ready neither… Oh god….

        1. watching Nintendo crumble and burn. the bigger they are the harder they fall. (grabs popcorn)

              1. Why did you have to admit you are an xbot, the only one still remaining at that. 3DS are you crazy, the Vita cannot even be considered a console because of the 3DS are you start exposing your butt hurtness. Enjoy your betamax VCR LOL.

          1. Get the fuck out, you unoriginal dumb ass fucker. Shove that popcorn up your ass and leave. I’m getting sick and tired of you trolls on here, acting as if you have nothing else better to do. What kind of sane person come on a blog just to troll? Really? I think you’re just a de ranged fan with shit else to do.

              1. Better than a person that pays for internet twice, plays Halo 4 made by nintendo trained programmers. Better than a moron that won’t own his own games, a clown that will buy a betamax VCR. A clown that has been paying for online for 10 years plus then internet. LOL.

                1. “plays Halo 4 made by Nintendo trained programmers”doesn’t really support your argument…

      3. There is an end behind those curtains, but not Nintendo’s end… more like their New Beginning! I Hope You Drones and Bots have your Damage Control on Blast! Bring your Umbrellas!

          1. Dont ever fuck with syria they are poor souls that are being killed by iran,and you are not a human,they dont have anything and you insult them,you do not have the spirt of nintendo fans and your not a nintendo fan!

            1. LOL stfu fucvking fag ! I have a Wii with 112 games and 3DS with 42 games .. and now Wii U with 12 games… SHUT THE FUCK UP !.

      1. Wrong. Sakurai has been doing 1 vs 1 matches against himself to balance characters so its deffinitly in playable form. Will we see it in playable form…who knows.

  1. At this point it’s not about what fans expect is about what will give Nintendo even a little visibilty among the other consoles and ALL the third party games that won’t be released for Wii U. Really, is a sad situation. I find this more akward than what happened with GameCube and Wii.

    1. Other consoles, the only other consoles nintendo needs to worry about is the 3DS, the clear next generation winner. You xbots have become pathetic and stupid, the kicks of a dying horse were on may 5 th 2013 when that atrocious betamax VCR was announced. LOLOLOL.

    2. Remember this is the year that third partys are sabotaging Nintendo because of the drm crap. Just be a man and support those that dont have drm and you will see the games coming in waves next year at his latest.

    3. Well we can rule out XBDone being a major threat LMAO, their conference was aweful!

      1. Wasnt aweful…no usher lol. But wasnt great. Besides the Halo 5 teaser which was quick…8 months ago Halo 4 came out. Nothing besides Halo 5 was worth while to me.

            1. 3D Mario , Smash bros , Mario Kart , X , Bayo 2 , Windwaker , etc….. yeh…

              Amazing stuff , much more interesting than what Sony showed imho (coming from someone who will get PS4 day 1)

              1. Sony has a pretty nice lineup but I’m not really interested in any of those games…

                Maybe Destiny but I think their hardware is good and they earned my respect by annihilating the Xbots…

    1. I don’t blame you. E3 is a disappointment so far. Set your expectation low so you will have a lot of fun from the E3 shows.

      1. So sad that my most wanted game is plant vs zombie so far and is not coming to wiiu :(

    2. Always go into a nintendo event expecting less. That way games like X blow you away with awesomeness.

    3. Retro Studios shall kill EVERYTHING. Halo 5, The Last Of Us, COD MW 100, GTA5, AC4, Smash Bros. NOT A SINGLE GAME OF THE 8TH GEN WILL STAND UP TO IT!!!


  3. I’m honestly expecting to be disappointed now.

    Microsoft, EA & Ubisoft have all disappointed so far.

    I’d hope Nintendo can prove me wrong. I want more than Mario. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mario, and the new game is bound to be incredible, but I want a lot of details on Bayonetta 2, whatever Retro is doing (obviously Metroid), X, and some new IPs in a similar vain. Would also love to see some footage of the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs, since Ubisoft completely fucked up their chance to show anything worthwhile from the game.

    1. I hope that what im thinking is true. That ubisoft did not showed beyond good and evil to on his press to show it exclusive for wiiu.

      1. That’s a good point. I’d forgotten about that. They teased the game, then didn’t show it during the conference. So it’s got to either turn up at Sony’s or Nintendo’s conference. Otherwise Ubisoft were just being a punch of pricks. I don’t care if its exclusive or not, but I’d like a Wii U version.

        That would go a long way to helping my inevitable disappointment.

        1. I agree that it dosnt need to he exclusive but the titles that they are showing can be ported to wiiu. This is the year of the third party back stabers if Nintendo counter the attack early they will be getting most of fue games anounced during early next year.

    2. RETRO IS NOT DOING METROID. STARFOX. This year is the 20th Anniversary of Starfox. IT MUST BE DONE!

    1. Tell us Nintendo Commander, you shared the arrival of Reggie announce your goodness behind the Curtain.

  4. xbox is done for. wii u and ps4 will be the future and PC. this xbox live shit is over and kinect offers nothing for “core” gamers

    1. So sad my most wanted tame so far is plant vs zombie warfare and is coming to wiiu :(

      1. Your most wanted game is plants vs zombies?

        Did you not see EA announce Mirrors Edge 2?!! It was the one highlight of their conference, and the only good things thats come out of E3 so far.

  5. any info on how big the booth is? according to the 100 YOG it was supposed to be 2nd largest (regarding show room).. if it isn’t or doesn’t even come close i guess we know he isn’t trustworthy after all :)

  6. And I Sing…-This WIIU of mine, Im gunna let it shine… This WIIU of miiine, Im gunna let it shine…. This WIIU of miiiine… Im gunna l et it shine… Let it shine let it shine … LET IIIIT SHIIIIINE! WOOOO!- Thank you! Thank you! … I love you! Yes!- Nintendo Warriorrrrs! Assemble!

  7. My guess is that whatever is behind the curtain has something to do with the new 3D Mario game. Either that, or a new Wii U Zelda game. Then again…..could be the new Smash Bros. game.

    Who’s excited about tomorrow? I can’t WAIT!!!!! I just hope I don’t miss it when it’s LIVE like I did last time I tried watching a Nintendo Direct. Every time they say “Pacific Standard Time”, I get confused and I have to figure out what that means in Mountain Time. I’m assuming 8 a.m.

  8. Blow us away Nintendo. I know its not very likely, but you haven’t got to do much to out do the rest so far.

  9. For me the direct will be on at nine but I’ll have to wait till 12:30ish to actually see it. Sadly, tomorrows my first day of summer school. Why couldn’t it be one day later?!?! Where can I watch it since I can’t watch it live, anyone know?

    1. Yeah I think Sony wins the Console War this gen. The conference was great but I only cared about KH3 and FFXV. But Nintendo ain’t done for. We still have tomorrow, but I really think Sony won as the Best E3 for this year.

    2. No doubt the price is good but it will get Sony 2nd place in the 8th gen. Besides Destiny (A Multiplat) there was not 1 single game I care about thats on PS4.

    1. Yup! Their conference was just amazing! Especially KH3! Also you can tell they trolled the hell out of Microsoft when they were talking about the no DRM stuff!

  10. What was so great about Kingdom Hearts 3? I just watched the trailer on YouTube, and it didn’t look exciting whatsoever to me. Probably because I never really liked Sora, and always thought that the heartless was BORING enemies to fight.

    1. Well that’s just you. To me nothing beats Kingdom Hearts hype! Smash Bros. hype would probably tie up but other than that NOTHING!!! The KH series is the best I’ve ever played and nothing except Final Fantasy has a better story!

      1. KH and FF are both great, but there are plenty of other excellent stories out there. Try playing Xenoblade or a tales of game.

    2. I actually have 0 interest in Kingdom Hearts lol. Never liked the series. Was never a fan of Goofy and Mickey Mouse and such.

      1. Same (about the Goofy and Mickey part). I was never much of a fan of ANY classic Disney cartoon characters (but I LOVE Fox & The Hound). The only Mickey cartoons I remember ever liking was Mickey’s Christmas Carol and Mickey & The Beanstalk (if that’s the name).

  11. 新スマブラキャラ: little mac! wii fit trainer! rockman! pacman! animal crossing villager! your mii! shulk! rhythm heaven chorusman!

  12. NINTENDO has something massive! coming in the future. Mark my words.
    I am talking a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig flank maneuver that will catch MICROSOFT and SONY out of nowhere and leave them struggling to play catch up. MICROSOFT and SONY have fallen into NINTENDO’S secret plans/trap and theirs nothing they can do about it.
    With MICROSOFT and SONY’S system reveals all ready in lift off mode the option of filling the holes to stop NINTENDO’S SECRET PLAN is a no go.This does not mean SONY or MICROSOFT will not return a profit but it does mean they will be fighting for second place once again.

  13. Even though Nintendo might not be as advanced as the Xbox or playstations, I think thy care for the consumer way more. They’re customer support is awesome, they’re user friendly and don’t make you pay for things you don’t need.

  14. Sony kind of has me worried now. Yesterday and even this morning I would have been happy with Mario(3D), Mario Kart, and Smash Bros, mostly because we know absolutely nothing about them. Throw in the shit we already know and know will be in there, Windwaker, Wonderful 101, Pikmin, and hope for a surprise or 2 and it would have been a success in my eyes. But after seeing Sony DOMINATE(I am not a sony fanboy, haven’t bought sony since the PS2) I am worried for them. They brought out so many games and a price point that is not much more than a Wii U Deluxe. That can really hurt Nintendo. The system is struggling and XboxOne is pretty much dead in the water to me. I just hope they bring us their A game and surprise the hell out of us. Either way I am still really excited. Cant wait to wake up in a couple hours to see what they plan to do.

  15. When I think back to E3 2012 last year, it concerns me. I remember believing that Nintendo was going to drop the bomb of awesome-ness and reveal something AMAZING and MINDBLOWING! But all I got was NintendoLand. And a LOT of it (and maybe a couple other good games). A game that I still to this day have little interest in. If Nintendo doesn’t make a HUGE impact during this Nintendo Direct, I fear for the Wii U. I really hope they have some cool secrets to reveal, and not just the games that we KNOW will be shown (even though that’s cool too).

  16. the hour is almost upon us. I am trying to stay calm because I don’t want to be let down. Nintendo you must live up to the hype. Don’t let hype get out of control and not live up to it, please.

  17. WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I waited all this time and it’s not working! Right when the Nintendo Direct was about to start, my screen went to a blank page saying that the address is not valid. I’m mising the whole damn show. WHY???????????

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