Plants Vs Zombies 2 Coming To Nintendo 3DS?


The second instalment of the immensely popular Plants Vs Zombies could well be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, according to the official Plants Vs Zombies Twitter account. Twitter user Ahmad Alromdhan asked whether the upcoming game will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The account host MowerMatt replied with the following, “Plants Vs Zombies 2 will be coming to Apple first in July. There will be more news to follow, so please do be sure to stay tuned!”

Thanks, Ahmad



      1. I recommend you to find something from the smash bros. trailer(2013). There are some great pictures there(google), that’s were I got mine.


      2. That’s a really good idea!

        So sad no Captain Falcon in the traier :( , if he’s not in the game I will cry. He should be though!


    1. It’s a game that would appeal to Nintendo fans as well , it’s pathetic on their part that they’re not even putting games like that on Wiiu , it really is.

      Shame on them. By the end of this year , they’l be announcing many games for WIiu. fucking tramps.


  1. I love plants vs zombies one of the best pc game I played can’t wait for part 2 hope it won’t take them long to put the game on all the other platforms


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