Reggie Says ‘I Gave Up Understanding Why The Media Reports What They Do’


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has confessed during an investors meeting that he has genuinely given up understanding why the media reports certain things about Nintendo. Fils-Aime was asked by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata why a reporter in the United States had said that Nintendo wouldn’t be at this year’s E3 event, to which he replied that he had given up a long time ago trying to figure out why people report what they do.

“I was emailing back and forth with Mr. Iwata a couple of weeks ago and he asked me why one reporter in the U.S. was saying that Nintendo ‘wouldn’t even be at E3’ this year.
I told him I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out why people report what they do.
But we do understand that changing our approach this year may have caused some confusion. Our reasoning is pretty simple — different people come to the show with different needs. And most of you have seen how it’s played out by now.”


    1. Ign is awesome and gives fair, honest and accurate reviews. It’s definitely the number one site you should check before purchasing a game.

        1. I never understand why all these hipsters hate IGN? Personally I think their Nintendo team is really good.

          1. really! ign is the reason why i am here. they started the whole thing with the “Nintendo is doomed” it got me sick because they stoped giving nintendo news to the site.

            1. So instead you decided to go to a website that is run by and held together by a fanboy community that kisses Nintendos ass instead of telling it like it is? Seems legit.

              But seriously, I agree that there is a bias against Nintendo in the media, but I have been keeping an eye on IGN for a long time, and everything they say about Nintendo is either very positive, or just the honest truth. I rarely see IGN staff actually bashing Nintendo. On the contrary. For crying out loud, IGN voted Nintendo EAD as the number 1 best game developer in their top 100, or top 50 (Can’t remember what the number was exactly) game developers countdown last year. Yes, Nintendo was at number 1, above Naughty Dog, and Bioware, and Bethesda, and all the developers people think IGN is ass kissing.

              Are their reviews legit? No, because it has been proven that developers are paying them for good reviews. But as far as news goes, IGN is extremely good.

                1. I know right. Someone wasn’t an IGN reader in 2009. The Nintendo team back then were complete tools.

                  Those tools drove people away, and are arguably the reason why sites like this now thrive.

                  Don’t forget that IGN started life as, but they pissed all over the fanbase that built them to what they are today.

          1. It’s bullshit to read or watch reviews before getting a game necause they bring up “negatives” that a normal player wouldn’t mind or notice and they spoil the personal opinion aboutba game. It’s smart to watch gameplays or trailers but I do NOT support reviews like ign’s. Remember “You can’t spell IGNorant without IGN!”, right ?

      1. Oh and they havent yet covered Monolith’s X game…They are jealous of it being on a Nintendo system.

      2. No.. no they dont. read a few article please then come back. i used to go there as well as here but i got pissed off by there “The new call of duty game has no graphical improvements, But thats OK!” articles. Kotaku is 100 X better

      3. I disagree. IGN is far from perfect, many of its reviews and articles are highly biased. If you really the check anywhere around the net before buying a game, go check sites that have aggregate review scores like gamerankings and check three of four reviews before taking a decision

  1. MNN commentaries section has became a land of sick trollers.

    I haven’t seen most of nice people who used to post here for ages.

    1. Why should they bother when the comment section is flooded with negative comments and trolls? Especially in the negative Nintendo news articles we often see here.

        1. Yep pretty much. The news of late on this website have been unnecessarily negative and provided little to no real discussion. It’s easy to ignore trolls however if people bother to stop feeding them.

  2. Off topics but when I went to Best Buy for their Wii U demos one guy working there said that they will be getting in some Wind Waker Wii U demos. Just thought I would give you guys the heads since this hasn’t actually been official announced.

      1. Mario Kart was pretty good. I felt like the gameplay in the trailer looked better than it actually does however the game is still good. It borrows some elements from the last 3DS title like the hang glider. The level design is also still very fun.

  3. I wanted to see a new Metroid or a new Zelda for Wii U. But I’m satsified with Nintendo approach this year, especially all these Nintendo Direct of developers of key games.

    Sorry for the bad english xD

    1. Your english is not that bad actually, better than some people I know that were born in english speaking areas and grew up in english speaking areas too. Nintendo was thinking of showing off the new Zelda on Wii U but thought it was not the right time, maybe they’ll show it off in the next few months.

  4. Reporters also lied saying the Wii U wasn’t powerful. Some even lied saying the PS3 was more powerful. Thank you X, Bayonetta, Super Smash and Mario Kart for proving them wrong.

    1. Monolith x for me xposed alot of gave developers graphicaly it looks like final fantasy 15 or metal gear 5 but not in ultra high resolution.

      1. “looks like final fantasy 15 or metal gear 5 but not in ultra high resolution.”

        Come on dude you know this isn’t true…..
        FF15 for example looks on par with something like inFamous Second Son and when you watch a downloaded version of that game then it’s clearly visible that it looks better than X. I know that X is a pretty game but there are also fairly much blurry textures and some pop ups……atleast in its current state.

        1. Pop up i saw none the texture looked fine not on the same level of those games but better than current gen. What i mean is that with very few touched down graphics those games could be easily podres on wiiu

      2. If the best argument you have for buying and promoting PS4/One is “ultra high-resolution” I beg you to review your priorities.

    2. Lol, none of those games have the graphic fidelity of Beyond or the Last of Us. Granted Smash Bros will run in 1080p which is great but so do MGS4.

      1. The last of us looks great but not better than the resent wiiu games graphics. X shits on it.

  5. Reggie you should have tell him the truth. Other companys paid for to give bad news about Nintendo.

    1. No, if Reggie’s predecessor and Howard Lincoln would be there the situation would actually look better. Honestly Reggie isn’t doing that much for us :(

  6. The media is a bunch of idiots. The same people who keep talking about Nintendo being in big trouble, and that the Wii U is a doomed console.

  7. Ibpersonallly really don’t care if it’s an actual conference or a pre recorded video. I mean you get your information with trailers, explanations of the presenter and you wstch it through a live stream so why does it matter if it’s E3 or Nintendo Direct. Also there is also showfloor so what did they change besides the smaller viewercount and why should it matter to the media? But oh well it gets hits so…….

    P.S. I didn’t like the direct video because they gave little to no.information about strict release dates, gameplay controls or stories but I liked the Mario, Bayonetta 2, X, Zelda Wind Waker, Pikmin 3 and Mario Kart 8

  8. I love both Sony & Nintendo but I do get sick and tired of the constant Nintendo bashing that comes from some Sony & most MS fans.

    That said, I get sick of you little trolls who bash Sony when you’re so obviously wrong about what they have to offer.

    1. I can tolerate Sony because they sometimes give out something decent, but Microsoft can go fuck itself (Which I think they already did).

  9. Dear Reggie:
    Understanding this isn’t really a difficult matter, just look at the ratings of modern popular media and you’ll understand this basic truth: CONTROVERSY SELLS.
    They don’t really care if Nintendo appears or not at E3, they just want a headline that will gather attention. Like people say “No publicity is bad publicity”, even if they become hated for it, people will say and do anything for five seconds of attention, you have one of the biggest examples of this in this very same industry, his name is Pachter.

  10. I Lol’d at Reggie’s answer to Iwata. If it was a regular person then he will be FIRED. Why? Having a public relations and marketing background, when your boss asks you to explain something within your field of responsibility- you give a reason and offer a course of action. He should actually be able to explain and figure out why Nintendo is getting a bad rep from the media because THAT IS YOUR JOB. Its like saying- What are you going to do about it Reggie? I dunno. Nothing I guess…because the media can report whatever they want. Why would I do damage control or correct their misconception…

    1. I think he meant it in a more philosophical way, in a “Why do people do shitty stuff to each other?” way.
      It’s obvious to anyone with half a bran that media struggles for attention/sponsors and that they’ll over hype and demonize shit to hell and back to get it.

  11. Ironic that you posted this considering you guys have a story “confirming” Frog Suit in Super Mario 3D World when there is no such rumor or confirmation – rather you guys misread what IGN tweeted and it was actually Luigi’s green paws and ears the Nintendo exec was wearing. Why media reports what they do indeed.

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