Super Mario 3D World May Feature Orchestrated Music


It has been confirmed that Super Mario Galaxy series composers Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota are working on the soundtrack for Wii U’s first 3D Mario game, Super Mario 3D World. Destructoid had the chance to ask Nintendo about whether orchestral recordings will be making a comeback in the upcoming game – to which the publisher subtly replied, “Wait for more information about that soon,” confirming the possibility of orchestrated music for Super Mario 3D World. Super Mario 3D World will be released in December.


  1. You know… I thought this was a 3DS game up until I read this. Guess it’s the “3D” in the title, though I am a lot more excited for it as a Wii U game.

  2. 3 Million copies of Animal Crossing New Leaf sold in Japan alone. You bet your Jimmy neutron antagonistic nonsensical behind Mario 3D shall move will U consoles.

    Meanwhile in monster hunter 3 Ultimate world. Am beasting :).

    1. I need to get that game soon. How much replay ability does this game has? Is it long term, or short term?

      1. Haha that question oh man. Buddy, try over 500+ hours of replayablity. It’s a long epic game.

  3. This game should have been the Mario Lunch Title for the Wii U and NOT New Super Mario Bros U

  4. At first I was disappointed. Not anymore. the more I see it, the more fun it looks. I want to try this game at Best Buy. I know another and graphical Mario game is in the works.

    1. Same here i wanted a REAL mario 3d action game like 64 , Sunshine and Galaxy
      not a sequel of 3D land which is a very poor quality game compared to other mario games

  5. if they do that can change the way people are looking at this game honestly the trailer had music similar to the 3ds game which is why people are sick of new Mario bros game. so please change the music.

  6. get this crap away from me. They are only thinking about adding music now, bwcause they know it just ain’t going to sell.

    3D? what 3D? get with reality nintendo.

    1. What are you, dumb? Of course this thing is gonna sell, no one in the world is just going to look at the game and NOT buy it!

  7. t(¬-¬t) I WANTED A NEW GAME NOT THIS SEQUEL! BULLSHIT! it better be epic like galaxy
    open like 64

  8. I played this game today! At the Best Buy Event! Holy SHIT, it was good! It’s a lot of fun. :)

    1. You sad little man/woman/child/animal/thing.

      anyone who buys this garbage has iwata’s hand stuck up there ass. and you are doing exactly what he wants you to do.

      do you not have a mind of your own? you don’t have to buy this crap, nor do you have to respect a company that craps on you, when they feel like it.

      Unless you want to eat shit like this for years to come, take it from me. you have to tell your shit producers to stick it up there ass. and stop giving them your money, which they use as toilet paper.

      1. The game’s not even out yet so how would this person buy it? He/she said “I played this game today! At the Best Buy Event!” so it was a free trial kind of deal. As for the other comments, i guess we all have our opinions

      2. I’m sure the game will be good. Get over yourself and stop trying make other people feel miserable just because you didn’t get what you wanted. I swear. Gamers these days…

    1. Who cares? This game really doesn’t demand orchestrated music.

      In fact, Mario as a series really doesn’t demand orchestrated music. God, the minute a REALLY talented composer joins the cast, but the music isn’t orchestrated, it isn’t as good.

      Wrong. Music is music. It’s either good or bad. Orchestrated music doesn’t make it better, it makes it orchestrated.

      Goodness me…

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