Snaking Back In Mario Kart 8 (Video)

Snaking appears to have made a reappearance in the gorgeous Mario Kart 8 – which is exclusive to Wii U. Snaking was last seen in the well-received Mario Kart DS and proved to be controversial for some players who claimed it was all-out cheating. You can watch some snazzy snaking action at 3:40 and 6:10. Enjoy the footage.


        1. Snaking isn’t cheap. I was okay with it. There were hackers on the DS and I hated that, but legit snaking was fine with me. It’s a skill that anyone can learn and compete with.

          1. I agree that anyone can learn this skill but we all be playing the same character, same vehicle, and same map over and over. That is what annoying me. It is like playing Smash Bros with everyone Metaknight and Playstation All-Star with Kratos, Raiden, or Sackboy (at least it was) all the time.

            1. I used a whole lot of different karts and characters on every course when I used to snake on the DS. :/

              Toad was usually my go-to guy, but I still used a bunch of others.

      1. snaking isnt cheap at all, simply shows who has real skills at the game, makes the game more challenging online.

  1. Honestly my only disappointment with nintys e3 was super Mario 3d world. not because I don’t like it, (mind, I’m gonna get it day one to play with my little bro and cousins) but because it wasn’t the 3d Mario everyone was getting so hyped about. It seems like galaxy series has set the bar of everyone’s hopes really high.
    Also I didn’t care that there was no new Zelda. Save that along with more smash, X, yarn yoshi, Bayonetta 2 and smtXfe for next years e3. maybe well get to see a true 3d Mario in e3 2015

    1. I honestly was glad it wasnt a galaxy 3 because this looks way way more fun then the typical Mario 3D game where you just run around in a small area. only parts i liked were the bowser stages.

      1. To me, the 3D Land/World subseries seems to have smaller areas. They’re more straight forward and lead to a single flagpole. The 64/Sunshine/Galaxy subseries had huge areas to run around and find stars or sunsprites or whatever, with multiple of them in each world.

        1. Excuse me? I consider the Galaxy series to be complete masterpieces, but they NEVER were open worlds. You just find the exit to a planet and go for the next one, sometimes there’s a huge planet but it doesn’t take much until you have explored it entirely. You progress and progress until you find the star and that’s it… end of the level.

          1. Mario galaxy was more open than 3D world (At least from knowledge so far), and yet Mario galaxy had your own free camera. 3D World is based on shorter levels with restrictions, a lot more than Galaxy 1. It’s more like this in how open they were: SMS > SM64 > SMG > SMG 2 SM3DW > SM3DL wait, what am I doing? Those last two games shouldn’t really count as the first four ones tbh.. But it’s great as it’s own game not counting as the main past 3D series.

            Galaxy, especially Galaxy 2 wasn’t as open as the first two games but they are still more open and freedom than World and Land if we had to compare. However, maybe some levels in World will be very open but I don’t think so much.

        2. I feel that the 3D Land/World is more true to the Super Mario Bros. series. And since it’s a true fact that 2D Mario sells better than 3D, I think 3D Land/World will sell better than a Galaxy-like game. And while the Cat-suit looks dumb, it was what got my (very) causal friends to want the game. I think Nintendo knew all this when choosing ;)

    2. Isn’t that why you love Nintendo? They don’t just give us what we want, they give us what we want in unexpected ways. I don’t think that’s gonna be the only 3D mario game on the Wii U, it’s coming on the first year of the console, so we are certainly getting another big mario game too. I loved the footages of 3D World, I also wasn’t expecting that, but I’m really excited to play it, we saw nothing yet, that game could be the best 3D mario game. who would have guessed from the first footages that galaxy was so good? :)

    3. 64 set the bar too high, since they haven’t been able to top it in gameplay and content.

      1. I disagree. I love the new mario games, they are much better than 64. galaxy1/2 and 3D land is much more fluid and have a lot of new ways to play, faster gameplay and better mechanics. you are looking to mario 64 with too much nostagia, that game was AWESOME and really redefined the platform genre, but new mario games are generations ahead of that gameplay they take the best moves and mechanics of super mario 64 and make a better, faster and smoother game.

        It’s almost impossible to “redefine” anything right now, mario 64 was the FIRST 3D mario game, if it was 3D World it would redefine on even higher level. 3D mario with 4 players and levels with so much freedom? 64 don’t beat that. 64 is still my favorite mario, but because nostagia, only that.

        1. 64 had areas that seem much more open and free than 3D world. Also 64 had multiple objectives for each level. If 3D World is like 3D land, getting to the flag at the end of the level gets old. I do agree the mechanics are better in more recent games, but the gameplay was better in 64 than in 3D land. Also 3D land was very easy and the bosses were repetitive. I beat every level as both Mario and Luigi getting the top of every flag and every star coin in less than 24 hours if playtime. 64 is more diverse and has more replayability.

        2. Totally disagree. I still play 64 today on the 3ds (Ds version) and it continues to be light years ahead of any of the newer ones. All new Mario games became way to restrictive and linear in their game play.

          It’s not nostalgia… 64 is still rated one of the best games ever for a reason.

          1. Those are generally all my points. All Mario games are good.64 though, despite being graphically and dramatically dated, still feels like it had the best levels and the most content.

          2. alright, that’s your opinion, I won’t change mine. for me mario 64 for is perfect because you can look back and have so many good memories, but it’s not better than new ones. Think how much Sunshine is better now than while we played it, because of Time. time makes the past lighter and better. it’s not common for people say “it was better before” “its not the same” “good old times” :)

            1. On the contrary. I played the living crap out of both 64 and sunshine. The combat system and all the stunts you can do give you way more incentive to try to do things a different, harder, less efficient and potentially funnier way. Having much more episodical gameplay really kills the replayability on that part since you cannot change your path to the goal to any larger degree.

              When galaxy first came out it was the direct potential transition from sunshine to galaxy for me. My thought on it was that galaxy indeed looked very promising, but then i heard about all its limitations. Episodical courses with like 3 stars per level and oversimplified combat mechanics. What i saw from gameplay footage REALLY did not appeal to me. Of course, sunshine was already more episodic than 64 itself, but it still gave the player enough power and courses per level to make them feel like they are in control of what they are going to play.

              I want an open world that is big enough for me to build up “habits” that i do every time i enter said level, but leaves enough content and ways to approach that content that i dont feel like im just doing the same thing over and over without putting any real thought to it.

              It feels very restrictive to me after all if i HAVE to select a course that basically dictates how i have to reach an already defined goal.

    4. I think they went with the idea of having a successor to the 3ds Mario game because of how well it did. I personally have no problem with the new Wii U game (except the cat item). I’m not going to complain about 3D world necessarily because 3D land was so great!

  2. Its not snaking. Watch the ign one and you will see that is the same drift style as mario kart 7/wii.

      1. I was kinda angry when people started to say it has the mk ds snaking, then i watch the trailer and some gameplay and i can say it doesnt has snaking. Im sure (sorry for my bad english).

  3. Looks sooo pretty!

    Hope that character selection screen isn’t the full roster. Another 4 characters would be nice. 16 is a good amount.

    I just want Shyguy back.

    1. Also, something i noticed….
      He soent most of the race in 1st….wasn’t raped by items? Did they finally fix it?

        1. Yes, because when you play well, you magicly hack into the games code and reduce the amount of items that get thrown at you.

  4. Snaking has been around ever since Mario Kart 64 and is not cheating in any way, period…

  5. Nevermind the snaking part, look at those gorgeous visuals. Never thought I’d ever see such a detailed and beautiful Mario Kart game.

  6. Oh please keep this in Nintendo. I will respect them so much if they have snaking in Mario Kart and (perhaps not wavedashing) but something in the new smash bros with a large learning curve

    I’m ready for skill to come back into games

  7. What a beautiful game. Compared to the new Mario U game, it seems like a different engine was used for MK8. Maybe Mario U was just an upgraded port, and the real Mario U game is ahead of us. Pure speculation on my part.

  8. As good as this looks, i wish they make a day/evening/night level for each track. They also need to take that graphic style and make a 3d mario game.

    1. Yeah i bet Nintendo is working on it too. But it takes time. After all, Nintendo doesn’t just focus on 12 shooting games like Xboxdone!!!

  9. I’ve tried out the Wii U demo at Best Buy.

    And no, snaking isn’t back. The drift felt a lot like MKWii’s drift was.

  10. Maybe you can do that movement in some sections of the course. That move depends on how you turn your character, instead the original snaking on DS that depends on the pad. In MK7 you can snake, but you don´t really get advantage of it.

  11. Hope nintendo make’s and 3D Mario with these graphics. But it would launch at 2015 at best…

  12. wish they would’ve left the bikes out of mario kart, they just arent fitting enough.

  13. That’s not Snaking in the way that MKDS did it; those boosts are coming out in timed intervals.
    Notice how he’s not doing much wriggling back and forth, which was required to make snaking happen in MKDS.
    The boosts just have a much smaller wait time to the initial first-level boost.
    Essentially, Snaking has been dumbed down a bit so that anyone can use it if they strategically choose WHEN to start trying.

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