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This Is Why Bayonetta Rocks A New Hairstyle In Bayonetta 2


Earlier this week, Nintendo released the Bayonetta 2 E3 trailer, in which Bayonetta’s new hairstyle was shown for the first time. Siliconera had the chance to ask the game’s producer, Yusuke Hashimoto, why Bayonetta’s hair was changed for the upcoming sequel. Hashimoto explained that Bayonetta isn’t the type of character with a dull personality, and that she enjoys changing her style, fashion sense and costumes in order to preserve her audacious figure. Bayonetta 2 will be released exclusively for Wii U in 2014.

“We think of it less as cutting her hair. Her personality is the type that would not want to remain stagnant. She would want to change her style, taste in fashion, and her costumes. Down the line in the series, she may make further changes to her appearance.”


50 thoughts on “This Is Why Bayonetta Rocks A New Hairstyle In Bayonetta 2”

    1. that would be true, but they sleeves say that’s not, her new sleeves are using the same physics than his hair in the first one, check them out

    1. Wii U is a beautiful beauty. PS4 if ‘The Last Gaurdian’ is released will be an excellent addition to my console collection. xboxdone well, it not even in existence. Bayonetta 2 is looking gorgeous.

  1. to put simply, sony and microsoft will regret not giving support for bayonetta 2 and is their damn fault and are crying because they were not expecting nintendo to be good guy greg (or ggg for short) and support the game which is one of the reasons why i bout the wii u, other part was smash bros

    1. The GPGPU, which is much better, can take the extra load from the CPU on a lot of cases, from what I’ve read.
      That’s why a lot of third-party Devs aren’t making many good ports; they’re too lazy to change their ways and use the GPGPU to its fullest, and instead still try and optimize everything with tons of CPU usage.

      1. Yes you’re right, but if you use too much gpu for phisycs, you’ll not have enough power for graphics tasks..

  2. bayonetta looks like a slutty school teacher. also…. anyone who raves over her are pathetic, shes a fucking video game character and a nerdy slut whos vagina is dusty and has spiders crawling in there!!!!!!!

      1. no, if i had girl problems i woul have to fantises or say how a video character is hot like so many pathetic others that do thats just sad and pathetic. oh and this what i wrote is sorta a inside joke, so its funny to me and obviously not to everybody else here.

  3. Her new hairstyle suits my taste just fine. She still got the glasses, the leather and the iddy-biddy waist with the round thing in yo face. So this new design is perfect for me.

  4. And finally a female character in video games that doesn’t look like a whore made from all these men that think women as objects…

    It’s always big breasts, as little clothing as possible and that looks like a stripper no matter what the game is all about…

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